Charlize Theron talks ‘Bombshell’ and #MeToo

The actress discusses her leading role in the critically acclaimed film and what it means for the film to emerge after the #MeToo movement’s rise.
5:53 | 12/17/19

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Transcript for Charlize Theron talks ‘Bombshell’ and #MeToo
You know, you look exactly like Megyn Kelly, between the prosthetics, the voice -- the voice, you've got the voice down, the body language. I tried to get as close to her kind of cadence, her very deep, husky voice. I have a husky voice today but normally I don't. That was challenging for sure. I stressed my vocal chords so badly that I couldn't speak for three weeks before we started shooting the film which was incredibly stressful because all you want to do is to be able to practice. I heard you had some reservations about doing the part. Why is that? Initially I just didn't know if I was the right person. I didn't know if I could get physically as close to what she looks like. And I felt like there's something really enjoyable about watching these films and being able to forget that you're watching actors telling the story. And so in that sense we just focused on it as producers first and whether we wanted to produce it, and, yeah, I mean listen, I think I focused so much on Megyn Kelly that I forgot that she was really a part of a L of women during a year and a half period at fox who ultimately did something extraordinary and that it wasn't the Megyn Kelly biopic and that took a little weight off my -- pressure off my body. I can see that. No, I can see that. You didn't have to carry the whole thing. There were other women involved. Yeah. But Megyn Kelly herself has said that even though she had nothing to do with the film, she didn't produce, didn't direct, she wasn't in it, et cetera, it was an incredibly emotional experience watching it and that there were some edits she would have made. I don't know what the edits were. She didn't say. What's your reaction to that? I think it's great. I mean, I think it's honest. I think that watching -- I cannot imagine what it feels like to watch yourself on a screen played by some actress. I'm very 'em thet Cal that that must be a crazy experience and she's incredibly smart and intelligent and probably looks at it and goes I could change this and make this better. I see. I don't know. We don't know. She didn't say what. "Bombshell" is the first major Hollywood movie to emerge from the me too movement, and you say it's an origin movie of sorts. What do you mean by that? I'm just trying to make it sound like a marvel film. That way people will go. I want to try and get the same audience. It strangely is. This story that happened, this extraordinary story that happened at fox happened before Harvey Weinstein, happened before me too, time's up, before NBC, before all of these stories that we now know collectively and so just try to imagine Gretchen Carlson really went out complete on her own with absolutely no support and they took this guy down. They got him to resign and give an apology, and that is incredible given where I think we forget that a lot of these stories before this time that we're in right now happened in silos. They happened where women were incredibly alone and incredibly scared to step forward. They even got Bill O'Reilly. That was a beautiful moment. That was really -- I mean -- The oh Riley looks just like him. This is not a movie for us. We lived it. We were there inside those walls during all of this. There are a lot of women still there that didn't get payouts that are still there, and I was bummed that the ending didn't have that story, that there's now a woman running the news department and there's a woman running fox business. I'm curious how you hope or how you think women that still every day are taking bullets and carry the stigma with them, how you think this film will maybe change the way that people view them. Do you think it will make it harder for them? Do you think people will show more sympathy maybe for what they went through. The victims? To the women that are victims but also just women that are at fox. I mean, maybe I don't understand your question correctly so stop me if I'm not on the right track here but I think that -- I don't think anybody is out for anything other than trying to do what is right. What I mean by that is that we have to have equality for women when they go to work for them to be safe, and that's really what this movie is about. It's not the movie of like the business of fox and where fox came from and where it went. It really is about that year and a half of what happened with that lawsuit that Gretchen Carlson brought forward and the fact that numerous women and Megyn Kelly two weeks later stepped forward and all came out to tell their stories. I do not think this film at all lives in a black and white place. I think it really covers the gray areas of sexual harassment, the fact that predators -- it's not black and white. Predators don't fit into a box and victims don't fit into a box. I think it's complicated stuff. I think a predator can be paternity and care and invest and, like, want to invest in you. That's the problem. That's what makes them so dangerous, exactly. That's what makes them so dangerous. But I don't think -- I think there's a lot of story that we kind of compacted into this movie. I think that for anybody who cares about this stuff, of course you can always go and Google it but the point was to end this movie in saying that we still have so far to go and to end this movie victoriously and saying we did it all would be a huge mistake because complacency is the worst thing we can find ourselves in right now.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"The actress discusses her leading role in the critically acclaimed film and what it means for the film to emerge after the #MeToo movement’s rise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67781584","title":"Charlize Theron talks ‘Bombshell’ and #MeToo ","url":"/theview/video/charlize-theron-talks-bombshell-metoo-67781584"}