Caitlyn Jenner says Gov. Newsom has ‘destroyed hope’ in California

In a daytime exclusive on “The View,” the retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete also addresses reports of her campaign staff including former Trump campaign staff members.
9:23 | 06/10/21

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Transcript for Caitlyn Jenner says Gov. Newsom has ‘destroyed hope’ in California
Thank you very much. Always a pleasure to be back with all the ladies of "The view," especially you whoopi. I'm curious as to why you want to jump in to being governor of California when you guys are coming out of the craziness that we've all been living in and your guy has done a fairly decent job. You're not happy with the job he's done. Tell me what you would do differently than he's done. First of all, I'm running against the hypocrisy of Sacramento and particularly Gavin Newsom. This recall has really been led by so many parents of young kids who have been kept out of school for the last year and, to be honest with you, next fall I don't know if they'll open it up. Gavin Newsom has been going up against and putting himself beside the teachers' union. I put it this way as far as his response, Gavin Newsom wasn't for the people. He was for the elites. He wasn't for the kids. He was for the teachers' union. He wasn't for the workers. He was for himself. While he shut us down, he lived it up at the French laundry. I moved to the state 48 years ago when fuel was 39 cents a gallon. Today the tax on fuel is over 50 cents a gallon. I've seen the down fall. I've seen 18,000 companies have left California. Great jobs, great people have left. We lost a congressional seat because we have less people living in the state. Things need to change. I feel like I'm willing to fight for this state. I think it is worth fighting for. If we don't stand up, whoopi, nothing is going to change. It's going to stay the same. I'm standing up. Honestly I'm excited about the future. I want to bring hope back to California. Gavin Newsom has destroyed hope. I want to bring it back. Caitlyn, let me interrupt we have a lot of questions. Welcome to the show. Nice to have you here. Good seeing you again. As governor, you would be overseeing 40 million constituents and the fifth largest economy in the world. There are plenty other government positions for you to get your feet wet. You could run for mayor or school board. Why is governor a good place to start your political career? It's like jumping the line a little bit. What do you say to that? First of all, I'm an outsider. I get that. We are in a state that is controlled by the Gavin newsoms of the world. Things have to change. Being an outsider, I think, is a good thing. I'm not the one, as you would call, the insider that has given us the highest tax rates in the nation. We have the highest sales tax at 7.25%. We have the highest gas prices. We have 22.1 million regulations -- words of regulations on the books. It would take you almost three years to read all the regulations that we have. I did not do that. I'm an outsider. That is a good thing. So I think that's what we need. I know it's a tough road to win as a Republican in the bluest of blue states. I'm not your average Republican. I have a question. I'm an inclusive Republican. What's that? I have a question, Caitlyn. You're saying you're an outsider, but you're someone that doesn't have any political experience. That's the criticism you're getting. You've said that you'll make up for your lack of political experience by surrounding yourself with really great people. That's a direct quote. Your campaign, it's reported, has been supported by Brad Pascal, along with Carolyn red, people you're surrounding yourself with to advise you. What do you mean by surrounding yourself with really great people? When I decided to do this, being an outsider, I wanted to put the best group of people, as you would call, insiders, for a political campaign. I was able to hire some of the best people out there to join the campaign. It's more than just Brad or Caroline. There is a whole host of people that have worked with me over the last few months. Honestly I think I've gotten very, very good advice. They know this arena. They know what's going on. I don't make any excuses for anything anybody. I feel like I have a good team around me that can lead me to victory. I'm very excited at the place I'm at right now. Caitlyn, you've been critical of governor Newsom's acts during the shutdown. California has still not fully re-opened which is insane, despite having one of the lowest covid rates in the country. I have a friend who is a restaurant owner in California who is despondent. I used to live in California. I wouldn't move back to California for anything on god's green Earth. How do you plan to make the people's lives better who have been crushed by governor Newsom's inconsistent policies? That's right, inconsistent policies. Restaurants 33% have closed permanently. One of my favorite restaurants down the street I go to a lot has been closed. Finally they're just re-opening now. They've been closed, those people are out of work. It's a shame. It shouldn't happen that way. You know, other governors have done it different ways. A good example, Florida, Disney world opened up almost a year ago. California, Anaheim, disneyland just opened up last month with limited, you know, occupancy. Gavin Newsom has done just an absolute terrible job. During this recall -- I don't know if you know how a recall in the state of California they'll send out a little over 22 million mail-in ballots. There's two questions on the ballot. The first is do you want to recall Gavin Newsom? I encourage every californian to say yes, recall him. Then there's a long list after that of who do you want to run the state? I'm on that list. I hope that they put me in that position. Caitlyn, want to ask you quickly. You said coming out as transgender to your family was easier than telling them you were running as a Republican for governor. Why was that? What has been the feedback so far? The feedback has been very positive. I have had absolutely no pushback because I'm a member of the lgbtq community, particularly the transcommunity. No pushback whatsoever. I'm running as an inclusive Republican. That means I am inclusive to everybody. Because I'm on the Republican side, I have conservative economic beliefs. I believe in less government, less regulations and building a pro-business environment. I talked to one of the largest companies that left California and I asked them why did you leave? He said I left because it's not a business friendly environment. As an inclusive Republican -- I don't want people to put me in this box of I'm a Republican, but as an inclusive Republican I'm there for everybody. I want to be inclusive. I don't want to go to the Republican party. I want the Republican party to come to me. The Republican party needs something like this.

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{"duration":"9:23","description":"In a daytime exclusive on “The View,” the retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete also addresses reports of her campaign staff including former Trump campaign staff members.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78202068","title":"Caitlyn Jenner says Gov. Newsom has ‘destroyed hope’ in California","url":"/theview/video/caitlyn-jenner-gov-newsom-destroyed-hope-california-78202068"}