Joe Biden’s ‘Malarkey’ slogan receives mixed reviews

“The View” co-hosts discuss if the former vice president’s nostalgic “No Malarkey” phrase will appeal to voters.
5:15 | 12/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Biden’s ‘Malarkey’ slogan receives mixed reviews
So, from Reagan's it's morning in America to Obama's yes, we can, presidential campaign slogans can make a powerful statement. This is Joe Biden's, no malarkey. Some people worry this makes him seem a little dated. How many people know the word malarkey? All right. A younger couple out there. It must be a gailic word, I know this because I Google just before coming on. It origintes in the 1920s and nobody knows where it comes from but you're probably old if you're using it. Biden is trying to be as relatable as possible. He gave an interview about his stuttering which he hasn't opened up about before. So malarkey is a part of that. It's a new word to learn for these youngsters. The other thing is it's okay to be a person who's trying to reach out to old people in this country. I feel like everybody wants the young people but old people vote in huge numbers, 79% of citizens 69 and older turn up while only 46% of 18 to 29-year-olds. It's okay that he's reaching out to older voters because they come at a higher rate to the ballot box. Also, it's okay to say no more malarkey. I remember the first debate that he did in 2008 when he first used the word malarkey. I don't know, I just think he's leaning into uncle Joe. It's authentic. There was an investigative study on this done by "The Washington post" years ago. He used the word in congress more than anyone since the 19th century. So if you're saying -- There you go. I think you're all right. That's really him. The other part I like about this is it's self-deprecation. Why? Because I think he's having fun wit. He's like, yeah, I use this word a lot and he's not ashamed of that. At his age, I think he should own that. And if you're running as the opposite of a Donald Trump who doesn't know what self-deprecation means, I like that side of Joe. In fact, it reminds me, we had kamala on the show last season and we walked away saying she was quite impressive. I felt like she was who she was on the show and since the campaign I haven't seen that version of her since in my opinion. Oftentimes you're surrounded by people who tell you to be a certain way, talk a certain way and you lose your authentic even if people criticize you for being authentic, at least you're being you. Sunny, should he have written no bs? Maybe. Just to respond to your comments about kamala, I've met her several times and I think she's being very authentic. But in terms of Joe Biden, I disagree with everyone. I just think that if we think about the last election, one of the reasons that I think that other than the Russians that Hillary lost is because so many people sat at home. Estimates are between 40 million and 60 million people sat at home and a lot of those people were young people because they didn't feel energized by the candidates. And no malarkey doesn't energize anyone under the age of maybe 80. I just think it's really out of touch. I think it's really dated. My son is 17. He'll be voting for the first time in 2020. He spent his summer on the hill. He's very politically active. He doesn't know what malarkey means. Well now he knows. Yeah. It's a good name for a dog. He thinks it's pretty dated. Come here, malarkey, sit. Who is he excited about? He's certainly not excited about Joe Biden. Is he excited about anyone? He's -- I don't want to speak for him but he isn't excited about that. He's too young to vote anyway. He's going to be voting in Is Biden supposed to say I'm I'd rather him speak his own language. Does he have to have no malarkey on the side of his van. I think it's funny. The other thing is even though he has a lot of support, when you really look at the numbers, he's the person that's polling the lowest for younger voters. His base is predominantly older Sunny, do you think that if he had put something like -- I don't even know what the phrase could be. Like yes, we can. We had all of these other wonderful campaign phrases. What are the phrases? They're all pretty bad. I'm not here to, like -- campaign slogans come and go. I think there's very few that really pop, like you're saying morning in America, yes, we can, hope and change. I loved your dad's America country. Country first. Again, you don't remember it so maybe that says -- What would be a thing he would say? I think it's importao note that he's doing the highest with African-American voters still. After the all this, the he's sleepy uncle Joe, I showed the graph yesterday and he's teflon Joe right now. Teflon Joe against Donald Trump is something the voters are going to see and they're going to say if he's the nominee, Donald Trump or Joe Biden or I'll stay home, I don't think people being as engaged as they are and as scared are going to opt out of staying home. I think that is going to be the most political engaged election and it shows from the midterm elections.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"“The View” co-hosts discuss if the former vice president’s nostalgic “No Malarkey” phrase will appeal to voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67468805","title":"Joe Biden’s ‘Malarkey’ slogan receives mixed reviews","url":"/theview/video/joe-bidens-malarkey-slogan-receives-mixed-reviews-67468805"}