Hannity urges Trump to pardon himself

"The View" co-hosts react to Fox News host Sean Hannity suggesting that President Donald Trump should pardon himself and his family before leaving office.
7:11 | 12/01/20

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Transcript for Hannity urges Trump to pardon himself
I'm snap crackling and popping. Every time I move my wrist a snap happens or a pop happens. Good lord, I feel like one of those disjointed dolls. It's crazy. Every time I move it's like -- What is happening? I don't know. I'm drinking lots of water. I guess I'm a dry bone kind of girl. Doesn't sound serious. It's just aging I think. It is age, isn't it? I'm afraid of what it's going to be happening. I just don't know. Arizona just certified what we have all known for a while. That is that Joe Biden is our next president. It was the last of the six states you know who was contesting and one of his most trusted advisers Sean hannity suggested his next move should be pardoning himself and his family to stop the so-called witch hunt. I mean, I don't know that he even has the power to do that. Does one read? I mean, he can't -- he can pardon other people. I don't believe he can pardon himself. I mean, wouldn't Nixon have done it? Am I crazy, sunny? No, you're not. It's interesting because this is a legal question that hasn't come up. It hasn't been reviewed by the supreme court or any other court because presidents don't usually have to pardon themselves. When Nixon needed a pardon, he stepped down and he had his former vice president of course pardon him. Some people are saying what trump should do is step down momentarily and have vice president Mike pence become the pres and pardon trump and perhaps his entire family. I think it's really sad we're in this position, that we are actually having to talk about whether or not the president of the United States needs a pardon. Can you imagine that? I mean, it's really -- it's something I don't think I would have ever thought would happen like this in 2020. Right. What do you think of this, Sara? Is this nuts? I was like wait, if you pardon yourself, you're saying I'm guilty. Is a pardon like a get out of jail free card for anything you're eventually accused of? As they accuse you, you reveal that was the pardon? I don't know how you would execute this. It's convenient for Sean hannity to talk about that. We're in the throws of a pandemic without stimulus relief. We're talking about vaccines and getting them distributed effectively. We just got some of the country to agree on the results of an election that happened last month now. We have other things. We're transitions administrations. There's so much going on. I'm like why are we talking about the pardon? Let's put that at the bottom of the priority list. We get everyone out of the house, put the new group in the white house. There's so much going on. I'm like why are you talk about this, dude? Right. Joy, we lived through this. Wouldn't Nixon have done it himself if it was possible to do? Yes, indeed, he would have done it. He had to get Gerald Ford to do it. I'm not sure what pence would do. Pence wants to be president some day which is why, you know, that's why he will show up at the inauguration. I don't know if trump will. I think pence will. The reason I say that is because pence is a real pician. He's a conniver also. He also appeals to his base. He's anti-choice, anti-gay, all thervative things are in his corner. He has that base. He can G on TV and look like a listen to this pardon list. Giuliani wants a pardon. Flynn is getting one. Manafort wants one, papadopoulos. This is how the president of the United States is spending his time. Pardoning people and playing golf and raising $170 million from all those people out there who believe he won this election. Talk about P.T. Barnum, a sucker is born every minute. Who are these people sending him this money? Sunny, how are also people being pardoned unless they spell out what they did? Don't you have to have a reason to pardon someone? That's a great question. They know what they did, Sara. The bottom line is that the president's pardon power is extensive. You can't pardon someone from impeachment. There's no question you can issue a blanket pardon even for crimes that were committed, maybe could be -- that haven't even been charged, that could be charged. His power is exhaustive. One thing he can't pardon for is state crimes. He can only pardon for federal crimes. I would imagine New York I still open to investigation. Florida is still open. La Tisha James is waiting on him. She is. That's the attorney general of New York. I would imagine his pardon power is not that haustive. What's interesting to me once you pardon someone like Michael Flynn, that gives people immunity. Michael Flynn could decide to against trump and testify against him. It's not the best strategy. He won't. I don't know that trump has thought that through. Why would he? You have a legal note. Wait, we have this leg note you're supposed to -- do you need to read that? Yes. Should we all read it together? I'm kidding. Go ahead, sunny. Trump has repeatedly denied any wrong doing saying investns into his conduct in office and his business dealings are motivated by politics. He has also denied allegations of sexual misconduct and affairs, saying payments were a personal matter, not a campaign expense. Well, I think it's very exciting that, you know, he can try to -- he can pardon himself federally. There are all these people waiting. La Tisha James is waiting with her foot. She is patting that foot waiting for him to make a step out. He keeps saying he's going to run in 2024.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to Fox News host Sean Hannity suggesting that President Donald Trump should pardon himself and his family before leaving office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74485363","title":"Hannity urges Trump to pardon himself","url":"/theview/video/hannity-urges-trump-pardon-74485363"}