July 12, 2019, Senator Kamala Harris joins the table.

Senator Kamala Harris joins the table on "The View."
3:41 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for July 12, 2019, Senator Kamala Harris joins the table.
Let's talk about Joseph by an okay. And your confrontation with him at the debate like we just off so back in January he told NPR news quote you're not going to hear me criticize Joseph Biden I think he's a great guy. There's another woman of color in the race congressman Tulsa Gabbert who has denounced your attack as equal political ploy. Give any your position on but saying doesn't seem all that different from Joseph Biden so I think a lot of people are curious what happened that promise and what would you say to congressman Gabbert. I have no intention of attacking Joseph Biden but I am gonna plan out our differences of opinion on a very critical moment in the history of the United States. 1954. The United States Supreme Court unanimously decided brown V board of education. Because there were segregationist. In the history of our country including those members of the United States senate. Who lived their career and their reputations. On the basis of insuring that the races would not be educated together. So. The issue came up before the debate at many days if not weeks. Which was the comments made about those segregationist and our difference of opinion about who they wore. And and that they worked on an issue that directly impacted me which is this issue of busing. So let's end this is a presidential race. And I absolutely. Agree and believe and maintaining. That we should not have personal attacks against each other we should not be. Attacking each other but on a debate stay outside nobody but all run in the district and a slippery ride and advisors Caldwell you know what. We're on the debate stage and if you have not prepared. And you're not ready for somebody to play not a difference of opinion about the history segregation. In our country and what was necessary to deal with that which at that time was busing. Then you're probably not ready. Kabul and not a very few a lot of people when not for bus and I remember that black people white people everybody was it sort of against it there was like a small percentage. Now that you look back on I think we've do you think it's a good idea if I was serving in the United States senate for forty years ago. When Joseph Biden was serving me up we would have been on opposite sides you would have said that busting his god I'm the I would enter the got to tell you why. Because at that time we had people leaving statehouses. We had people holding very high positions of authority and power not country. Cool were dead set. On the segregation of the races asked on the issue of of of of integration of our public schools that's why brown V board of education have to go the United States Supreme Court. That's why Earl Warren. Because this issue was so important if you read his history he said it this is such a fundamental issue about fairness in our country. Fed it is critically important the court is unanimous. In this decision because this should not be about politics it is a bit a core issue of what's right in our country and so. And why did have to go the United States Supreme Court. Because there was violence and I'm not saying that we're casually. And violent resistance. To the into the desegregation of school you know. It's night. I think I exterior saying I think some of the criticism was. There were T shirts made immediately and that they your photo is up I think you know within a few minutes of of the statement beings died so I think that's what congressman dapper was speaking of which I haven't talked about it but I just think that on this issue. If we disagree and it is they should not be characterized as a personal conflict right we disagree.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Senator Kamala Harris joins the table on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"64299432","title":"July 12, 2019, Senator Kamala Harris joins the table.","url":"/theview/video/july-12-2019-senator-kamala-harris-joins-table-64299432"}