Jill Biden reveals how she regained faith during her South Carolina church visit

Biden opens up about healing after losing her son Beau to cancer.
5:21 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for Jill Biden reveals how she regained faith during her South Carolina church visit
You would Joseph have a marriage to disband the love forty years before boarding zoo in ability and. How much you guys care for each other and you spoke about it earlier but take us back to when you first started dating him. He had two sons Hun term Boe. They had lost their mom they've lost their sister and what Joseph said to them as mommy send you. Yes what how much comfort to that give you in that time. It king I think it. Gave them a lot the boys a lot of comfort because how could they makes any sense. Of losing their mother and their sister they were young to neighbors six again ever babies you know five and six. Just so young and vulnerable and and so. When we got married I mean I I said I fell love with the boys and boy I really did. Where I was lucky I mean I felt that their mom really. Gave me gift and I eight I had to honor that can. How beautiful the amount you. We. I felt I know you know best but I cry everytime I touch your husband when it is not Michel. And your family at the same thing when you last your senate voted eight sacks in skeptically at last down last Tara Beck. I wouldn't be images of those the overall and you look kind of violent to looks bad he looked locked in you can Sierra motions. Your husband said it does get easier but you say you still Mark Shields and I'm not shields do so. How are you not fields. Well first I have to say. You know how much we loved your father. And he was a giant of a man. And. And you know going through loss is just really tough and and I. Wake up every day NI EI think of our son and you know I have to find ways that I can't cope with that loss and so I tried it really. Start my game maybe with. With poetry IE. I go to exercise I try to just create balance in my life and and I know Joe's fate has helped him through it. My faith was taken we all handle grief in very different ways. Joseph clung to his faith I senate. And I don't know I just I couldn't I. Didn't think though was going to die until the moment he closed his eyes at me I just thought he was gonna live. And you know I thought how could this happen. And so actually for the last couple of years I I am than ever go to church. I hadn't been able to pray but I have to tell you something. Happened to me this weekend atlas life changing for me we were in South Carolina. And we where. At a black church. And you know at my church everybody sits there you know real quietly and all of you know and I walked into the black church and everybody we see. Put her hand on mine hand and she said. I wanna be your prayer partner. Oh last night and I try. Hi there what's so what's her partner. But I thought it was so Connie. And I thought that maybe god was saying to me hey Jill. It's been four years. Come back. And come back. So it was just one of those powerful moments in my life and so. Begging you know and I'm sure so many people have come up to you that have suffered from cancer. And so and so many people were praying for your family prayed for my family and you know you feel that pay. I owe them my trainers now so I think if you can may be channeling your grief. Did find that her best I think that has to be the answer that you have to find that purpose in your life. That helps you to deal with it day by day because it is day by. Larry I just think Guyton made me it gave me you can sold me that you. Had struggled with that as I'm still my faith has been rocked and I understand it and it's hard not be angry at god especially with this specific. Camps are hidden because yes it rages your brain and yes your brain is who you are it was here but thank you again for all of your love. You will it evolves. It doesn't ever heal now you always carry with and you have been just. It's it can help you change your view that's the thing that that's the gift you get when you help. Changes south south thanks to Joseph Biden and members of the audience and get a copy affirm but whether or.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Biden opens up about healing after losing her son Beau to cancer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62910088","title":"Jill Biden reveals how she regained faith during her South Carolina church visit","url":"/theview/video/jill-biden-reveals-regained-faith-south-carolina-church-62910088"}