Julian Castro questions Joe Biden’s memory during debate

“The View” co-hosts question if Castro’s confrontation with Biden will backfire during the 2020 presidential campaign.
5:41 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Julian Castro questions Joe Biden’s memory during debate
Obama's vision was not to leave ten million people uncovered he wanted every single person in this country covered my plan would do that your plan will do not have to buy you. Not have to find you just said that it says that two minutes ago. You just said two minutes ago that they would have divided or did you said they would have to rely I had to buy into qualify. You for getting what you said is that basically saved for. It. Hello Leon painful but. Don't do that. That was not what we needed last night that was not what we need it. You now have the issue will older folks this you know I guess that's your problem but. I'm supposed to classify that fact checkers found that the point tester was making about the difference. In their plans was actually well right. The other candidates on stage chastised for Leon Kass self full going low but. He didn't back down saying this not professionalism debate. Is that true. Well he he get out two things on this one. This old thing has got to stop because 25% of the electorate is over 65 and they vote okay. I'm one of them and I vote and so be careful what you do little people because we will tacked on you know. I have this question Castro's intelligentsia and powers of observation because in one of the debates come on I Harris went have to Biden. And she stuck the knife in and it was fine for a minute and then hope poles went south so he should've learned from that not to do that. You know it just it feels yeah when you do something like that also it's so that's how I sign it seemed. Also like he was waiting for that moment is his advisor said. The wait you make headline is going after Biden catch him stumbling make it look like he's old I personally found it cringe worthy and if I were depict anything I would say that was probably the nail the coffin for Astro I think this is one the last time didn't see much debate stage. But it was not health care that the biggest moment I thought. And that health care debate you brought this up yesterday about giving people an ops or not was when mayor Pete said. I trust the American people to make it right twist for them he pointed to Bernie Sanders awarded said why don't you trust the American people to do with act. I thought that was the most interesting part of that debate is that show just a contrast. And that's what people need to focus on what they want out of their presidential candidate policy lies you know I I hate ages and I think we've all agreed on that especially as we all get older we can't even more definitely. Uh huh huh. I think it's it was just such poor form on Leon Spartan it's stupid because Bernie Sanders actually is 78. Elizabeth Warren is seven B Joseph Biden is is one of the younger ones. He's 76. And trump is is is older as well and so it you know it it was very very tone deaf. But I will say this you know Joseph Biden at one point jury in the debate did say you had. To buy in. Bus I think leading to some of the confusion I think we have a clip of what when he set that. Anyone who can afford it kids automatically enrolled in night in the in the Medicare type option we have if you lose the job from your insurance company from your employer you automatically. Can buy into this you don't have no preexisting condition can stop you from buying did you get covered. Period. Right so he's talking about. Two situations he's talking about when a person loses their job. They can automatically buy in even if they have a preexisting condition and then if you are pour. A 138%. Below the poverty levels actually what his plan says. You don't have to buy it get so for you get for free and so he's talking about two different situations and who Leon heard back and saw that opportunity. And then sort of twisted it and then says but you did say buy it. Now because behind and does sort of play hard and lose with deet tails remember he said that a few. Few months ago all the details don't matter well they do matters suit details don't fit that he did he set the details don't matter when he mixed up being the military stories nobody tells don't really matter. But they do matter and they especially matter during a debate when you're talking about the number one issue that affects Americans and he leaves. These. These opportunities open he exposes himself and I wish that he didn't do that I. I noticed an elaborate the you know what I want I'm sorry to have it out and out. Well. Did you know Francis I'm always not a good ethics act well my first true even I it was like for not only Castro's running. Because I legitimately that's how dumb his campaign has then yeah so he was clearly looking for a cheap shot. Attention which congratulations you did for one moment on that he owed. Put a fork in it the campaign Delbert patty marriage from attack dec. I agree with -- ages and in particular when it comes to politics as a reason let politicians don't go to as many college campuses they deal you know. VFW halls in retirement homes are one of the biggest places you can go to you campaigning is a place called the villages in Florida which is the largest retirement home. In a United States back older people for I think what I wish my generation would step up and vote in the same capacity but it doesn't. I hate ages out I think I think cup with experience and age comes of a lot of things that are important in leading. I will say. Day to book are also came after him but he did it in CNN afterward he said. There are a lot of people were concerned about Joseph Biden's ability to carry the ball away atrocity and blind without fumbling when you don't even have the ball at all Booker like you haven't even caught so maybe you should get Joseph Biden a breaker back he had the ball back and he's carrying and doing well.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"“The View” co-hosts question if Castro’s confrontation with Biden will backfire during the 2020 presidential campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65599625","title":"Julian Castro questions Joe Biden’s memory during debate","url":"/theview/video/julian-castro-questions-joe-bidens-memory-debate-65599625"}