Chelsea Handler discusses her book 'Life Will Be the Death of Me'

The comedian dishes on her attraction to Robert Mueller and why she gets serious with readers in her new book.
8:41 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Chelsea Handler discusses her book 'Life Will Be the Death of Me'
It's always outspoken and she's looking in a word in her latest book wife will be the death of me. And she's kicking off her nationwide sit down comedy tour April let him. Please welcome back. Chelsea have. Yeah yeah that's just melt quickly so we want to ease lens and I Britney where I'm not not. And every dresses and we always do that only have slumber party. Hi hero. Died AM and eleven many here. It. Yeah such a good mood about I'm feeling optimistic about life railway didn't. Yeah well what is this I hit that you have a crush on Robert Mueller I'm Leno doesn't he's adorable but but in the silent type is always attracted we have no idea who he is what he is he could be the most boring person I don't I Luttig boring at this quiet and I mean when you put him up against huge he's you know going after going after then yes I'm sexually vibrating all things that I live and I'm Nancy and I like that he crosses his T is any dots his I. And we have to see the full report it until we simple report we won't know how attract. Yeah okay. Bars on TV today discussing it when it's coming out of says it's coming up next week next week you gotta slow he gas death legal bar has a very snow I don't know mullah Mullen has so little I love a sample the I don't know and that's I had a song. I he could maybe make me slow down. But the company did it OK well even married by the way so does is all just to get out joking Santa stayed out. So how OK so. You're currently single I don't really know your background have you been married a book I have never been married and I'm proud of that I'll get. Yes you dedicate this book to your future husband so is there's something you want to tell us that is Mike calling card to admit because I had to go to a lot of clarity to admit yeah. That I do want to be in a relationship that it's okay to say that I wanna be in a relationship so I decided to dedicate my new book to my future husband. Wherever he may be so that he knows I'm serious about. Being bald our ball and understanding that I don't have to be some strong independent woman to actually. Time to prove myself and life that are other things and that's OK it's not week to admit that you want to meet somebody Padilla but do you have to make an issue. I did commit an issue because my brother died when I was a little girls so he was nine years I was nine years old used when he tale. And you know he looked me in the eye and said I will never leave you of these people he was going on vacation talking on my parents you'd like I'll never leave you here I'm kind of backup running back in my queen is very now. I don't want to be a you know. Without my Big Brother who is ultimately my first crash and key dot he never came back now and so fur nine year old brain I know it's easy for you get anybody to look at my situation and say oh of course she's got commitment issues or now landed at Camden man attachment or use. But for me you don't see yourself so it took me to really dig deep it was after the election when I thought I was gonna have a mental breakdown because this man is president. And I realized what he signified was actually what happened during my child's a when it became I'm done and when my whole world fell apart and I lost the two most important men in my life. So for me being fierce an independent has always been my way have gone on strong I can handle this get away from me out until now cover up yes there was I wasn't being honest with myself. And it took years of therapy you sit here I'm being honest with the entire work upholds. Yeah everybody else is about like let me tell you know why you're an idiot. And now then finally at in my authorities after the election I took a deeper look at myself because I didn't want to be in such a state. Of reaction I wanted to be action upheaval you know and I wanted to make it different. This is quite hot to handle dangerous levels are now getting hot and I helped the girls. So are you rebuke of the books that tell you a father had a secret. Childs. While he was engaged to your mother a movement that comes out. Both your parents had passed away but the but how. So how are your other siblings handle handling all this because you're you're telling this little secret of the book yet they love what I read about my Brothers and sisters elect. Again. Don't tell me how many are we talking we have we add six to get read my brother died so there's five children and now we have another brother who we found out about I've never not this Matt -- got out about him after my mother died from debacle like show ice dirt work like my father you know I mean my father Rick is they not the most honest upright citizen and that's why. He reminds me so much of Donald Trump yeah. Why even though not less powerful and fillet. So yes we have a brother heard another know about this my brother my mother is dead she did not so it shouldn't need to know about that but I can't I simply grow up without a doubt because my got despite even have to deal with that and wanted to focus on the family did half. So that's another you know revelation in the book and I think all. You know all of us are experiencing are have suffered at some capacity and for me the biggest lesson was. Learning that I had a right to be in pain that I would it was I thought because at a TV show because I'd books in my name. That's successful and that unsuccessful that I had no reason to complain that I don't have any time to go sit around and talk to a therapist because that's narcissistic and you RD have your whole life about it. And the most important take away as we're all suffering from something and it's important to get it out because there is no short cut through pain. You know I mean short cut around paint you can only go through and it hurts but then you're Donnan and you've dealt with it and your health. They and I'm just so much happier than somebody asked him happier you know I would Arcadia like I totally different. I don't know persona that you had before you had this revelation. What about that where's that gonna go now. That was funny. Karen she's still here she's just grounded by now want to insult I wanna make it different I just cashed checks for being allowed not that's not gonna be okay enough for me you know again this is something that I can over share that's of important. I mean something to. And I know so many people are struggling and so many people don't have. Affordability. You know luxury to go to a fair test so want to get edit out yeah I remember going to a therapist that I was very young for free you can find. It's places where they give lately is afraid it's possibly other thing that you're working on which is fascinating is it but not a documentary on Netflix about white privilege yes. An and you say that you yourself have benefited from it. Why is it important for you explore that and that's pretty brave people don't want to talk about race now why people certainly don't talk about it so I figured start with myself so that you know I can hang myself out to drive around privilege. At my own reaction. To the presidency like us. Oil brat like you know like the way that so many people were crying and screaming. And it was like will nothing in your life has ever gone that wrong before and I really have to take a look and got no yes my brother died that was traumatic an awful. But I've never been hungry I've never been starving I've never been discriminated against and I knew about. And I think as you know as a person with a platform you have to start thinking about what kind of contribution you're gonna make when we see the things that are going on in this world. And for NATO explored territory like I know Al get beaten up in the press but I'm used to that and I welcome it. And I think it's important to have a uncomfortable conversations about race because we have a big situation. You know that's happening and I thought like an eighty it Barack Obama being elected was the end of you know. Racial tension in this country and that's not the case. Now hardly so you know. No but at least you're willing to talk about it yeah that's step one and. And panic on the Republican I'm attracted to Robert I mean is it ever had and I you know. And I didn't. Know the world I live I Mazen Dana is still you know this exhibited all know it is a whole milk is. Great war the alternative I've discovered is not interest and they attended by the alternative to. The new war. And the whole world did I work for us and we need not worry it's what you say that they bug bit bummed a brand down three black Terry we're just talking about a man's right back to the fifties well three churches and just. It's a lot going on but Chelsea is aware and so. We'll know mark after we read the bud now cats our thanks to Chelsea handler life will be the death of me is out today and you know what channel. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

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{"duration":"8:41","description":"The comedian dishes on her attraction to Robert Mueller and why she gets serious with readers in her new book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62279721","title":"Chelsea Handler discusses her book 'Life Will Be the Death of Me'","url":"/theview/video/chelsea-handler-discusses-book-life-death-62279721"}