Biden privately floating single-term idea?

“The View” co-hosts discuss the idea of former Vice President Joe Biden running as a one-term president, and other Democratic candidates that are being overlooked.
5:57 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for Biden privately floating single-term idea?
So democratic candidates have their own ideas about getting trump out of office. Reportedly Biden is open to running as a one-term president. Now would that -- would voters does it make him look as though he doesn't he doesn't think he can make it through two? And does it make him look like a lame president from the gidup? Yes. I hated when candidates said they will run and they will be in for one term. I think it's like when you are playing poker and you go full tilt. It seems like a manic, last-ditch effort to try to have success when playing poker and he should lean into the fact he's older and he has so much experience instead of using it as a negative. I'm going to be so old I won't be working very well, and I should only be here for four years. I'm sorry he even floated it. It's out there. Did he float it? Somebody D from his campaign. Politico. I'm not totally against this idea. It's never been historically successful ever in the history of campaigning in the united States of America. We have to have term limit and we have to change the system. Eight years is not that long. No, but if you are Joe Biden, and your message is I'm here to sew this country back together, give me four years to do that and I'm out. He won't accomplish anything in four years, but I'll get trump out is not winning. We can get to a better place. I feel like there's more bipartisanship, then I would say you know what? What do you think, governor? You ran for president. I think it's -- as a practical matter, he's going to Yeah. I think it's going to be really hard for people to look at someone who's 82 years old, no matter what they have done and say, okay. Let's give you another four years and they will be 86. My dad's 86 right now. I don't want my dad to be I really don't. Not your dad, but some dads. Well, come on. Wait a second. You don't even know my dad, he's watching right now and he's going to start to weep. He's going to be weeping. I love your dad. Dad, I'm sorry. I apologize for joy. I like your dad, and I don't mean your dad. There are dads out there, but there are people who can handle it it a 86. I don't know if Joe Biden is the guy do it. I think he's bowing to practicality. Who do you think can do it? I don't know. Put your Democrat hat on. At 86? Who can beat trump? Biden can beat trump. All along. You said he's too old. For a second term. Do you think age is an issue? I don't think he's going to die, and the vice president is going to have to -- the vice president is going to then have to run on his or her own to see if they can succeed him. I think vice president picks only hurt you. They don't help you. They do that. When you think about the -- Touche. You think about the vice president -- they're the ones that hurt people. I will say that -- one thing I want to say, I want to bring up to you is the thing I don't understand is Andrew yang is surging right now and raised $10 million, just made the last December debate, and he's a nonwhite candidate, and all we hear about is how whitewashed the field is. People are writing him off left and right, and I think he's a real legitimate vice presidential pick. I have been saying it for months. I don't think they take him They should. What we realized in the last election was, whether the media takes you seriously is not what matters. It's the people that do. People are getting him at 4% or above, and they're taking him seriously. In the end, believe me. If he comes in second or third in Iowa, they'll take him seriously then. Yeah. In terms about four years, to your point, Abby, I think it's a problem because trump has now 150 judges that have been appointed. Yeah. I don't know that four years is enough time to sort of undo the damage. The damage of the judiciary. That's one reason they vote for president. They can say, I don't love trump, but we want a conservative in there because we want turnover. I don't care if Biden runs for a month if he gets this guy out. Before we go, I want to give you a chance to talk to this -- there was a horrific mass shooting in Jersey City which is your state and it left six people dead. So where are you on this? What do you think about it? It's just awful. Is it anti-semitic? What happened? Well, the mayor of Jersey City this morning said that he believes this kosher B to was targeted. None of the other law enforcement will say that, and we have to be careful about it, but if it was, that makes it even more horrific for people to be targeted that way, and you look at the police officer, detective Joseph seals who was murdered. He's a married father of five. Oh my god. That's terrible. Just awful. Just shot in the head, and killed. Just awful, awful thing. What did he do? He just walked up to the car? He walked up to the uhaul truck. Police are on the line and it's a serious job. It's a terrible thing, and we need to pray for this detective's family. Those five children lost their Yes. You will concede that the national -- these white nationalists have been let out out of their holes. Listen. It's an awful, divisive time when you are allowing these individuals to express their views, no matter what they are, and religious or racist bias that has no place in this country, and all of us, we need to continue speaking out against it and drown their voices out. The liar in chief is the one who spouted all this stuff. He's the one. Just the other day he used anti-semitic tropes, trump did. He's the worst one and he's at the top. I'm afraid we have a hard out.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"“The View” co-hosts discuss the idea of former Vice President Joe Biden running as a one-term president, and other Democratic candidates that are being overlooked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67662495","title":"Biden privately floating single-term idea?","url":"/theview/video/biden-privately-floating-single-term-idea-67662495"}