What was the impact of releasing the Nunes memo?

"The View" co-hosts discuss how the release of the controversial GOP memo made waves over the weekend.
5:11 | 02/05/18

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Transcript for What was the impact of releasing the Nunes memo?
So the new year's memo has been the hot topic of the weekend or one of them and it seems to me a lot of different things to a lot of different people. You know who in the white house says it totally vindicates him in the Russian investigation which he calls an American disgrace but Democrats and some Republicans say the memo doesn't really do that. It doesn't really prove anything. And so the question really is, so what was the point? Was there a point to the memo? What does it do if it does anything at all? Okay. So I spent all weekend talking about this freaking memo and depending on whom I was speaking with, and their political angle, everyone has an entirely different take on this. I will say that I think the sad part, we were talking about this earlier, the sad part is how politicized our intelligence agencies are which started with James Comey during the election and right now between his Twitter and the text messages between Peter zork and the FBI Lisa page showing there's a political bias in the FBI. I was under the understanding that you put your politics completely in the back or at least you didn't speak or tweet or put anything about it publicly or text about it. And I think depending on your political bias is really how you see this. As a conservative I am worried about what this means for civil liberties, what it means for FBI spying. Which part? The FBI agents talking to each other? Because the allegations are that they used the dossier as a reason to spy on Carter page from the trump campaign. Oh. I thought you were talking about the two FBI agents who were e-mails or texting each other. I was speaking of Carter page. Oh, okay. Depending how you see it and how you view civil liberties and the FBI, how you view the trump administration is probably the opinion you're going to come to. I don't think this moves the needle one way or other. I think no matter what happens, Mueller is still investing. I worked with FBI agents day in and day out as a federal prosecutor and they are some of the best most dedicated incredible people that I have met in my life. They are dedicated to the work. I didn't know if I was working with a Republican or a Democrat. I knew that we were fighting crime together. We were chasing justice and we were doing the job. And so when people are saying the FBI is politicized I say that is not true. What is happening is you have politicians attempting to politicize the FBI to undermine the Russian intelligence investigation. I will say I saw something that your father, a statement he issued, and he had it just right. He said our nation's elected officials must stop looking at the investigation through the warped lens of politics and manufacturing part San side shows if we undermine our own rule of law we are doing Putin's job for him. And that is why that is why your father has it just right. We are politicizing the FBI. The FBI isn't politicizing. No man speaks for me, neither my husband or father. I'll start with that. The one thing I will say is James Comey has a Twitter account where he is deeply Plitt kl. When you have the head of the FBI -- by the way -- He's not there anymore. But he's still a figure head and very powerful during the time of the election. It's fair to say there's an accusation of Russian involvement. We could have see on Twitter and know there was involvement of some kind but you can't negate the fact he has politicized it. That doesn't mean there aren't great people in the FBI. There are. I think this has been incredibly politicized by Nunez. By the way it's Nunez, not Nunez. He's not Latino. Just want to put that out there. I think he's hurting Donald Trump. This is another way he is fabricating a side show as John McCain says. A partisan side show. We saw do it with the secret society. We saw it with the meeting with the white house, the midnight meeting last year. He does it over and over again and an attempt to distract from the Mueller investigation. I think Meghan is right. If you believe Donald Trump, this changes nothing. If you don't believe Donald Trump, you think it's one more lie. And if you are Bob Mueller you keep on investigating. The danger is they are laying Donald Trump in coordination with people who are his water boys, laying the ground work to go after David Mueller and Republicans have got to stand up against that because it will cause a crisis in this country. May I speak? I just want to say let us not lose the forest through the trees here. This morning Donald Trump tweeted Adam Schiff must be stopped. Okay. Adam Schiff you might recognize him, he calls him little Adam Schiff, reporting on this whole thing and he is backing Mueller all the way. He's a democratic congressman. The American people have to ask themselves, why do they want -- why does Donald Trump want to stop this investigation? What is he guilty of? If you're innocent do you really want to stop the investigation? And we can talk more about that when we come back. Decade

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss how the release of the controversial GOP memo made waves over the weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"52851532","title":"What was the impact of releasing the Nunes memo?","url":"/theview/video/impact-releasing-nunes-memo-52851532"}