Who is more believable: Michael Cohen or Donald Trump?

After a poll showed more voters are inclined to believe the president's former attorney over the president himself, "The View" co-hosts weigh in.
3:26 | 03/06/19

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Transcript for Who is more believable: Michael Cohen or Donald Trump?
So, trump's former fixer, Michael Cohen, who we saw on TV last week, is back testifying before congress again today. And a new quinnipiac poll which is a very respected poll, found that more voters believe Cohen than trump. So -- So you have 50% believe Cohen, 35% believe trump, and 15%, what, are in a vegetative state? Where are the 15%? But I mean -- They're all last named trump. So they're both liars. One is a redemptive liar, Cohen. The other one is an unabashed liar who has it in his DNA at this point. He's incapable of telling the truth. So it's a low bar between the Yeah, but I believed Cohen. Did anybody not believe him? Look, they're both liars and neither of them are the most particularly ethical human beings. But Cohen has already been caught lying. In fact, he's going to jail for lying, so if he lies more, he's got something to pay for. He's got something to lose from lying at this point. That's right. Whereas trump does not, trump has gotten away with lying since he was born. Yes. The man has lied over 5,000 times. More than that. He lied about bone spurs. He lied about his records. He lies about his records. He cheats at golf. The man is physically incapable of telling the truth. I like how the Republicans were saying you're lying, you're lying. He was lying for the liar. Didn't they put those two together? He worked for many other people besides trump and some of the other things he was charged for were not even trump related. Among the same people they talked to that believed Cohen over trump, nearly 60% don't think that the president should not be impeached. A lot of Democrats agree with I think it's something that Democrats should look to and we talked about this yesterday. If their focus is to get him impeached, I think there are a lot of Americans, not even those that support trump, that will see through that. They have a specific target they want to focus on and think he did something illegal, zone in on that. But if your main goal is to get him impeached, I don't think that's a winning strategy and that poll highlights that. A lot of Democrats agree with you. Nancy Pelosi agrees with that. I certainly think that Michael Cohen must have been telling the truth because if he testifies under oath and perjures himself, then every time he lies he could get another five years in prison. And you can test the lie because it's under oath and you can just test what he's saying under oath against things he said before under oath. So I'm actually surprised that more than 64% don't believe him because it wouldn't make sense for him to lie. It actually doesn't make sense for trump to lie. 50% believe Cohen. I thought you said 64%. He has a bad reputation for good reason. It's not like he's a hero. It doesn't make much sense. But if he had a bad reputation, why would president trump hire him and believe him. All those years. I thought trump hired all the best people. Because he needed somebody to fix all the bad things that he was doing. Somebody wrote on Facebook, trump is so unlucky. He's surrounded by criminals. What a coincidence. Hires all those people. Okay, are we talking a break?

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"After a poll showed more voters are inclined to believe the president's former attorney over the president himself, \"The View\" co-hosts weigh in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61510136","title":"Who is more believable: Michael Cohen or Donald Trump?","url":"/theview/video/believable-michael-cohen-donald-trump-61510136"}