'Fold in the cheese' with Binging With Babish's 'Schitt's Creek'-inspired enchiladas

Andrew Rea shows "The View" co-host Sara Haines how to make enchiladas inspired by an iconic scene from the sitcom and discusses hitting a milestone on his YouTube channel, Babish Culinary Universe.
9:51 | 06/21/21

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Transcript for 'Fold in the cheese' with Binging With Babish's 'Schitt's Creek'-inspired enchiladas
He's a self taught chef and the YouTube personality behind aging with savage today he's going to help me cook up a gift from when I might even bring it shows. Please welcome Andrew re welcome me Andrew. Thank you so much rather reserves when my beverage says it I want also can gradually went hitting nine million subscribers are YouTube channel. How'd it feel when you hit that milestone. Pretty crazy it's felt pretty crazy every time we've had any kind of miles. Around. It's you don't think nine is. And encourage it absolutely insane -- look at number will be very happy if we hit ten but I was very happy and we have ones you know just keeps getting crazier. That's amazing and to celebrate you had special guest Jewell McKay Alan Shelley before you started cooking you asked jewel to a 58. An impromptu wedding for Ewing your fiance Jad. Did you know he was ordained and and what was that all lucky. I did not know he was ordained I had very high hopes he when I just gotten. Engaged not three days earlier away and hums those rather sudden. Welcome our bed our cameras were a little disappointed but they understood it still Mikhail how often you get to be married by Joel McHale. You don't pass that up today we are making a recipe from an iconic scene for one of my favorite shows asked creek let's take a look. Next step is to foods in. She didn't. Resentment. Was schooled in the cheese can. He coach again. I understand that but how how do you called it do you fold it in half but the piece of paper and drop it in the part of what he'd do. Everything okay what condition the one thing. Do terrorists that you can't you just folded in OK I don't know how to fold broken she's thing. I don't think there. OK now you making the air and what's the first step. They were making in that like is that iconic scene one of the things that got me into the show and showed me the magic of David rose at. They're making enchilada its. And they have to make a case make a cheese sauce for a lot as one of the key. Steps there's the fold the cheese and Tsotsi don't overwork the sauce and does or doesn't get to two stretch he wanted to be nice and that the boy and and that's with a folding comes from Cecil B don't that a. It walk me through the debt bubble now all pepper questions that you throughout. Let's get this cheese. All right well. Let's get it go and ominous start my Bernard here my fancy. Induction burner we wanna get the book butter has bubble in. It's you know like medium heat is awesome almost and then we're Gannett took our flower in the butter for about a minute just to cook off the raw flour taste. And then we're gonna slowly Ater milk to make it Nationale which is just super basic French mother sauce. And we're gonna happen we're gonna fold in that she's an adequate folded and and that that's going to give us a more Nate sauce which is that he did just that classic cheese sauce. Well I'm an immediate show me how to fold it has Malloy route was no help there. Yet now I mean it is confusing at first you see at what I would call that little little broken pieces of cheese. Like there's a very funny waiter bird to strategies. That's when things like okay this characters something really. I really special about you turned out to be when my favorite characters on TV out so we got this nice and bubbly. And now we have three tablespoons of butter here gonna have three tablespoons of flour. And get that risk and we want sort of just like. Sick. I don't know the word of them looking for just a thick rue VOA lumps. You've got. Your flour and there everything yeah a little blonde who you know nice and and those lines so now. We want to see put the heat on medium get this nice and bubbly. Medium high fish. And we go and numerous Lu Li stream in two cups of milk but very slowly a little bit at a time. So just like Adam we'll look I think there are not at this stage in my melts in there and oh OK all right well you know. This is again what we're all about making mistakes here and visiting with batters and think learning aren't that regulate how tobacco got amnesty down okay. So what's yours looking like a can't Sears was the line is a little cream a musher meet. Okay that's that's that's good to toll I can't get that simmering in. Yet now that sounds about right we want this to be a little thicker than cream of mushroom. And that's can be perfect for our best of Mel now next time you do this just try to add the milk and little. Little bits like that's so. It just thickens it gets fully incorporated. And that we don't end up with any lumps you'll get any lower he's he wants matter no lumps it's very significantly but he. United and a little battle act. That's up and that's why aren't TV got swap threat yet yelled stuff waiting backstage when I'm taking it not going to be my town let's just say that. Exactly see that's the secret folks that's what we'll look so good on T because somebody else is doing it for us I got candlelight kitchen produced over here. Working like crazy to make sure I look halfway decent on camera. You're looking amazing and so is this cookware which is from your new line it has your face on the bottom I don't even be taken. In her. It does then I I you I that the potholes that my face in the bodman and of being seed that's full of its full cream sauce we broke approached and took back over it if they don't like being on the bottom of the pots and pans so. Once this becomes like you know the thickness of a little thicker than heavy cream I would say you want to be like. Halfway between heavy cream and pancake batter you know I mean. Mine seems to have plateaued but. I'm sure that will move on from this but we I need to ask you also how do you you're used to Joseph binging with pat fish get started. Well it got started and you know I speak pretty frankly about mental health issues and I was dealing with some you know serious depression and undiagnosed. You know anxiety disorders and stuff like that. And I got the help that I needed which encourage anybody suffering from any kind of relentless U to try to get the help that you need to know it's hard. Let's can really change your life and it changed mine because it just opened me up. To having more bandwidth to two to create things again I would film school and it wasn't making things he does like a canvas that my camera my kitchen amnesty what I can make. My my girlfriend who's operating Cameron my fiance is operating and he loves it when my classes taught at some a lot of make her laugh here. Yes they are she is okay. The Hulk tie. I needed new creative outlet and suddenly camera in the kitchen and the rest is history now we're talking about it on the B it was neck raising. That's amazing and a big congratulations your girlfriend be and the camera flash fiance. And we as graduates. Can we are going to be folding in the cheese. What the heck does that mean. So killed when he knows he that the the reason that she's sauces breaker become Rainier lumpy is because he still had the heat until god willing. Best of Mel so we're gonna add all the cheese. This is eight ounces I think a dual more like twelve ounces to loiter really transient so like 812 ounces of cheese to mend over it and this is the pivotal step in that. Obviously we're trying to do you. Is bring the sauce up from underneath the cheese and fold it over just like the way you would. You know let a cake batter sometimes cake recipes safe for not issuing nine XYC. Media. Well. It all takes practice which is why it's so incredible to me that more or and David were able to make. Successful enchiladas on their first strike as this is a pretty tricky thing to master -- us what to get this can get a consistency here does love looking for let's sort of great B. Kind of stuff this is you know I'd like to dip chips in this that's what we're going for is Cate so basically at Soledad. Oh my goodness that the chips. With any binging with cabbage by the way. No. That was kind of it's proof of the channel's accidental success because I. Pick the name totally arbitrarily. Because it was my ready username. All over Baptist which is a very minor character from. Eight episodes of the west wing was when my favorite shows. I just sort of picked arbitrarily because they. It was just a project it was a some don't want to work on I think that's the YouTube stories like a levs is making something I enjoyed people like that have made it more now it's my job. So now we had or excuse us done I think we can start assembling if you like. I are heady just like what in an elk. There are well and that he's switching just. And just started here I guess basically once you make cheese sauce tuna grabbed and perhaps put gloves announces commit mass. Can grab monitor tortillas dipping and to you were enchilada sauce. Fillets generously with chicken and I guess one pocket she's here that haven't snacking on all morning and some of lot of peppers over stuff that one that's okay elegant stuff that's lot of and then you just took a folded over and self tuck it in the bed given a kiss good night. Currently having covered with cheese sauce and look at our club the oven and grab some here have must look that fell apart let's look at. I'm looking robot an entity that pretty you know they're delicious food down. New yet that's I find that most of the most delicious foods are not very not terribly critic. Now I judge it by the pretty by the way but if you're thinking you so much a big congratulations to you ring your fiance. And I'm glad to have that you've solved the mystery of folding the cheese I appreciate all that you given needed to get it. And you can catch his late into cooking demos on binging with Babbitt on his YouTube channel Babbitt culinary universe they locally and here I don't. Thank you for having me lesser.

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{"duration":"9:51","description":"Andrew Rea shows \"The View\" co-host Sara Haines how to make enchiladas inspired by an iconic scene from the sitcom and discusses hitting a milestone on his YouTube channel, Babish Culinary Universe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78404843","title":"'Fold in the cheese' with Binging With Babish's 'Schitt's Creek'-inspired enchiladas","url":"/theview/video/fold-cheese-binging-babishs-schitts-creek-inspired-enchiladas-78404843"}