H.E.R. says she feels a responsibility to write music that reflects current events

The Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter on why it was important for her to contribute to the film, "Judas and the Black Messiah."
6:46 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for H.E.R. says she feels a responsibility to write music that reflects current events
Yes welcome welcome. We welcome sorts out as we just saw you gave a phenomenal performance a beautiful foreign sent via Super Bowl last month. After a year canceled live performances and and tour is what was it like to be in front of a crowd that size again I think thereabouts when he 5000 people. Not to mention the millions like me who were watching at home. You know it was great but I was kind of nervous economy like the first time again but. Honestly as soon as the nurse and a way out like I need to take in binge at this moment because. I can't believe I'm here right now and you know it's been a lot of times I was ready to show out. Well you know you exploded onto the music scene in 2016. As our. But we knew you long before that when you performed here on the Virgo. I just eleven years old you sang Alicia Keys. If I ain't got you back in 2008. Let's take a look at that clamp. It's. We. The he then yeah it's. Okay. Yuri hip then you're hit and now what goes through your head. Seeing that little girl and knowing how far you've come since that. It's crazy honestly I'm so blessed and that's just proof that it some people think that it. It happened over nighter in that it happened just in 2016 but I've been in music in doing music are so many years in it was always given me so. I look back and I'm proud of myself I'm like why you come a long way but out of his cherished those those memories those moment in being lead you back on the show really made me artists that I am today. So I I I gotta tell you that what a beautiful. Clip I'm I'm that my gut take piano lessons adkins. But for those who've who've been on Daryn a big fat rock. What does Paris stand for and what made you wanted reintroduce yourself. Using that identity. While not Arnold does much of a reintroduction I if it stands for having everything revealed in the idea was. Not always been music in and thankfully I had parents this what me in. And any opportunity I had seen music I did it end. When I was making his music and and calling into my artistry and really figuring out pullout was. As a young woman this music that I was making represented that I liked all of the evolution of woman in. These stories that I had a high school I just an end to songs and it became volume want it became our first project and the idea was that. You know at the time I felt like. With social media we are too focused on. Exterior are too focused on somebody looks like they're wearing who they're dating in you know all of these things in. I just wanna be music to be good or cry and always been about the music and I'm I felt like you know from her project right leopard the first ever leasing out the world's. The music cast to be the most important part the message and I felt like I was having everything revealed in my music that's all you need here. And loved that you wrote produced and performed the Golden Globe and critics' choice nominated song fight for you from the finch is in the black messiah at. Now it's the true story about Freddie Hampton chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party in the 1960s. Why was it important for you to be a part of this particular story. Well number one hour on a. Because it's an important story our and I learned a lot when he when he gave me to call me. They call happen and said you don't want to be part of this film we need a song to end the movie in. And I really I was like blown away when I watched a movie I couldn't believe how much I did it you know all about Fred Hampton story and I felt like. The world and it's in no and that's why this illness so important is a huge part of our black history. And dom you know as an artist I feel a responsibility due to conceded to spread knowledge and in whole. You my music and I also love. There early or late sixties early seventies air outside. My Adriana sold baby so I was an opportunity premier really fun with music and listen artists like Marvin Gaye and slash stalled in. Nina Simone Egan and tap into. Just making music about. What's going on today still I think this song really connects that air and now. Which is which is crazy. Abbott you know the struggle continues so it's important to know what was going not. We'll over the summer you released the song I can't breed which featured footage from protests around the world against police brutality. It ends with a wall of names including George Floyd Rihanna Taylor. And many others you're also part of ABC's soul of the nation. Focused on the black experience in America out I'm going to be moderating actually weekly discussions for that show is well. Do you feel a responsibility. To write music that reflects what is happening in the world. Absolutely. I think the responsibility is to write about what I feel and my perspective being a 23 year old. Young black woman in the world and I know that people can often put into words what kind of pain feels like to be Latin America or to be. You know just just someone who sees these. Things happen to our community and I feel a responsibility to put that into the song put into words in give people hoping. I'm just express what that feels like and what that looks like in I think it's now part of history which. I'm honored to be part telling the story of well what is twenty joining in what's been happening so many years. On any honestly it's therapeutic for me it's just something that I do in the fact that it can impact equal or make people think differently is just a class. Meehan and I think that should be the goal. With music period. And it certainly is switching my idea and good to see you again good to see you doing your plan. Judas on the black messiah is empty it is right now. And on HBO Max now you can also catch her I'd ABC Sullivan nation march 9.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"The Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter on why it was important for her to contribute to the film, \"Judas and the Black Messiah.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76206244","title":"H.E.R. says she feels a responsibility to write music that reflects current events","url":"/theview/video/feels-responsibility-write-music-reflects-current-events-76206244"}