Election anxiety spiking across the US

As Election Day nears, “The View” co-hosts discuss what they’re most worried about as the candidates make a final effort to woo voters.
6:48 | 10/30/20

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Transcript for Election anxiety spiking across the US
And within a few day of four days really until the next election and the candidates are make him. A last ditch efforts campaign in battleground states election anxiety is reportedly. Up 18%. From 26 team with 70% of Americans stressed out. About what could happen. So I guess the real question is took effect July. What what what are you most worried about. First of all I love your crown fabulous. I guess it's sort of you may tenth at Halloween right you know why I'm wearing it's very nice. Now why a little bit and yes I'm Megan Markel. Who's been in the sun for long act act act act act act act act not ice out of had a well it's very appropriate and very sad. Yeah I personally am happy we don't have cost him this year I can't stand those customs. So much and it hasn't might think I'm now 23 years of costumes this is the first year I've gotten a break. But I'm know what am I worried about it I'm worried about. A series of these these secret. Trap supporters. I'm worried about them because before the election when they voted for him. They could say well he's a businessman. We hate politicians. He's something different up up up up back but now. Now it's different now they know he's misogynist they know he's a racist they know that he separated little children from their parents and had no plan to reunite them. They know he has mismanaged this culminated. Crisis and they also know he deliberately. Did not do the right thing by all of these people who are getting this disease he deliberately did the wrong thing. We know that because of the tape for Bob Woodward we know that because of the tape with Garret -- now. So they know this now say they can't hide behind it. I mean unless they don't tell people that have all around. Unless they tell each other against each other they can tell and I don't have they can't help regular people and mark. It is then that it they basically admitting that they are the same as him. Rank and what about you Hannah went with what is what's your anxiety up about if anything. Are you kidding three day there are coming election. I'm anxious about everything I'm anxious about how the rain going to affect voting iMac is anxious about the Postal Service. And ballots not getting there on time. I'm very concerned about outstanding. Mail in ballots people will requested ballots by mail and have not we turn them. I can tell you that in Florida he is the number. There's one point 78 million ballots mail in ballots that have been requested. Not yet returned of those 733000. Are Democrats show look and my message to people are maybe sitting home. With a mail in ballot that hasn't been returned is. Fill out. May let. And you wake up November 4 and York candidate of choice was not elected you're going to feel like you just had two bottles of cheap to keep. The next then another night before but don't hang all the gonna last for four years and show doing yourself a favor and fell out about ballot. Beach Arnett well put it into. Ballot box return it's it's getting a little late to put things in the mail. Now to the gap and when that's his son went what's your biggest concern or worry. My biggest weary is that the continued efforts. By a Republican Party quite frankly for voter suppression I mean I was on a call last night with. Black voters matter of group started by Natasha brown she's a fellow at Harvard and there were just so many. Women black women organizing in different states Georgia Texas Kentucky Florida. And the biggest concern was the continued efforts. At voter suppression and people. At the polls front intimidate voters people you know filing lawsuits trying to. Quash the vote and I'm really concerned because this is a global pandemic in you have seniors waiting on lines for 456. Hours. You know during the global pandemic and we know that the global pen that pandemic at least in this country has disproportionately. Affected black and brown communities in and at great. Health risk to themselves there's still standing online's trying to to vote sigh I'm really concerned about their well being and I'm concerned. About the fact that their votes. May not. Be registered in May not matter. So that you know my legs he asked me what what scares me too as people are relying on the polls. I have PTA has the from when he sixteen. And I remember the polls look pretty good for Hillary Clinton. The week before the elections. You know she had a bunch of fire wasn't ready to go election night that would never let. And so. I you know I hope people are not. Relying on the polls and thinking that that means they don't have to go out and vote that they don't have to go stand in line. They don't have to be turned their ballot don't think they can vote for. You know whomever they want to a third party write in Mickey Mouse. We've learned our lesson after 2016 Brett voting matters every vote matters. Well I think the most exciting thing that we can really talk about is how many people are outs. People are coming out regardless of the weather regardless of the so called intimidation that's how the people. Are out and they're not slain and people are saying if if it five feel like you haven't gotten my vote or I mailed in and you I'm in the group that and is talking about you need to take yourself over. Susan registration places that you have in your town and say. I want to make sure my vote. Got to where it's supposed to be can you tell me if you've got it. They aren't you have the time now going to go and talk to people if you're not sure gulf find out. People out there because they have decided that nobody has a right to tell them as an American that they can't or shouldn't question both in person they want to both for people are Alex. And they're coming up everyday and maybe again as I said yesterday this is a big old how low. To all the government to know that people will come out and vote if you help them find the time that they can do it. If you just try to force their time to be one thing people have a harder time getting out. Maybe this is a good way to gauge where we need to be as a nation when it comes to voting. But people out and they are not plan honey they are out there voting in trolls.

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"As Election Day nears, “The View” co-hosts discuss what they’re most worried about as the candidates make a final effort to woo voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73927560","title":"Election anxiety spiking across the US","url":"/theview/video/election-anxiety-spiking-us-73927560"}