Harvard rescinds Parkland shooting survivor's admission over past racist social posts

"The View" co-hosts discuss if the university made the right decision to rescind its admission offer to Parkland student Kyle Kashauv over his alleged racist comments prior to the massacre.
6:05 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for Harvard rescinds Parkland shooting survivor's admission over past racist social posts
So we've said how your social media can come back to haunt you many times. This happens over and over again and it's happening right now to parkland school shooting survivor Kyle Cassius. It seems that Harvard university just took back their acceptance offer to him after racist, sexist and anti-semitic comments that he posted two years ago resurfaced online, okay? Here's what he's saying about it. Well, at that time it was really a friend group where who could say the most shocking thing and the most extreme thing for the sake of shock value. And I'm extremely sorry for it. And I wish I could have taken it back but I can't. All I can do right now is seek to right this wrong. I know that forgiveness isn't given, it's earned. And I know that, you know, the person who wrote those things is not who I am today. Well, it was only two years ago. Just saying. Did Harvard do the right thing by pulling his acceptance? And he was a very bright kid. He is a bright kid. He has a high GPA. Also, David hogg also got into Harvard with lower numbers. I'm just telling you the facts. What say you? What do you think, Ana? You know, I'm torn about this. I was torn about it when I first read about it last night. I thought, my god, he was 16 years old. He seems apologetic. A lot has happened in the last two years. He survived a shooting which can change anybody. So I thought, yes, Harvard had been too harsh. And then I read more about how Harvard behaved in the past. Just two years ago they rescinded the acceptance of ten students who had very similar circumstances, memes that were racist and misogynistic and they rescinded the offer. Solook, it's a private institution. Moral character matters, and what can I tell you? Kyle, the bad news is you can't go to Harvard if you're a sexist misogynist but you can grow up to be president. It's true. I mean, he could go to trump University. They'd take him. What do you think, Meghan or sunny? Go ahead, sunny. I want to hear what you have to say. I'm actually curious of everyone else's opinion. Same. I was on the fence as well because at 16 I don't think you're a fully formed human being. Studies have shown that your brain, especially if you're a boy, isn't fully formed until you're 25. Girls actually, their brains are fully formed when they're 23. Duh. We form a little earlier. And I have a 16-year-old son, so I thought maybe Harvard made the wrong decision, and I actually had the chance to speak to my 16-year-old son about it and he reminded me that something like this did happen at his school where some kids repeatedly said the "N" word on video. He did not want to go to school with those kids any longer, and he said what about my feelings if I go to Harvard and I have to sit next to that kid and I know that he would call me an "N" word jock which is one of those things that he -- that Kyle said. He said don't my feelings matter? Gabriel, your feelings do So where are you standing? So I believe that Harvard did the right thing. I think that there are consequences to people's actions and he can't go to Harvard but, you know, he was going to take a gap year anyway and he can go somewhere else. Let's face it, in this country, we hold young people accountable for their actions. We have 14-year-olds that are in prison for the rest of their lives. We have 16-year-olds that are in prison for the rest of their we even have 4-year-olds that take a doll in a Phoenix store and they are pulled over and guns are pointed at them. So I'm sorry -- They say that young people do these kind of things, that they need to get a lesson. They need to take a lesson from this. Well, this is the lesson. The lesson is you're not getting into Harvard, okay? Take your gap year to contemplated your racism. That would be a productive year. Yeah. I mean, I was mixed on it too when I first heard it because obviously I don't think it's too much to ask 16-year-olds which, yes, is not a fully formed adult, but you're almost there, to not use misogynistic, anti-semitic and racist language. It doesn't seem like this is too big of a request from young people. I will say I hate mob culture. I hate online cancel culture, and there had been an online mob against him. For conservatives there's already this sort of hesitancy and questioning of higher education institutions, especially ivy leagues, because there seems to be such hostility towards our political beliefs. So I do -- I did wonder if he became a target because he was on the other side, because he's a pro NRA, pro gun activist and he had worked for talking points usa before he had gotten into Harvard. So that I think put an extra target on his back. I mean, that's a bad wording but it put extra attention on him. So I don't know, I'm still mixed on it because I do think people can atone and you're right, I think going through something like a shooting, I don't know how you can go through something like that and it can't completely reanimate who you are. It's a horrific tragedy. So I'm mixed on it but I do think the topic of if you're a student sitting next to him or her in class and they're uncomfortable around you is a valid one. I don't know anymore. I'm so mixed on this, I had a really hard time to know how I feel because I don't think it's not too much to ask to not say the "N" word. It's not too much to ask to go to another college.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss if the university made the right decision to rescind its admission offer to Parkland student Kyle Kashauv over his alleged racist comments prior to the massacre.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63789169","title":"Harvard rescinds Parkland shooting survivor's admission over past racist social posts","url":"/theview/video/harvard-rescinds-parkland-shooting-survivors-admission-past-racist-63789169"}