Boo are you wearing in 2020?

“The View” transformed this whirlwind year’s biggest Hot Topics into wickedly inspired kids costumes.
4:39 | 10/30/20

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Transcript for Boo are you wearing in 2020?
King has taking she could she'd need to streams he didn't turn. Dialing a little demons across the country get ready to how will this have a little richer this years. Have transco and until wickedly inspired casting. Let's find out. Well Halloween has nothing on what a scary freak show 20/20 has bid. So here to show up costumes inspired by this year's hottest topics is out all wardrobe supervisor at the fabulous actually all different Kaufman. Actually. Tell us about your cost him. Let me here I wanna thank you have played tribute to all of our essential workers in my costing us all of the essential workers at one nurses doctors and health care heiress. Firefighters police teachers even a look at supermarket all of a. Let's get to some of the hot topics kids' costumes. And had everybody should rest assured that all safety measures have been observed to keep everyone safe. This year OK so the movie got first asks me. So the biggest hot topic right now is the election. Weights and only four days away so our director's daughter eve baton did her best to make sure that everybody has an airmail in ballet and it's. Here we see Abe. She's got this really socked a home court costume. And all the ballots are coming out of the rails she hasn't hers and her hand. She is making sure every vote is counted and she's so if you are doing and. It cost him his being warned by a producer's daughter Polly. The debates have certainly been a hot topic that's elections he's but the want me in the biggest impression of all with Stefan any event and well I AM. We all want debate and could not stop talking about this lie. Well we are fly we feed by Harris and because many. Ulterior. Sure what I was not about you certainly know we're all talking about it huge hot topic. I would I would Jeff Goldstein is going as it's OK let's see this excellent. But everyone is now working from home is asking about so what better costumed for our audio engineer son Nate in. I don't work zoo call. We have an eight home. And you can't let this call it all business on top wearing his suit and then we all did this at home we all have our pajamas are Jim chart on the bottom. Here we have to work I'm probably view the lady is the Carlos marsh out. He's busy I work but he's also come home. Stat line. That's a good plus very creative is our next hot topic cost him is being warrant higher expected miner's daughter Sonya and her friend Joanna. During the pandemic there are no two people that have had more stress than America's corona virus tax force. Doctor Burks and doctor algae here we see these two hard at work they are under much pressure so much stress. They are here at the elite presidential. Press conference at their podium we have doctor Burks wearing her scarves you have to have the scarves for this costume and doctor fact she is just holding it together. Keeping the American people informed that. Now these clean that these characters got really he really wants to end it was hard it was president elect go they got just as stressed that is the real about it doesn't actually. Car production associates kids Ryan in Abby and it's going out to dinner but these customs they are ready to go they are socially distant and dying errors. These adorable kid won't ask her wedding day but still having a great time their meal how these late week costumes are held up by suspenders. So they each skin. Have there are spaghetti and their sparkling water and it got our hands and I'm running out. And just so creative and really actually good yes I customs. You've got one more that you say it will make us roar with laughter. Are our last loved one of our producers now that her kids tidy and ruby are loving their costumes. As the biggest that this series stars of the year tiger kings Harold skin and Seattle exotic. Now we all watched this theory is we couldn't take our eyes away from it. These two iconic figures are act with their hair and a leopard print Jolie back with his signature mustache and his record deal he and Carol last. When parents leopard for Danes he. Of course you have to throw in a tiger into the mix so he.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"“The View” transformed this whirlwind year’s biggest Hot Topics into wickedly inspired kids costumes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73927561","title":"Boo are you wearing in 2020?","url":"/theview/video/boo-wearing-2020-73927561"}