Friday, Sep 11, 2020: John Kasich and Eva Longoria join

6:48 | 09/11/20

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Transcript for Friday, Sep 11, 2020: John Kasich and Eva Longoria join
America is like what 53 days away from electing a president that's really not a long time. And this concern among American vote is that neither candidate is up to the task. And tell. A new CNBC poll says that 55%. Feel that Donald Trump is mentally unfit for the job. While 52%. Say that Joseph Biden was not and slip up to the task. So ladies what can we make of this with a mere seven weeks ago before judgment and we'll start with Hannah. And you know joy it's actually less than seven weeks in some places because in places like Florida. Absentee ballots go out in a couple of weeks and people are gonna start. Voting look I think it's very concerning. But I I don't understand how anybody can can think there's an equivalence between. Joseph Biden's mental fitness the managed coherent he's not sending us out. To inject bleach into ourselves he is not a holding. Multi thousand people rallies packed like Sar Deans and the middle of up and down. I was with that come on Harris and Doug and how often Miami. Yesterday and they care they are telling them the cold that mesh chairs back campaign is taking so you won't see the same rallies you're seeing from trump. What you're seeing are people who are taking a pandemic that has cost a 190000. Lives. Seriously. Respectfully. And civilly unless unlike. The guy why do think it's on faith and every single way mentally character ethically intellectually you name it. Morally ethically but. How much time of the got left. By the fact I think a lot of love and a lot of footage with him dragging his flight attendant his arms are going crazy I don't know people now watching the same footage on margin. What do you make of the poll though Ahmed reminder. The lire your right joy I mean I think there's a huge enthusiasm gap rate now that is is should be concerning to all of us rate now. And I'm actually worried about it suppressing voter turnout. Your right there are videos and clips going around a president from luckiest of the conspiracy theories about his health. Both of these men are almost octogenarian and know when your in your almost eighties and you're running for president gonna take a different hole. Then when your present a bombing in a hearing your forties actually play a clip from Fox News last night it's getting a lot of attention with a surrogate from the Biden campaign. Does Joseph Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews. Or to answer Q&A with supporters Brett we're not gonna engage this is this is straight from the trump campaign yet they're using and what it does and what it does Brett as it's trying to distract the American people I understand that you can't answer the question. Brett I am not go out okay truck campaign to funnel their questions through Fox News and get me through that. So this Sergey just not answering if he's not using a teleprompter for interviews which is normally wouldn't be a big issue I don't think because people use notes and prompter is for different things. But when the narrative that the truck campaign has been putting out is that Joseph Biden ticket out of his basement and then when he does he's only doing softball interviews with prompter is. This is the chickens coming home terrorists and if you are. TJ ducked low was a nice man by anybody's standards he just can't say hey he was using notes is no big deal pitted two white and I just sad about president trump. He you've got to get off the sneered at and I am personally worried. They both of these candidates haven't had enough exercises. Metaphorically speaking to get ready for these debates and it Joseph Biden looks even a little bit I'm prepared. It's because they've captain too insulated and I think that's the concern and that's maybe why this poll is growing. Okay all right and so sunny so you worried about the Pope. Well you know I'm not a physician and so I think it's an appropriate to opine about mental fitness saying it almost feels crass to meet. But I think you can opine about character fitness and I think you can't opine about leadership fitness and let's face it I'm Nina I think. His record Tom's record of failures in leadership as president shows that he's unfit and there are over a 190000. Americans. Better dead due to this this couldn't. And his in ethnicity handling the corona virus he lied to the American people he calls military. Men and women losers. He calls. You know African Americans. And all sorts of names and and it can't let B nose all sorts of names. And at night I think his own. Cabinet members call him unfit Madison said to DNI director coats. Trump's dangerous he's under. Hit the president's. Has no moral compass coats even said to him a lie is not alliance just what he thinks he doesn't know the difference between truth analyze these are people that. Know him. That served under him. So so the fact that others don't mean to eighteen to think that he's fit. Is Brad don't send me. How could people still out of work on as their president. Sunny there are only talking the talking about physically said. We'll have to see the polls that tell you whether he is morally unfit Sarah but slowly go tell us what you think. Well I think that what Megan alluded to about the lack of enthusiasm isn't for either candidate concerns me purely because week that we need voter turnout first for any election could test work to be successful for change. But I think what and if that was also important I think it's a false equivalent to compare these two men in what voters are saying is mentally unfit. I think when people talk about Joseph Biden. I'm they're speaking and I loved Joseph Biden has met him on a few occasions I think what they mean is if you compare public appearances from even a few years ago. That the way he presents himself has changed slightly. Now with president trump I think you're talking about is his actual default settings like the person he inherently is. And one scares me more than any other liking the way president trump operates. It doesn't lend itself to the collaboration that's necessary for any president to be successful surrounding yourself by the basket every field leaning on those generals. And as we've seen with president trump there's been high turnover. People have left those very people that were in those inner circles are the ones saying he's mentally unfit. So between the two lights he the division but I don't think you can pare the reasons behind that. OK well I read both of them and I haven't seen not golden years of sayings that when I see him on television he seems to be lumbering along. And then I see footage of Biden riding a bike and running and I mean I don't know what what tack on television station these people are people are watching him I think that the fox viewers lest they say is seeing it different from everybody else.

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