Joe Biden's plan for the pandemic if elected president

The former vice president discusses how he’d help Americans during the global crisis.
5:51 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Joe Biden's plan for the pandemic if elected president
Let's talk about weight something she would talk about little bit earlier when you're talking about the economy what it if you thought about it like this one of the three. First things you would do if you want president right now. That would specifically help Americans. Number one. We've already done the house moved and get the necessary resources to deal with the medical side of the equation. The investments and are needed secondly did duo first. Hit on making sure we rushed monies to people and small businesses and others who need it now. The number three a much longer term proposal that produce gonna require suspend. A great deal more money but we can do this you may remember Whoopi went. It's not the same thing Lou we have the financial crisis has occurred. We put up but we gotta I was asked to put together are not put together but to get the votes for a 900 billion dollar recovery package. And the thing I learned the night the president asked me to handling day today. I what I learned is you've got to be on top of it every day I was on the phone literally. For five hours a day speaking every governor senator congressperson. About what they needed to do in their districts how to spend the money each totally transparent. Making sure everything that is spent is being reported and people are being held accountable for its so we know. And and that's what's starting to happen but has to continue I mean look at the way you have governors like Cuomo who were out there are doing. Just keeping everybody informed all day I think he's doing and an incredible job. Arm and but there are a lot of Republican governors are doing as well you got guys like Mike the wine you got folks across the country who are jumping and and just dealing with the fax. But the most important thing Whoopi is to take care of that person whose home scared to death. They just got either laid off for they got their hours cut back earnest situation and I sure how they're gonna pay the electric bill whether going to be able stay in our home. Whether they're going to be able to keep their apartment remnant and so we have to put a freeze on. On evictions we got to put a freeze on mortgage payments now. The have to be paid but now. And the house and senator that it did this senate as ten minutes before I got this call. I'm an excuse me this call this the program. Palms are looks like they're pretty close to a deal. Arm and it's not everything that I would want nor that I think the Democrats want that is pretty good it has. About 12100 dollar direct checks or payments for. Folks. In that puts people and not 500 dollars per child Stinson a position where it's gonna. They're gonna take further actions on things like student loan forgiveness. Everything for utility bills are gonna talk about you know implementing this effectively and transparently. And the money that would go to major corporations has to be paid back you can't be used to. In fact raise salaries are buybacks we should be focusing on keeping people on the payroll. There's a lot this movie we're gonna get through this we're gonna get through this from we should be listening. To the experts. The health experts have people who know what they're talking about it now we can work out the economic responses to this which are being done. Mr. vice president this is sunny again you know Republicans. Have been reluctant to openly criticized the president's. Initial response to the virus Democrats haven't. What do you say to Americans. Who feel that Democrats are in a way politicizing the issue and that. We should be standing behind the president because this is an American problem. Are you. I had I think there's truth to both sides that's why if you notice on what I've been doing I've not been. Criticizing the president but I've been pointing out where there's disagreement as to how to proceed. As I pointed out yesterday in and and I'm for true presentation and made on line. Which. It's like us through that million people washing or something like that I was told. Phone is that that he's not there corona marsh is not his fault. But the lack of speed to lacquered with which to respond to it has to move much faster. I don't think we want as I pointed out this is not about Democrat or Republican this is not about what your party yes it's about. Getting through this in American people don't want us in a political fight and I want. No part of a political fighting there but when the president says things that in fact turn out not to be accurate. We should not say you're lying we should say Mr. President. That's not the fact here's the deal for example he said we had all the tests were available world while they were unavailable. Now maybe he didn't know they weren't available what's important for people to know. That they weren't available yet. When he talked about I do you may recall I suggested he invoked wartime legislation allows him be a wartime president defense production act. We're ignoring two to a company and say I want you to start producing violators you have the capacity to do that our master whatever. He signed an order but he didn't implement it and so. Folks like me although I sympathize suggests to me that he didn't get it and sign it he should be implemented and it's about speed. Now it's about speed to slow this down to get the curve down. I want fortunately we have been a position where we've been burying haven't seen. The rise in cases and end. And deaths from would beyond Italy. Com but we can still turn this down. But we've got to deal with the facts. Think science thank you mr. vice president.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"The former vice president discusses how he’d help Americans during the global crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69773770","title":"Joe Biden's plan for the pandemic if elected president","url":"/theview/video/joe-bidens-plan-pandemic-elected-president-69773770"}