How Biden and Buttigieg are resonating with black voters

Author Michael Eric Dyson reacts to Sen. Kamala Harris suspending her campaign and breaks down the differences between Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg.
7:41 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for How Biden and Buttigieg are resonating with black voters
Pastor and best selling what the Michael Eric Dyson. Just wrote his 21 book wow about a man he says is shaping our current history as much as president tried please welcome the author of Jay-Z. Made in America Michael Eric Dyson. Yeah. I want to ask you a little bit about you know the fact that come alleges dropped out of your race and valuable these white people at the top yeah what is thank. Yeah that's really an exception. Well it's been well there was you know help that she would be in the top tier. There's no question I mean look she's an enormously talented woman. You all have had a tremendous conversation about the various issues and oh yeah you have to have moxie you have to have goods but you gotta be able to get out there and do your thing. She was able to do that but I think that the that the fact that she was judged in a different way you know we can say you talked about Amy clover throughout here now prosecutors well. They can't coddle him pretty hard. And I think who aren't. Well I think the press the press did I think the media did I think critics with in the party did I think people demand some black people. Demanding of common what what they'd wouldn't demand of other people. Less than it was right or wrong I'm just saying that's the facts and missing some announce its interest in. I think comma looks and Cory Booker have had a hard time when black people because of believe that responsible grief among some African American people. Love Obama is a human being. But its policies they're questioning now in terms of their efficacy and his approach because with mini Maine doing and they they can't work. What the meaning let people they didn't admit they did not help black people and the fact is whatever you say about Donald Trump this is what he shows you race will be spoken about either you take the bully pulpit in you do it. Or you'll like the Obama have a lol Lina pointed this disregard for inning when you lay back the vacuum is filled. Donald Trump has showed you you've got to seize it but sees the bull by the horns so I think there's a delayed responding to bring about are wary that that could happen again thank what com Elaine Cory quirk extraordinary people. He may look a little bit like would he look. And therefore we want somebody a bit more vocal and bit more vigorous although it's impossible. As a black woman you know you get that double burden on the one hand have been just do that prism and on the other hand you're being demanded to act in a way. But as a good agenda so that explain Biden's popularity. Well look uncle Joseph. Well look good at what looked a couple things first of all he hung out what the black guy for eight years and a black people appreciate the fact that he did then drag it out. But secondly. Biden had bone of today's among black people before Obama came on the same. When you went to the White House party as idea on. You know Black History Month that was nines you want to Biden's party. It was it was lit. So can you thank. You back from the NAACP and Delaware yeah so black people and bad thing would happen to us and away and then thirdly how. How Biden has been a guy who's been on the front lines to defend what he thinks has the right thing. And he's the typical expressible white guy trying to grapple with race in America when all the visibility his electability I well I mean he was hanging out he's. Look many white people who are with Donald Trump might go with Joseph Biden 'cause they are relatively the same aides. Same kind of demeanor radically dissimilar politics now but. I'll tell you this and this is something we don't want necessarily say it. When he was being pummeled for his views on busing in the 1970s. There are some white folk who were web dollar trouble go well he might be the kind of active switch Roma a from Donald Trump to him cause he seems to be my kind of guy. And Dan also his Bossidy is among black people Souza bear mixed bag going on their but I think it's a subliminal suggestion of race happening in their replies. Others are facing and we switch gears but also hang on 20/20 so near Pete was a hot topic continues to be on the show. Specifically because he has serious serious problems after American voters statistically around 0% which in a market American mean negative 4%. Black voters far below president trot. It is a really big blind spot perhaps. Do you think peaking at passed this in that question. I continue to have is is the Democratic Party willing to gamble on. It coalition that is so important and so strong in a general election is specifically black women gray with a candidate who. It out Ned is negligible when it comes does well that connect. Red dresses like brie it was stated and the thing is. You know there's always the chase in the democratic party for the fans from white voter pool return they all like you they don't dig you get over it. What you gotta do is dance with the one to Brung you I'm not saying to dismiss white people write their many white people were in the fold. But to chase after an ideal that you think you need to procure while the reality staring in your face. Black women have saved this country. They voted in extraordinary numbers in the Alabama a special election they vote for Democrats consistently Obama had like 98%. Hillary Clinton in the ninety's. Black women have been on the front line are doing the right thing and who to could soon to really capitulate. So this phantom voters one thing now to answer the question. Mayor Pete could overcome what I like about him though. Is the fact that when he was scathing Lee rebuked. By a black reporter. And pick up opponent Albany and bright -- Indian GeMS that right now we know there's some troublesome aspects all during his administration no black people get contracts and stuff so it's not just a physical psychological thing it's also structural what is the money. Distribution like how are you making justice a reality in terms of you give money to but having said that I do like as opens. I like his ability to be self critical and their respective. Warren and very standards and available part. He's a Smart guy from everything what do you what do you do all the and the cat at my run I pray problem though is when you're starting from zero current and eat eat a high I don't and he really go at this point but in your opinion who is the strongest candidate. Well I think there are few I mean look I like brother Castro. I liked what he doesn't like what he says I like Elizabeth Warren I mean you know I'm a professor she's a professor let's give some professors and what about Hanna had. You know you can laugh at sixty got a player Portman is better than that inevitably that's right now it's better than a minute improvisation hopeful who has no conception of democracy and it didn't try. But the government. I'm. A. Also like about mayor Pete to get back to him. He could've exploited the fact that they were trying to say black people work more homophobic than anybody else and that's why they resisted him it is true that black people in our in a Christian religion. Believe what the Bible says as they interpreted there are no more hopeful with the anybody else. But there's another aspect here. Black people half their normal heterosexuality. Queer it. Right when you come to this country and they're looking at your breasts in your testicles on a slave auction block any normal. So already black people hyper sense of hey don't do any of things and make us the subject of even more scrutiny. So if you explained the homophobia there both religiously and culturally you can understand what's going on mayor Pete is a gay guy doesn't mean he's automatically sensitive to what black people do black people where bin of victims of oppression and not necessarily. Understanding to what happens among gay lesbian transgendered bisexual people except of their people of color so what I liked about it he didn't tried to exploit that to his advantage we cannot have an oppression derby. I'm more you know beat a pound and you know I'm more heat of the Bundy knew right let's understand the degree to which are being gay and transgender Patrick. And big black in this country and a person of color. Has its own good merits among many people in we have to fight on a united front okay.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"Author Michael Eric Dyson reacts to Sen. Kamala Harris suspending her campaign and breaks down the differences between Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67498280","title":"How Biden and Buttigieg are resonating with black voters","url":"/theview/video/biden-buttigieg-resonating-black-voters-67498280"}