Chef Millie Peartree on providing meals to Bronx children in need

The chef and activist shares how she’s bringing nourishment to communities in the Bronx and shows “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin how to cook up some delicious spring dishes from her very own kitchen.
9:57 | 04/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chef Millie Peartree on providing meals to Bronx children in need
I love from my kitchen where I spent most of my time to act (%expletive) hot topics on the view would be girls. What I'm here today to chat. Which chef Millie he archery who has spent time last year Britney light and nourishment to my home out of the rocks one of the hardest hit communities by co written nineteen. Welcome shaft while chef Billy is so much joy any day. Eight Q so it's actually funny how are you today. I'm okay Abby to Beckett I'm gonna get to cooking with you know. A hum but well we do get ticket. Back a year ago when Kobe first hit New York what may you'd just jumped it's. Everybody's world that's turned upside downs all eyes aren't that he spends a worker. And as he slowly started open up I noticed that I didn't really hear about program for children. We knew a lot of programs are really into and or limited the impact of coal they thought that the myself well you know it let me does. Jump in there and figure out a way that we can actually help people are brought to doll. I'm all home town are represented of the bronze well. You know I have my business here are grown here and it mean that we were the -- hard hit Al you know. How do something you not always operate under immoderate you can't so quick at eight it's old slow again Dawson the muscle but can make money here at and get back here. Well I started eight week initiative that was wells that are on July and end up all its. Which you are and months and and read that you know calls I had over 70000 children and we did a wheel drive. And that 5000 families and does the ornaments or meat or Eddie aren't. I loved that because cooking and boot that's my love language well or your program all are. Well Ali you've provided over 70000 meals to Frontline workers kids and the people of the bronze and I salute you for that. So well I guess let's get started what are we making today you know absolutely fell we're gonna make a all being sold now that my in this period. Is editing you know listen to console and in May. But it's molds and were in that you know we gay people there's. But now we're gonna teach them how to fix the EY like I'm sold our wonderful partnered with M about a restaurant albeit in. Nor and dull in big eased at a delicious snack might say no we were leaning a little bit well actually tried to build community garden. They'll listen I wanna do now is so. People always used troubled lands in a press right away. Instant mood and just brighten things up a little bit so what what do I first lets the compound butter arts right. Well it's assemble some routes but are right. It's a net. We're gonna take a mole I know you have a bald hair and we're just kidding yeah water and a ball right. And what he's not okay. And then I'm also gonna act as a worker on Blake sees all. Or use Laura Carroll and I'm good at a little bit and have our. And then add some lemons that's nice bright are often bright bright missiles its roots. That's a little bit and what is compound bought a car bomb bottom vents herb butter. And on. I'm at its tired you can add armed bones urge that are on their way out the door there's a really good way yet. Nelson breasts are at the summit being Mexico and possibly Bible we don't it's a year from Barry's grant you know. I had on what we would you put your I've got inside act that aren't me. I actually also haven't heard Garnett is you know I I lucked out as luck card and credit watch bad. I'm gonna basically solid lead include an every day you are putting into but I don't ask. Right now you but here's what's hot and CM. All while making what light all. I felt like okay we 58 of certain. We lane when it is most important it all out. I'm atop a little bit more ergonomic to read it right up while you know the old saying in the kitchen you don't talk that once use it's quite sorry. Critics will be re not corps ball without good chops one I'll hurt. Out our but our great aunt and urged that. Eye Indian. And this is. Simple compound butter added what's urban I don't as little as white. And it comes together got a white and out of what a couple minute. Yeah definitely. EV. EV and then we're seeking is restaurant style you'd like to ask you Rolen not exaggerating. Like I like slice it and likes Iceland wants eight. But being I know your novels and girls. We're gonna have some dads and. I doubt it also works well on I think I'm not I'm not a asked mediator. Op but. That's also an option for me or a absolutely. You know what I do it actually already late Al Gore leg. Op. Probable lies in the refrigerator a ready to go chopped onions. I'm just an antiques cooking a little bit easier at night actor didn't show listen 10 well it's charity on our community. I'd like. This way and yes men all all that you need. And aren't and it gain weight at sat. I don't think it's all about a well that's when all value not low work asks you and your house all. Another thing that we're gonna make right now is some rice tea lots while I light. Our blow right Abbott at price here already cook or. And I cooked it in some on chickens or opinions. But a Bulldog you've read what. Extra level of labor well again that's a book or use it once. I'm talking at once that might have some thought hang on holy trinity year earth I didn't Valerie right. Okay net sat back and entering. Yeah totals just don't I have met Tanya how hot gas and add some rice. Herbs do it. Right Elop something cooked in. And we have left jab. Working what. I don't know Arab guard. You know we're actually gonna build gardens in the Bronx so weak it. Actually you don't get people eating a little bit better did you eased a little help you know a lot about problems comes on the waits. And you know we wanted to be able you know we've we've T majority out. East. Rock abroad. So now want to be so people who are at least. Russ earth and that's all Apple's. Well let me ask you this because I I actually I don't live in the anymore I don't live in the bronze live. And about an hour actually out of the city so I do have guard Abbott herb garden and it managed. Our guard inched. What is your op what are your chips restarting an herb garden especially those are all have a lot they are who live in an apartment this assembled like gold C local art or emea big box retailer they apps partner. Already and they had our bodies market like a bullet. Deep end like a hot eat at a well lit area a lot of people. Amend their window you know where did your love or lewd conduct this it's palpable lack at I can tell you. All my love. He noted during a handgun and a whole act well a little better on a lie because what I eat eat. Old waited while lot oral cold that's being. Undermined Tony mills as cold as being that on people waiting on line war grocery. And I autumn on my mind that out of sight so much I didn't know that so many people were hungry and the more research I did. I found out what it or children go to bed every night on Greek wonder or children live and a or insecure household. Well that it was that the going to be my ass and project actually help you like mean art to the endemic I lost our restaurant. When the pandemic it I want my catering business. And eat out on Tom I cracked my purse and got seven years old I always had been the impasse and recruit. I loved the way agree with the gather our I don't want to let you know like you know what it's up a genuinely care. A lot of people you know it was great they were able adult they aren't can't detonate. But now that we're six being the neatest build air an outlet you would know like at that left out of state in new onkyo for the long all and that's trumpeted in the zoo is. Continue to be of service mark you need to embrace me all these years. Well I cooked a little bit of this book. Or we got started I wish that people could smell what action to. Get it absolutely incredible I've got it right op right error and apple but. We are. Right here is absolutely and you have it'll make you so. They spelled my eyes shut nearly archery britney's recipes and more information about her well heart. Well. Jewel heart full belly. Program go to our website you are. Just the joy and less. Thank you. Paying your. Mama.

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{"duration":"9:57","description":"The chef and activist shares how she’s bringing nourishment to communities in the Bronx and shows “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin how to cook up some delicious spring dishes from her very own kitchen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77126126","title":"Chef Millie Peartree on providing meals to Bronx children in need","url":"/theview/video/chef-millie-peartree-providing-meals-bronx-children-77126126"}