Will Felicity Huffman's guilty plea lead to prison sentence?

After the actress and other parents pleaded guilty to charges against them in the college admissions cheating scandal, "The View" discusses if taking responsibility will still lead to jail time.
7:35 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Will Felicity Huffman's guilty plea lead to prison sentence?
So he is lapping yes to back him. Felicity Hoffman is coming clean about her role in that college admissions scandal she confessed her guilt says she's the same page caused them. Apologize to other students and parents who worked hard. To get their kids into college honestly and insists that her daughter didn't know anything about her misguided actions. Some people of same wound that's breslaw hearing someone actually admit that they did something wrong. Who didn't fool ran a trying to hedged at an all was right in a breath of fresh air do you think this is going to help. In the long run do you think other folks and other parents who may be facing some the same issues will do. That or will they say wow now I actually didn't really had it wasn't nudes and I didn't do it. Nations look I think that prosecutors will look upon this very kindly the first person in that it takes responsibility for their actions and it admits it prosecutors like that. I think that they will recommend prison time before her prosecutors have been very forthright and honest about that. And she's looking at an exposure of twenty years but I really do believe that prosecutors will down we're skits and hear it and that's worth ideal area for months. Well prosecutors will probably recommend about ten months I think that will. Be whittled down to about three to four months of my experience and three months in prison and even in a federal prison. Is not great I looked like Thursday seven she bauxite I don't think so I think prosecutors have made it very clear that this scheme was about people. Who had enough money to try to get ahead and pay out and I think that they are gonna state we're gonna send a message. That everyone needs to be treated fairly and the same dependents and that means prison time I really do regardless of their handling of it and their response because solidity he loved what she said I thought it came across very sincere. I thought she was humble about it she admitted how how wrong she was and how. Heart it's been with her daughter mean there's they're. Far greater pains in life then. Senior kit hurt. And I do think worked for giving people ideal I was watching the Food Network last night and I was in Martha Stewart was on I was. Totally forgot about her past she spent six months and he spent six must guerrillas don't even enough time to re decorate herself from him. I do think it is limited penny on how they handle let. We'll be able to move on and be able to have a life because. I think that's who we are human beats if we're always gonna sit there and say no they're just a bad person. What they did was bat catcher amber there have been other women. That have a bit better in low income areas and have. Change their address so that their children have better access to public schools and they have spent three years in prison. So what do you say to was this I NG OS just for changing their and I does actress setter because you can't. Do the mail if this federal issue because she gets to do I'll see you Nelson ally like what's so they don't move it just say that look at someone dispense I mean years in prison and Felicity Huffman gets. Probation I mean what is that what messages and heard says I'd be better because she showed recourse verses now we haven't heard from Laurie yet. I hope that we do but does how they handle it impact the sentencing it does it's it impacts what prosecutors recommend. What this clown laureate was worse right 500000 dollars was not only was it worse she was asked. Finally she was smiling and an arm was fine dining ran photographs outside of the like more sometimes people come up but most awkward time passed hot hot hot hot. I mean and I myself have been land at a hospital Maine yes you know and they are and people that I have six billion years ago came and said. And don't do not feel wet. I have a violation. I don't know I believe it already a hundred years. That's my time years ago I was like because I bought a book about this if you're coming up at the weirdest plays and a toilet yet the so I'm not as a proud. Is yeah now than somebody that she was signed an older grandkids you evidently didn't look at age under the stall too well that he hoped what happened to be yes that would six. And so I slipped what I slip back was a piece of I'm toilet paper backups. And a had a bottle of water. Enzyme in the little Whitman's Centre back. The woman said oh my god actually did exactly are you asking me for this mom's not up. It's crazy so I'm sad I didn't ask. If you rent an apartment where she did I know about 91 and steady I think it was just the optics of her showing up an. Not looking remorseful about what's interesting to me ace. All of us here at the show what I think most people in need EL we have morality clauses in our contract meaning. That if we lie cheat or steal or do something would be morally compromising we would be fired and that's in every contract about our hot and what will be interesting for policy in particular as if going for word. People will see her differently if she's and it will be here at TV show can is ice my impression of her certainly has been changed and we're living in times and I do think people are sort of going to movies and supporting things depending on the kind of people work I did we lot of conversations about what he listened to her you know YR Kelly's music really an app that. You can terrible people but I actually do think her crippled take a hit I certainly look at her differently or the reason you do led. There's a bunch of you know people sitting in jail for our. Far lesser crimes just trying to get their kid that didn't have the kind of money to get where they said. Just to get a good education and she'd game the system and I still don't feel bad for these 21 minute they're much more forgiving that I am happy I just I just. Think you'll like she was the all. In this kind of situation I think he had a paid. Well I've got the time I'm she's got back. Hurt and Hollywood up. You know I I don't know about Hollywood anymore I don't know why how people I don't you know there's so much. People final since then I you know I is just Eli got compressed gas anyway yeah. And now I'm concerned it's at. Why because I feel item might add some was not take me a job. Particularly if it's not the Linux guests that they don't have taken anyway hr X I'd just like evident if she goes on a main if she goes to prison and then. It has admitted responsibility and then pays the price is a sentiment is all this so do what she she doesn't need to do way Miguel personal are. Belt and all of you let need to really forgive her. As a family enduring legacy is now heard Donna real. Because she's put her daughter and a very awkward position yet and that's why I think I don't know but I think that's why she said listen. I apologize all us few blacks and try to do it right. You know because I was armor kits and you know what you've done. You put me in a light that makes me look like I'm trying to sneak stuff and that's also I think watches and you know. I didn't tell my kid I didn't yeah this side tried to me I tried to do some and I got caught and I know I did it wrong yeah and do whatever you need to do. And that's what I always like to see aside from lighting to see the legal notes that sometimes sunny and. Great yes sorry I have lands and out. Lori loch Lin is not one of the thirteen parents who has agreed to plead guilty neither she nor her attorney has released a public statement regarding the case. That's just gonna keep posing for self eats. I hope we hear from currently we need to decide long been a fan of her excited it's just really sad where you been a fan of for characters. You don't know I interviewed him at times I didn't need a couple times and should always talked how much she loved her daughter and so I can't imagine that well in that daughter was started to get a dinner and a.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"After the actress and other parents pleaded guilty to charges against them in the college admissions cheating scandal, \"The View\" discusses if taking responsibility will still lead to jail time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62279823","title":"Will Felicity Huffman's guilty plea lead to prison sentence?","url":"/theview/video/felicity-huffmans-guilty-plea-lead-prison-sentence-62279823"}