Democrats call for Brett Kavanaugh impeachment

“The View” co-hosts weigh in on new book that reveals more allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, though critics say a New York Times article by its authors left out vital details.
7:49 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Democrats call for Brett Kavanaugh impeachment
So there are calls to impeach supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh over a "New York Times" article adapted from a book about Brett Kavanaugh. There's a new allegation by a former classmate max Stier who says he saw classmates push Kavanaugh while he was exposed into a female classmate at a party. However, the article didn't mention that the female student declined to be interviewed, and that her -- her friends say she doesn't recall the incident. Now the incident apparently is in the book, and the authors of the book will be here tomorrow, but I guess the question is, who edited the article to go into "The times"? Do you know what I mean? Yeah. Was it left out intentionally? Was there something that was left out just because they're trying to condense it? It's a huge fact to leave out if you're writing a book about this. They wrote -- it's in the book. All of that is in the book. But it wasn't in "The times." It wasn't in the article. It makes me wonder. If you are launching a article on your book. That's why I'm asking who put the article out. When you are talking about journalistic integrity and why you look at the American public on media, and their views on it, and why it is so low -- I grew up watching my dad read "The new York Times" and I would read it with him, and it was a place where I knew there was sourcing at least beyond one name, and now we're in this place where there isn't a difference sometimes between tabloid news and a "New York Times" article. That sadly plays into the president's hands. To his base. It's true. "The New York Times," congratulations. If the president gets re-elected, you are helping him get there. When you write pieces, it's sloppy and lazy. There was not one name in there that was involved in what happened. Not one. What is new? You have been following this closely from a legal perspective. What is new in this piece that we didn't already know for all of the presidential candidates that have come out calling for his impeachment? Why wsht they calling for it two weeks ago? They have been. What is new is you have this new claim that Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted and behaved in the same way that -- similar way that Dr. Ford says he behaved and miss Ramirez says he behaved. Now you have a third person that allegedly saw something -- the same sort of behavior. My issue with this entire thing is I said this on this show many times is the FBI was not allowed to complete a comprehensive investigation of these allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. There was a one-week investigation, one week, and it was to be limited in scope. The president limited that investigation. The Republicans limited that investigation. I have led FBI investigations into sexual assault. There is no way that you can conduct an effective investigation with over 40 potential witnesses in one week. It is impossible. And I think when you have a lifetime appointment at stake, you do not limit an FBI investigation, and as Brett Kavanaugh, you don't want that investigation limited because you want your tenure on the supreme court to be a clean tenure. You don't want these things to come up. He said that I think. I welcome an investigation. Exactly. Well, we know he didn't mean that. We know about the article. Again, I have not led investigations so I can't speak to the legalities of it, but I can speak to the politics of it. The woman that was named in the article that was supposedly victimized says he denies any memory of the alleged event. Say that again. She declined to be interviewed. She doesn't recall -- that she doesn't recall the incident. Her friends say. Okay. Again, this is very nebulous, and if it's hard for us to explain, and I think "The new York Times," the fact they didn't mention it came from max Stier who was a clenten defense attorney who battled with Kavanaugh during the Whitewater investigation is a fact we should have known. Regardless this is not -- I got a tweet on my phone or an alert from "The New York Times" from their original tweet, and I can't repeat it on daytime television. That's how sexually explicit it was, and the way they launched this, this is a battleground culture war issue right now. There's a thing called the Kavanaugh effect which happened during midterms when Heidi Heitkamp, Claire Mccaskill, and Donovan. You want to impeach trump and impeach Kavanaugh. Is that the winning strategy for Democrats going forward in 2020? I want to know. Do you think that's what's going to win over the rust belt? I definitely don't think that Kavanaugh is going to get impeached because -- Oh really? That's a long process. There is a procedure. Has that happened before? It happened to federal judges certainly. I think there have been impeachment proceedings against one supreme court justice probably in the 1800s if I'm -- tweet me if I'm wrong. Clarence Thomas, did they? No, okay. It's not going to happen, and it's not a winning strategy. Impeaching trump, I don't know. I have said that for a long time, but again I go back to the original point, like, why are we -- you know why we're talking about this? Because the FBI wasn't allowed to do its job from the very beginning. I really, really believe that. I still go back to our issues with the reporting today. I think the American people deserve better, and I think it's unfair to drag other people's lives through the mud when you don't have credible sources to back up their reporting. I think about his two daughters. It was not a black and white world. It's what he said, what she said, and the public has their own opinions already. It's he said/she said. If you remember at the time, Michael avenatti brought swetnick who accused him of gang rape, and it got so out of I feel bad for both of these people. I feel bad for Christine blasey Ford, and everyone has made up their mind on this. There is not one voter in this country who if you believe Christine blasey Ford or Brett Kavanaugh. The cast has died. It's die is cast. I'm sorry. It's a metaphor. I agree with what you are that being said, when I chose to share that I had a miscarriage last year, I did it in "The new York Times" because it's a great publication with a lot of great journalists working over there. They have some bad reporting and bad tweeting and pull your crap together, but I won't be one of those people who hate "The new York Times" and it's all bad. I don't believe that. We can ask those people. I don't like them. Two opinions. That's okay, but they do have to answer to these questions. Yes. We will have the opportunity to ask them. See you tomorrow. You know we'll ask them. Come on. We have a legal note. A supreme court spokeswoman said Kavanaugh had no comment on the allegation or the calls for impeachment and has previously denied all allegations.

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{"duration":"7:49","description":"“The View” co-hosts weigh in on new book that reveals more allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, though critics say a New York Times article by its authors left out vital details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65645477","title":"Democrats call for Brett Kavanaugh impeachment","url":"/theview/video/democrats-call-brett-kavanaugh-impeachment-65645477"}