Donald Trump tweets that Fox News is 'wasting airtime' on Pete Buttigieg

After the president slammed the network for having a town hall with the presidential candidate, "The View" co-hosts discuss why it's a candidate's job to plead their case to both sides of the aisle.
5:30 | 05/20/19

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Transcript for Donald Trump tweets that Fox News is 'wasting airtime' on Pete Buttigieg
So the guy in the white house -- the guy in the white house is not very happy with his go-to network Fox News because they hosted a town hall for democratic candidate mayor Pete buttigieg. Buttigieg. I always think I'm saying it wrong. It's a whole thing. Of course he tweeted that fox is wasting air time. They're moving to the losing side and that Alfred E. Neuman will never be president. Here's what mayor Pete said about why he's doing it. A lot of folks in my party were critical of me for doing this with Fox News. I've heard that. I get where that's coming from especially when you see what goes on with some of the opinion hosts. When tucker Carlson says immigrants makes America dirty. When Laura Ingraham was comparing children in cages to summer camps. I think a lot of people tune into this network who do it in good faith. Isn't it his job to plead his case to the other side and make a news network do what they're supposed to do and be a news I believed from the beginning that Elizabeth Warren and kamala Harris -- when the Democrats don't show up, they lose. Just like they did in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania last time when trump got in. They need to show up. That's my philosophy about anything in life. Show up! Yeah. It is. I think he echoed what we said at the table many times. There are people that watch fox News that do watch it in good faith. They watch it to get their information and get their news. You can't always speak in an echo chamber. You have to go in spaces with people that don't agree with you. Didn't a guy get a standing ovation. He did. I watched it before "Game of thrones" last night. There you go. I will say he did very well. There's some policy positions I don't agree with. I'm that good faith fox viewer. Some policies are too left for me. He came off very comfortable in a town hall setting. He was very open to conservatives and Republicans in the country and independent he did get a standing ovation. I agree with you, joy, it makes Elizabeth Warren and kamala Harris look ridiculous. It was a very old, very white audience. He's poling 1% and 0% among South Carolina black voters. He has a serious problem with minority voters. If I were him your next stop should be South Carolina, someplace you're talking to voters -- 0% is staggering for him. It will ultimately become a problem for him. Now that he has this defeated he needs to start focusing that. It's a major coupe to go after Laura Ingraham. He's also spoken to Al Sharpton. The guy goes out there speaking truth. I'm not knocking it. He went to South Carolina and spoke to black voters. He met with Al Sharpton. This is something he's already done. There aren't a whole bunch of -- as far as I know a black folks watching Fox News on the regular. It would not your lips off if you knew how many. There are some, but not his goal ongoing to Fox News was to speak with white Republican conservative voters. 0% is really bad. I'm sorry. 0% is not great. If your only goal is to be president, there are other goals that some of these people had. I'm not knocking it. The fact of the matters he should be out there speaking to black Americans, not white Americans, not Latino Americans. The bottom line is you don't know what I look at when I pull the lever. I'm not voting black or white. I'm voting who is going to run the country best. Meeting with Al Sharpton, meeting with this one, you met with us, we count. Yeah. A lot. We count a lot. It's going to take people a minute to figure it out. For what it's worth 47% of black women have Biden of their top choice. 47% of black men support Biden. That may be true. With Biden you know one thing, he knows how to clean up a mess. We're in a mess. Most people are thinking when beau -- when you know who gets out of office -- Trump. The guy in the white house. You have never said his name. I said it once and I was sick as a dog after. You took pills. I took pills.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"After the president slammed the network for having a town hall with the presidential candidate, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss why it's a candidate's job to plead their case to both sides of the aisle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63154084","title":"Donald Trump tweets that Fox News is 'wasting airtime' on Pete Buttigieg","url":"/theview/video/donald-trump-tweets-fox-news-wasting-airtime-pete-63154084"}