FBI raids office of Trump attorney Michael Cohen

"The View" co-hosts discuss the implications of the raid following a referral from Robert Mueller.
5:43 | 04/10/18

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Transcript for FBI raids office of Trump attorney Michael Cohen
The guy in the White House his personal attorney Michael Collins as you walk earned his name. His office was raided yesterday night he's been investigated for possible bank fraud and campaign finance violations. But. You know cool things things a little differently cake and a. So I just heard that they broke into the office. One of my personal attorneys. That man. And it's disgraceful situation it's a total which ought to have been saying it prolong tell us it's frankly a real disgrace it's a an attack on our. Complicated to his senses intact what we Alstead for. Comment let's let eyes glare no one broke it not okay now they have. You know. Regardless some where you stand politically let us stick to that fact no one broke into bats no office no one broke it. Rentals aren't we have and a warrant they went in and several people. Including some of his appointees. Had to sanction that wide to go forward yeah so let's that you know no one is attacking. Outlaw country. Out country is working well cents. People put aside what we always talk about as their biases that yes maybe we need to take a look at that. As I want to be clear that nobody is that nobody is sneaking this is not what a gate. Night and this is not what it gave me is that they'll fall. They ever admit to steal something. These people would bid to find something yeah it's different and I think it's important you know to note that he should not abuse those terms because he's had this attack on the FBI he's had this attacked. On our legal institutions this was a valid search warrant when you get a search warrant especially for an attorney's office. You have to have an affidavit in support of the surge worked best to be signed. By a judge and approved by a federal magistrate judge in I have myself. Written up those affidavits for search warrants and I can tell you. They are well. Bought out they are there are documents that support it and I mean I've I've issued some of them they're like forty pages long. So the suggestion somehow that they shouldn't have been there. Doesn't hold water. Bite some but for me though sunny that help because they think. We keep hearing that term witch hunt. Whenever anyone covers this they're looking for anything even if it's not rushing related that you explain. A prosecutor is obligated if they come across something that's illegal but does not fall under there are investigate yet. To pass it along to the proper party which is exactly what Moeller did hear well maybe I mean certainly if it was outside of the Russian investigation that you can issue or referral. Two to the proper prosecutorial decision. But if even if it worked part of the bowler investigation you would still refer it. To the southern district of New York because that is where the office I don't want parity and I knew early on that it was referred channel. Jeffrey Berman is a term supporter he voted to Trombley donated 5400 dollars to his campaign yeah so he can't said that this is a witch hunt. From of support from somebody was actually US attorney for the southern district you don't know but that's this I mean that's the beauty of this to me in ways that. This might be times. ID I'll. It's this article sent ahead and listen we feel like this is justified we need to policy that's an and I I think that's the way it's supposed to work what's really inching yes of course with what's really also insisting it was got a clashing heads up yeah. What's really interesting is you know will Michael call and now that has offices have been raided and remember you can just issue a subpoena if your prosecutor the fact that they raided it means that they thought. That less intrusive means weren't warranted because perhaps evidence would be destroyed so that's a big deal it made it never does he live on trial they didn't destruct remember when Nixon tapes came out and they had to leave the people saying why didn't erase those tanks now. I made it I had to delete beings and then happy Lawler it. So I implore him to wrap things up as soon as possible and tell us what you know as I think it's completely dividing the American public I think I understand that this raid just the optics of it in the political capital that is being expunged right now is extremely detrimental on many levels. The drug administration's not to be able to run away from this Kellyanne Conway is on husband is on wind beating. Things talking the kind hang it next and again. And I think that we can count double agents. Said Anwar who was told there was little parental controls his temper as much as she could lead. His lawyer John Dowd has now resigned to his really has no clothes on break out on a banana peel people at about them. But I do think it how there's an indictment I'm not getting ahead of my skis I want to let this play out I want as well I can say diet yeah and a day let's look around it when I get I I just think that the ID act. That people did the right way. You know basically put aside is pleasing act to save face with his base of support our economic and what didn't by doing that. I think that undermines us when someone does it by the book. Clinton and says I'm putting aside my left or right leaning would cause this is what. My job this is to build this why the focus what do you lost close to me yeah I think that's a good thing that people should take what real heart pat. That bit that the system out both flawed as it is now can and does well. Could it be ironic if this point start with. One night stand took him down.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the implications of the raid following a referral from Robert Mueller.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54369773","title":"FBI raids office of Trump attorney Michael Cohen","url":"/theview/video/fbi-raids-office-trump-attorney-michael-cohen-54369773"}