Deadline passes to reunite immigrant kids with families

"The View" co-hosts discuss efforts to reunite children with their families after being separated at the border.
7:28 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for Deadline passes to reunite immigrant kids with families
So, yey, the deadline ssed to reunite O 100 migrant child under 5 with their pare as of today, less than halre back together. Some of the ones who wereid not recognize their nts. Butealth and Han services cretary Alex Azar is still ai they're dng great job and greatthings. Take a look. It's one ofhereat acts of American nen rosty and cty whate're doing for these kids. We save kids' lives by keeping from some evilople.keeping them from people accused of bei a child Abus we're doing worko protect these dhirn. We work a expeditiously as possible toreunite them with their pare Ay-yi-yi. Protect them from their mothers. I can't -S topic is so upsetting. I feel as though we'ren the middle of the pics of cruelty in this country. MMMM. A cruel vibe going on that I never experienced in my lifetime on this planet. Wants to cut -- trumpants toobamacare. That would eliminate health ca wants to cutood stamps and medicaid ic the way, medicaid is for poo people when your mother needs nursing care and you have run outf money, medicaid kic in. So keep I mind you'll have to takeef you mother. People need to understand what is going to happen. T also said the solution was to tell people, E, tell people not to come to our entry illegally. That's T solution. You often hear that from the other sf E argument what it hits me E is the prog from U is it a gram. No one their children on thete water is safer than then. E they're running from is what people H to focus on. I think the term cruelty is -- is just so aps. They're ripping children away fromhe mothers. Childrer 5. There are a littlender 3,000 children separ F families. And their parents. And just -- aren't the -- do have no decency?aren't these officialsarents? These are oses against humanity. Humaights offenses. The people responsib orchestrating it or carrying it out should be impeached or we should demand their resignation. Agree. We must. Um,el - this whole situatios been a cluster, we have tal about this length. The devil is manyhedes the. There have been 14 adults squalifiedrom bei reunited wihetehildren because they had a history of child cruelnd drug crimes. There people that have GHT children that are their actualchildren. My mother does a ton of work with child trafficking and human trafficking. It's disgusting and horrific. People take children sel them into sex trafficking. I W emphasize, if I was working for the trump administraon, we totally screwed up. That's a word that theill Ver say. That Makto hard. I think thessf waiting loer to mak sure we get this right because wet it so wrongod forbid, we reunited the wrong with the wro parent and they got sold into sex slavery. There W no Rea to do this. There was no reason to do this. Initially. Because -- as I -- say the show all the me, Obama deported -- more people THA St about anybody. He was called deporter in F. But he deported families. Okay. So the was no reason for them to screwh this. Because this wasotbroken. So this is on you. This is on Yo and, frankly, yw -- I -- you can -- you know, you are absotely right. We don't want toree unite the wrong kids with T wrong people. But that was some what that man wassping. I think what we sho say is, again -- and you have. Ihink it's such a -- such a political disaster Ono many different levels. Patient with the proc of reuniting the es. If they don't do it the way they should. Can't it get worse I it continued these child are outre without superv Can ask a Quon. Where are the pictures of what is going on? Where is thevideo? They're refusing T allow people into some of these detention centers. Why? Thats telling. That is very Ng. This is very much L the privatizatf prisons. People are making millions and mill of dol with these government contrac at these deten centers. This is a lot money, also. Forgot what I was going to It's an extremely emotional issue for everyone on every side. I think we should be lookit solutions. I implore the trump administon say WHA I just said. Ihink when you start your messaging they sd be grateful we're doing them this great justice. I U it's an administrat that on hardline immin. I think that to begin with is wheeople get so emotional We have to take a look at lady liberty. Because immigrants have been coming - rng to America, where there was a better life.and so this idea that some opleoming from Mexico -- or guatema or where are not fleeing hards because they want to get here and lay around is as oensive as anything else. Yeah. You K -- We have to figure out. I guess we have figure out who we are. Folks. You're G T voting soon. This is I your hands. We can here and tc and moan. But it's really up to us to get in those vot booths and vote wh G for the country. Rdss of who you are. You may feel differently than Meghan feels or feel. But it ir right and your du as an American to vote! Stop sitti around! We're a- I'm terribly rry. N't mean to yell at you like that. It's ay. People can be yellet to society. The also having problems with kognize their nts. I have a 2-yeldnd he knows me as ma a few weeksin ago, we started practicing. If he were taken away from me, he woun't know M name. Max and are practicing teng him what our names are. T government doesn't know who they rated. They're makingpleay for their own dn tests. It's J shocking. Unbeliev We should factheck that. By something other than -- Bad stuff going on. Doesn't sound curate. It sounds incredulous. We'llright back. ??? Stillahead, #mentoo.

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{"duration":"7:28","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss efforts to reunite children with their families after being separated at the border.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56518367","title":"Deadline passes to reunite immigrant kids with families","url":"/theview/video/deadline-passes-reunite-immigrant-kids-families-56518367"}