Are dueling town halls a disservice to voters?

With President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden holding separate town halls on the same night, “The View” co-hosts discuss which candidate will benefit most.
10:13 | 10/15/20

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Transcript for Are dueling town halls a disservice to voters?
We are surrounded and have on purple today to help honor spirit day dedicated to preventing bullying in the lgbtq community. To find out more on Disney's anti-bullying campaign, go to our website. Usually we would be talking to each other, looking at each other. So we don't have joy at the moment, but anything could happen. Joy could magically appear at any second and we should just all open our hearts for that. There she is. Okay? All right. I told you. Whoa. I told you. Steve got the camera running, joy? I felt you. Oh, my god. What goes on over here every morning. It's unbelievable. Yes. Yes. Yet here you are, and it's no fun starting the show without you. So let's start. Thank you. Joe Biden is holding a -- thank you. Joe Biden is holding a town hall that airs tonight at 8:00 P.M. On ABC, but then you-know-who also had to have a town hall of his own, and it's airing on a rival network. Now it's on the other one. There's a "C," in that one too. What does this do? What does this really mean? Is this about him showing this he can pull more people in? I mean, is it that important or should we really be talking about the fact that because he dropped the ball people are still dying from covid? Which is more important? I'll start with you, Ana. First I'm disappointed that this is happening. I'm disappointed we are not having a presidential debate because Donald Trump refused to engage in a virtual debate. I'm disappointed that another network has given him the ability to take his toys and go home, and then, you know, have the ability to do this. It feels likes a spoiled child who is being given his way. I'll also tell you this is the same town hall that Joe Biden did a week ago here in Miami, and girl, let me tell you. It's at the Paris art museum. It's outdoors. It's windy. I don't know if a fly is going to land on his head, but given the wind in Miami, I would be wearing stucco on that today. You did say stucco, right? He should be wearing stucco? Okay. Got you. What about you, joy. What do you think of this? Is it as crazy as it can be? It's so insane out there. I mean, you watch TV and you see how insane everybody is. You know, the ratings will probably go to the stable genius because people prefer to watch a trainwreck rather than watch, you know, say a course in civics. That doesn't mean the ratings will translate to votes. I think NBC is all in for trump as they were with "The apprentice", and the fact that a lot of tapes were not released where he probably said some horrific things, and NBC if they really want to do the show, they should put in a laugh track because that is what watching trump has become. It's become a comedy show, and unfortunately people are dying, and I just want to make one small point about the fact that I am worried about this election now. It looks like Biden's going to pull it off, but people should not get complacent. First of all, the Republicans are cheating with unauthorized ballot boxes. Trump is telling his militias to, you know, stalk people at the polling booths, intimidate the voting. There's a lot of enthusiasm among these white non-college people who love him, and there are more Republican voters who are signing in -- signing up in swing states. More scary than that, a lot of black women are pulling back from him. I don't know. Maybe you can speak to that, sunny. You know more about that than I do, but I worry about the possible four years of this, and it's the end of democracy. It's the end of this country, four more years of this. I believe that. Right. Especially when they own the supreme court and god forbid they take the senate again, we're doomed. We're doomed. People better go out there and vote. That's all I have to say. Don't -- don't -- don't flip out. Don't let yourself do that, but let me go to you, Sara. What's your thinking of the two dueling -- dueling guitars -- dueling candidates? I agree with Ana that the ideal scenario would have been a debate that was -- had fixed rules so it wasn't the trainwreck of the first one, but this -- because president trump refused to do that, even remotely to keep everyone happy and healthy and apart, he refused to do that. So here we are. I actually think it's really -- it is bad if NBC approached him with this time slot because I do think that's, you know, as Ana said, ingratiating a petulant toddler, but we all know trump would have shopped this around regardless to have the ratings war he's always hoped for and eventually someone would have taken the bait and done this, but the funny thing about that or the irony is, this format does not suit trump for two main reasons. The contrast of how good his opponent is, Joe Biden during these types of situations where he's able to show humanity, compassion, empathy and answer voters directly, he shines brighter, and in this situation, trump has to answer questions from voters. He can't indulge himself in just interruptions and look over here. Look over here. He always answers in nonanswers and evades the questions. This hits him twice and I don't think in a good way. Although he wants ratings, I don't think this serves him well. We'll see. We'll see. What do you think, sunny? Do you think this is kind of a ratings beg or is there another thing that we're missing? No. I think it's all about ratings. I'm disappointed that NBC allowed him to manipulate the process. I think that Carl Bernstein tweeted out this really interesting -- he tweeted out these interesting thoughts basically pointing out that, you know, our networks back then when he was ABC bureau chief didn't allow presidents to dictate how and when they were covered, and they resisted being manipulated and we know very well that trump has manipulated media to his advantage, and I think that very well led to his being elected quite frankly last -- last election, but I will say this. I don't know that this makes any difference with voters, whoopi, because we know that there are only between 3% and perhaps 6% undecided voters. So if people are watching, it doesn't translate into votes. If people are watching, they're watching just like joy said, for a trainwreck, and they're going to watch the trainwreck on NBC rather than the civility I think and the presidential demeanor of a Joe Biden which will be on ABC. That's going to be the difference. So if people want to really listen to Joe Biden's plans and they want to listen to somebody who is presidential, they'll tune into ABC. If they want to listen to, you know, see somebody dancing to "Ymca," they're going to tune into NBC. That's just the bottom line. Right. But he'll use the time to lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. That's all he's going to do. Yeah, but I guess you could think about it this way. There are so many people who have already voted that they're going to watch the entertainment. Do you know what I mean? Yeah. People have made up their mind I think. A great many people have made up their mind, and I don't think it's going to really move the needle a whole bunch, you know, and it's just sad because I think people really were hoping to get something, to have something to hold onto, but, you know, you're not going to maybe get it. There's also one more -- I think it's next week that is scheduled his way. Maybe that one will go. Now Ana, we're seeing reports of hispanic men responding to you-know-whose macho appeal. What does this mean? What does that mean? What are you seeing them do? Latino men have gone crazy because look. First of all, as sunny just alluded to, he loves to come out to the song "Macho, macho man," which ironically enough is -- Clearly he's never listened to it. He's clearly never listened to the words. No. I guess what he does, you know, those gestures and things he does when he's passing as dancing among certain demographics, you know, the Latino men wonder about this machismo. You know, I have a little experience with macho Latin men, and let me tell you. When you are a macho man, you don't need a song to announce that you are a macho man. No, you know, it's just -- it's faux machismo. This is a guy who wears more makeup than the five of us put together, spent $70,000 on hair styling bills, is afraid of a little birdie that was on his office desk and needs to announce himself as a macho man to a song of the village people. If that's your definition of macho, it doesn't pass mine. Keep it. Yeah. Well, my mother always said if you have to say it -- if you have to tell people that's what you are, then chances are it's not happening for you. You're not the person you think you are if you have to keep telling people this is what you

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{"duration":"10:13","description":"With President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden holding separate town halls on the same night, “The View” co-hosts discuss which candidate will benefit most.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73634651","title":"Are dueling town halls a disservice to voters?","url":"/theview/video/dueling-town-halls-disservice-voters-73634651"}