Are Democrats less forgiving within their party?

"The View" co-hosts discuss which political party is more forgiving after a Harvard University professor said that Republicans are more likely to forgive those within their ranks.
4:37 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Are Democrats less forgiving within their party?
So Democrats and Republicans have very different ways of dealing with matters within their own party, okay. And the director of media politics and public policy at Harvard university, Nancy Gibbs is her name, she says that Republicans are much more forgiving than Democrats are within the party. Not with the regular people. Uh-huh. Is she right? Democrats were quick to get rid of Al Franken but trump stumped for Roy Moore, remember him in one describe Roy Moore. Pedophile. Thank you. That's a good word. Pedophile? And invited accused white supreme is Steve king to his Iowa rally this week. So is the GOP more concerned -- I'm sorry, alleged pedophile says producers, sorry. They seem to be more concerned with power. It seems to me holding on to power and getting their particular things that they want, like tax cuts and no regulations, what else? Stuff like that. You know, than they are about stomping on the constitution. Trump specific, less about Republicans and more about being complicit and enabling of trump, because there are Republicans who have had to pay a high price for doing things that were wrong. We've had -- Congresspeople, I remember the guy from Pennsylvania who had the mistress who got pregnant and, you know, he had to quit. I remember when George Herbert walker bush said read my lips, no new taxes and he got taken to the woodshed over that by Republicans. This can very much of a trump phenomenon. Nothing sticks to the guy. He can cheat on his wife. He can cheat on his mistress with somebody else. He can pay hush money. He cannot pay taxes, he can lie and nothing matters. Well, it does matter. It matters. It's just that his party doesn't call him on it otherwise it does matter. It may matter to me and to you but doesn't seem to matter to those in power because they seem to be supporting him no matter what so it doesn't really matter. Look, there's an old adage in politic, the difference between Democrats and cannibals is the can Nalls don't eat their family. That's what I thought when I read this. I do think Republicans get in the line in the way -- candidates, there's more pressure to come out and support the principle and nominee than there is maybe with Democrats but don't forget after the first bush there was a whole era of Democrat renaissance and I think whomever is in power is the genius and whoever is out of power has to show that they're still the -- the party still has 0 show they're worth it. What Democrats have to be careful of is cannibalizing each other in the process. I think Bernie Sanders took hits out of Hillary and Democrats don't seem to -- Remember, Ronald Reagan's famous statement, thou shall not speak ill of the Republican party. They were taking swipes at each other. In the primary. But that's legitimate. Get in line. They don't go down to the RNC and DNC and threaten to possibly -- Rally around whoever the democratic candidate is -- They absolutely will. They better. It cost them 2016 not to do that. I remember when Bill Clinton had his entire issue with Monica Lewinsky and he lied to the country and lied to some of the people would worked for him including Democrats and I remember some of his cabinet members like mad din Albright and Donna shalala, they came out strongly and chastised him and were disappointed. We don't see that kind of standing up against trump because trump comes after people and costs them primary elections. Clinton left office with hugely high approval ratings. What happened to people's values like Jeff flake who came out and spoke against him -- he had to resign but then resign because at the end of the day don't you need to live with don't you need toe by your constitution, by your personal values? I say then resign. Don't support someone you don't believe in. The question also is will people who are on both sides, regular people like us, will they be able to talk to each other? Will you forgive the other side? I can forgive the trump voter. I can't forgive trump. I like that.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss which political party is more forgiving after a Harvard University professor said that Republicans are more likely to forgive those within their ranks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63718862","title":"Are Democrats less forgiving within their party?","url":"/theview/video/democrats-forgiving-party-63718862"}