Joe Biden addresses Bernie Sanders' continuing campaign

Biden addresses his rival’s run for president and how he’s been adjusting to his own virtual campaign amid coronavirus concerns.
7:18 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Joe Biden addresses Bernie Sanders' continuing campaign
Sarah. Yes for the most part we have seen you under the radar since you're huge wins in Florida Illinois and Arizona. But Saturday night eight you logged into a social distancing party. Posted by PJ dean ice and our own son he was there and well thought out and social distancing added to back after I saw argument. To vice president how tough runoff. All other jurors give a thumbs up. I have this I was Simone senators include me among that benefited from the notes tomorrow yes about it. Yeah. I also wanted to ask you about campaigning in the age of current that you can't hold events are due big rally you can't shake people's hands. How worried are you about losing those personal connections in this new world and what won't virtual campaigning look like. Well I had the irony is virtual campaigning I'll probably reach more people are worried about their shaky hands. Our bureau me idea I I like to see people look at me I answer their questions directly. But as I said they told me that when I did that. Online piece yesterday that suffer like 3.5 million people watched it. Phone so I don't think big with the new technology available I think I'll be able reach and make my points across the board. As as well as I could have far out during a big rally in a matter of fact I guess this more one on one actually had known then was then. But you know and we we have to make have our democracy function and take care of this crisis you know in the middle of the civil war. We had an election. In the middle of the usual pandemic crisis. Until you know we've had to prevent election award to etc. so. We can do both. We have to do both. So it's made talking about elections that will one that. Talk duke is the last time you are on the show physically on the show was after Iowa and New Hampshire and you know the naysayers like. All the GO. He asks it's all done doom and doom and gloom. And we did suggest bet it's of people. That they. Take the time and let it play out so when it was Dari June gloom. What what what kept you boy Stan what kept you well well. I think I said at the time on the show that. I viewed from the very beginning in. The first four or five primaries or caucuses first as as as the first step. And I'd talk then about. About the fact that we've been a situation where. We would be able to deal with this particularly in South Carolina. And we're gonna get to where we are states that represented the bite known look like America. And then we went to Super Tuesday and you know the interest in thing is that not only did we win but. But participants was way up. And increased almost 70% in Virginia and increased by I don't know 3040%. In Missouri and increased and and and North Carolina. Ten most of those people or people who came out and fortunately for me. Voted for me even though I didn't have much money to spend and those places because. They're the basic democratic constituency minorities particularly African Americans have been my base my whole career. In addition of that working folks are hourly workers and middle class workers suburban women. Now the base of the Democratic Party and it was totally represented and so I felt very good and I felt fairly confident but I'm trying to superstitious. Before or not before primary I don't make any predictions but. I feel good and I if they've farmers are able to continue. I feel good from this point not I because I think look what we'll preview they're big the good news is bad news. The good news the bad news is people know me the good news is they know. So it's hard to get back to get something albeit just not accurate he sees if anything's a hobby that are accurate so I just think it's we're in a different place. Well we're not gonna jinx this for you but I have Hibernia is the only person in your way to the nomination and he is considering his options in reassessing his campaign. Have you had any conversations with him because people did criticize him for staying too long in the race last time around although he may disagree. Are you worried about that happening again. Look I have not had any personal conversations. My staff and his staff have had discussions. Our own I think it's up to Bernie as I've said Renee got his ass discretion every other person have been race. It's not tribute to Tillman drop out they can make their judgments for themselves. And so I you know it's up to Bernie what he wants to do. But I opened the end of the day no matter what happens were all together that we know that we don't have a movie to a we have last time where. Some people stayed home high. Bernie and I am always gotten along well. Arm I have nothing but respect for him and so I just I'm just looking forward to the point that. He may sit home and say well maybe things are gonna change next. One through to these primaries pushed back I don't know. But I'm happy to talk with him and I am indicated that I also hear his supporters you know there's a lot of folks if someone didn't show up in some have to show up he said very strong support. From no people off and I I I I I hear them behind. I've been talking when Elizabeth Warren who's who's you know Brady's can be had been committed. No I've adopted a couple of things and she suggested the new bankruptcy bill she has which is way to fix the problems that. Were broken I I think it from the beginning I think I said on your show couple times says. Twelve years of education is not enough to be able to secede and 21 century so I moved in the direction of burning his suggestion of free public university. She tuition. And and you know I have been in the position where I deeply should be. Should spending significant money on the HB CU's. Have always been behind the eight ball. Free community college but I also think we should be in position where if you go to a state university didn't you were state. Do you get your free tuition. Paid for paid for wrote it up we can afford that that's from the Marines that's affordable indebted time. And only increases. Marge lane what I was gonna spend an education so I'm. I I and and we have to focus more on and I have. On debt forgiveness for. Bob people who have these skyrocketing. Tuition bills and I think we should tie that in and the public service and so there's a lot going on but I I hear. What some of his supporters are saying. And I'm prepared to and I have moved on some of it so I hope we can bring it all together that that's my expectation. It seems that that will be music to the Bernie's. Supporters years mister vice president.

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{"duration":"7:18","description":"Biden addresses his rival’s run for president and how he’s been adjusting to his own virtual campaign amid coronavirus concerns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69773835","title":"Joe Biden addresses Bernie Sanders' continuing campaign","url":"/theview/video/joe-biden-addresses-bernie-sanders-continuing-campaign-69773835"}