Garth Brooks performs 'What I'm Thankful For'

Ahead of Thanksgiving celebrations, the country singer-songwriter discussed his new albums "Fun" and "Triple Live Deluxe" along with a special performance on "The View."
6:05 | 11/25/20

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Transcript for Garth Brooks performs 'What I'm Thankful For'
Tomorrow may be Thanksgiving, but we're going to start it a little early because we're thankful right now that this man came to see us for a visit. Please welcome back the one, the only, and the quite fabulous Garth brooks. Whoo! Hey. So sweet. Happy holidays. Welcome back. Happy holidays. Listen. It is something. You know, you're usually on the road. You spent five or six years on the road. You're performing time, and then suddenly here comes covid, and now you are not on the road. You have been home. How -- how's that been? How's that been, and how soon after y'all realized it was going to be a couple of months did Trisha say, now look? Ed to just relax. I know she said something. She told me, you need to get a job and get the hell out of the house, is what she told me. It's pretty cool. Since we do the same thing for a living, we always travel together anyways, so we're just together, and pretty much just stayed here on the farm. She's got a -- she's got a new cookbook that she just wrote, and this one is the bible of all cookbooks and she still -- she still does some things kind of like what you do with her cooking show. She does stuff via zoom and stuff like that. Well, Garth -- Way to do it. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we know miss Trisha is quite the cook and even has her own cooking show. What is Thanksgiving going to look like at your house this year? Well, it's going to look -- it's going to look the same size, except the seats are going to be empty. It's just going to be me. So this might be the best Thanksgiving for me yet. I'll have to spend about a month in the gym after this one, but I'm looking forward to it. To it. Yummy Ummy. I miss her cooking. I really do. I miss when she comes to the show. I don't cook, but I have used that cookbook. I really have. Yes, ma'am. She's in everybody's household either on the TV or in the cookbook, and, you know, I swear we go to the store, and people pull her over. She walks them to find ingredients and stuff. She's such a doll. You just love her. I do. I do.d now here you go again because you just can't sit still. You released not one, but you released two albums last week, and one is called "Fun," and the other is called "Triple live deluxe." Yes. Which covers your tours. This is a lot of fun beca "Triple live deluxe"? It's like get everything and throw the cherry on top of it, and it has the performances with up to 85,000 people in the stadium singing along. It's a beautiful thing, and I got to tell you it's kind of my favorite thing right now because when you don't get to tour, at least you can put it on -- you can hear those voices again because, you know, I tell you. You don't do it for them. You do it for yourself. It's such a selfish, wonderful thing. It's a great thing. Live performances, there's nothing better, and since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I know you have a special song that you are going to sing for us. Yes, ma'am. Tell us about it. Well, it's just -- it's what I'm thankful for, and we call it the Thanksgiving song, but it's the seed to happhappiness. If you are going, why am I not happy? Always check the gratefulness level. Always check that thing like president Carter said. You go to sleep with a roof over your head, you're spoiled. That level of greatness, and when you do that and look around and see your babies healthy and all those other things that worry about that bring you down may be not as bad. Before you sing, we want to tell people that you and Trisha have a live holiday TV special. So look out for that, and don't forget Garth's new albums "Fun" and "Triple live deluxe" are in stores right now, and Garth, will you please take it away? Yes. Happy to. what I'm thankful for ain't on no list for it only in my heart exists for time has helped me understand the things I can't hold in my hand for our children, hear this prayer let love surround them everywhere and may our children's children know the one from whom this is from yes, I'm thankful for the lord above the gift of his unending love the promise kept that there is something more these are the things I'm thankful for and amidst these gifts and presents we receive this holiday may we take a thoughtful second just to fold our hands and pray yes, I'm thankful for the lord above the gift of his unending love the promise kept that there is so much more these are the things I'm thankful for happy Thanksgiving. Happy holidays. All my love to you guys.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"Ahead of Thanksgiving celebrations, the country singer-songwriter discussed his new albums \"Fun\" and \"Triple Live Deluxe\" along with a special performance on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74401128","title":"Garth Brooks performs 'What I'm Thankful For'","url":"/theview/video/garth-brooks-performs-thankful-74401128"}