Joe Biden reacts to resurfaced Bloomberg audio

The former vice president discusses the New Hampshire primary results on “The View.”
9:13 | 02/13/20

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Transcript for Joe Biden reacts to resurfaced Bloomberg audio
Biden has been put under the microscope more than any other candidate by his democratic rivals, the media, and of course you-know-who in the white house, so we have a lot to talk to him about right now. Please welcome his first sitdown interview since the new Hampshire primary, our friend, Joe Biden. Yes! We're all so happy to see you. Good to be back. The last time we saw you was in April and that's the day after you announced, and it's been ten months. How are you doing? Doing fine. Doing well. You know, we had the first -- the first two rounds, made up about 2% of the public. I'm heading south now where I feel good. And all white people, right? Well yeah, but not all but, you know, 99% of the African-American vote hasn't voted yet and 99% of the has hispanic vote hasn't voted yet. I have to let them know I'm Jill Biden's husband. She's about to come out. That will help. It's funny because I've been saying that all along. Iowa and New Hampshire I don't believe are representative of the entire country, so you had a couple of tough weeks but -- and you said Iowa, you took a gut punch. Tuesday you placed fifth in new Hampshire. I don't know that that matters, but do you still believe you are the person who can beat trump? I believe I'm going to beat Look, you know, you saw -- you just had on what rush Limbaugh said. Yeah. My god. Yeah, I know, pathetic. No, but it is part of the depravity of this administration. I mean, the idea that, you know, Pete and I are competitors but this guy has honor, he has courage, he's smart as hell, and we used to say in clay Mont, Delaware he ain't a -- I won't get into it. I won't say it. We get it. We understand. We understand. Joe, a lot of Democrats feel on this note that because Iowa couldn't have screwed this up more royally and New Hampshire is 90% white that maybe they should lose their first in the nation status the next primary. Do you agree with that? I don't know. We'll have to see how this works out. Look, this is my last dance in terms of the -- what's going on, and if I win the nomination and get elected president, I think things change a lot. But in the meantime, look, it's about moving forward. You know, we have a -- the words presidents say matter. They can divide a nation. They can lift a nation. Think about it. I mean, and all this guy has done has been to just drag the nation down and make us -- in the eyes of the world -- I don't know how many of you have traveled around for business or other reasons, other parts of the world. I mean, we're a laughing stock right now. Yeah. And I just think it's really important. I ran for three reasons. One, to basically restore some dignity to the office and restore the soul of this country because it's really been ripped out. Yeah. And then to rebuild the middle class and -- because a lot of working class people are left behind. 44% of the American people are living way below what they can possibly -- And all he does is tout the economy. Unfortunately money is a big part of running for president. You're kidding. I think it's crazy. I think it's wrong, but it is. You're having trouble with that. Your fundraising numbers are not strong. We've been raising just since the 1st of this month, we've been raising about $400,000 a day online and we're going to have -- That seems like so much money. Not compared to what -- Well you know, when you're spending -- what did he spend, $25 million -- He spent $10,000 often sushi. Who? Bloomberg did. It's his money. He can buy whatever he wants. I don't think you can buy an election. Everybody thinks that. Look, one of the advantages and disadvantages, I've been the only guy through this process so far, a person that's been totally vetted. I've had a target on my back since I got in. I'm still standing and I'm going to get a chance to debate mayor Bloomberg. I'm going to get a chance to debate him on everything from red lining to stop and frisk to a whole range of other things. Look, the biggest thing I think we have to talk about is what are we going to actually get done for people who are in real trouble. We need a health care plan that actually provides help for everyone, doesn't raise people's taxes, and you can do that and get it done quickly. For example, the debate going on in our party now is between one segment saying, look, you have to give up whatever private insurance you negotiate with your employer, even if you like it. You got to give it up, you can't keep it even if you want to keep it. It's going to cost $35 trillion to do it. Where is that money going to come from? One of the candidates says, well, who knows, we'll find out. How are you going to pass something like that. They always ask that question but they never ask where is the money coming for military build up. $35 trillion is twice the federal budget. It's virtually impossible to do without doubling taxes. You know if people listen maybe to some of Andrew yang's plan, you know, and take some money from the trillion dollar companies that Americans helped build up, maybe we would not be as panicked because we would all be sharing in the profitability of these companies. What do you think about that? Well, I think he's right about -- we call it the fourth industrialrevolution, is there going to be a middle class, jobs left with the technical breakthroughs that are occurring. We've already lost 220,000 retail jobs around the country because Amazon has everybody shopping on Amazon. They're not going to the sacks in Chicago or benetton's in Milwaukee, et cetera, so that's a big deal. But more importantly, we can afford to give everybody affordable health care under my we can give a public option that will, in fact, not raise a single solitary tax. I'm the only one in this race that's actually gotten health care done with president Obama, went out there and got the votes for it. I promise you I can get it done and it will lower your drug prices, lower your co-pays across the board and we can pay for it. It's totally within our wheat house. You did get it done and I like that. One thing that's interesting to me is Mike Bloomberg wasn't on the ballot in Iowa. He hasn't debated. He wasn't on the ballot in new Hampshire. He won't be on in South Carolina or Nevada. Yet somehow he's polling pretty well with African-Americans. You mentioned just now one of your answers that you'll be debating him on red lining and stop and frisk. And a lot of other things. A lot of other things. I want to know what you think about this released audio that just came out about his stop and frisk comments because I asked him about stop and frisk when he was here on the show and he apologized. Profusely. Profusely for it, although he defended it as recently as January. Loo -- Of 2019. Why are you laughing? I'm laughing because it's amazing how every single thing I've said for the last 40 years has come up and I've answered them all. We're just now getting into the place where we're looking at other people's records. For example, we have -- one of the biggest issues we have to face is gun violence in this country. Gun violence not only in our schools, you send your kid to school and now you duck and run down the hall, zig-zag. How many have sent your kids off to school and they came home and said, mommy, this is what I had to do today. It's awful. I've been there with all those families in parkland and those families up in Connecticut, and you know, losing a child is staggering. But here's the other piece of it. Every single day today on the streets of the United States of America African-Americans and minorities are being gunned down as if it were a massacre every day. We're not talking about it. No one talks about it. We got to eliminate assault

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