Katie Couric talks Mark Zuckerberg's hearing, bridging divide in America

Couric joined "The View" to discuss how we can bridge the political divide in our country.
9:10 | 04/11/18

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Transcript for Katie Couric talks Mark Zuckerberg's hearing, bridging divide in America
Yeah. I'm so. I mean this is. It's it's kind of an extraordinary that you go on around to see what's going on and so we've been talking a bit about. FaceBook and Mark Zuckerberg and you think. This kid can solves. Well as. Let's look out you think about how this company has grown tremendously from nothing to weather 2.2 billion dollar company and you know and and I think that it's obviously a moment of reckoning they have to figure out sort of how. The ethics the business. Keep. Pace with the technology right there and I think that's what we're facing an all kinds of arena's one of my hours Wenatchee was about. It it questioning whether technologies making us lose our humanity from them and I think a lot of FaceBook executives people like Sean Parker had started crashed mean are they making us addicted. I had a young man named Tristan Harris who work for Google. On this series and he said you know there's a thousands of engineers figuring out ways and bells and whistles and dope the meaning to seeing some things that are keeping us tethered. Yeah it to our devices like the new cigarette. It hit me up some New Orleans at like that that it's yeah and then you think about privacy issue is so. Maybe they need a modern day Manhattan Project of some kind of have a whole group of real thought leaders mean not just government people to come together and say how coming make sure that this technology isn't going to kill until. Is not detected. She is yeah. There is no way out of the new technology it's it's now that's true but let me say it's fake news that we are worried that well it's an act among other things I mean also they are worried I mean. We should be worried and thinking and be more mindful of you know if we're left our own devices literally what is going to happen how is it changing our children. You know I talked to one expert about as his an expert in addiction and and the police green said here you know care kit is looking at their blue screens but when he doesn't that. It's and weak adults in its reducing melatonin increasing cortisol. And that lack of sleep they're worried about plaque develop teen and young brain some. And that they're gonna start showing signs. To mention are the early and and they're worried about that fast and so I mean it's very early research but I think we all have to kinda. Make sure that we realize what this is doing to us but you're right. Fake news how it's influencing I mean it's a real threat toward democracy into our house nobody respects fact sending more outs and I mean that the newspapers that we read you know but generally speaking it seems as sales tax by 120 yeah they're up I don't know if it at the site when he's my phone a lot and if you look at the street I keep getting notification that he behind and I'm very they had about it. It's just inherently it's not fair and help it add soy hey ours last word yeah its yeah Interscope I don't know maybe it's my last words were I'm leaving the view and I avenues gang know they know about half. You get excited about the skin care line when you click on it really have an estimate raising and then hit and could have happened any Merkel the end but apparently it's his company that is paying to get a unit noted these other web sites and their sucking you win and I might enjoy what is is doing my I have to cook up so I'm candidate for that can't even find these people we don't know where they are the everybody's at the mercy of this type of thing let me just say that I was using this particular cream and I like I never heard just literally Xavier in real and I'm really annoyed me and when I was working at Yahoo! was on the home page on like hello people yeah yeah vacation maybe checklists and not easy Mac-Gray did not yeah. You know we can't retired traveling. Country legends and as such it wonderful to its ill post election Niigata places like. It's Fremont Nebraska head Johnstown Pennsylvania storm like a lot really the heart that you're talking a lot of working class people he didn't episode called white anxiety that's right you learn when you know I wanted to understand. First of all we're so polarized there's so much hate and vitriolic and anger and I know this is something that you while talk about. Because it doesn't leave room for at reasonable conversation civil there's discourse I think it's become an oxymoron in this country side won it debt. Talk to people and find out what are they are fears. And also understand their struggles because there's this big girl urban to buy eight. You know young people are fleeing be smaller cities and Rust Belt and a rural America. Any cities are really and towns are really really struggling from and so I wanted to talk to them about hot button issues like immigration and how they felt about it it. You know the it it's everything it's much more complicated and we try to make it seem to try to make things very black and white but they really are complex so. I just learned a tremendous amount about what it's like to be 39 years older forty tear sold and have. Here were cut accompanying your one company town shut down and and your whole you have to we imagine your entire life difficult you know they hello. Painful and I think some of us forget pat that that the pain these people are going through. That deserves our empathy and compassion as well agree that we had this incredible conversation in Johnstown Pennsylvania where I was with some EMS workers. Felt all white a clip I know when I'm steadiness uttering. Yeah. I. Wanted to miss television. No no I really isn't an avid buying cell. I I went and I I fruit. Out these hot button sort of cultural. Hot button issues so I asked this group of white EMS workers how they felt about calling Catherine it. And they said oh it's terrible what he's due lean and you know very critical of contact neck I said what about black lives matter and they said pretty predictably all life's matter. And so then it was the most extraordinary thing. An African American EMS worker named Carlos walked and almost right on cue. And sac town and started talking and here's what he had to say about these movements and this. You know hit hit from personal experience and how he felt did. Gary Cole as a child seeing the pictures. Those black men. Peggy Noonan trees. Being Burt wow we're looking at you grizzlies instructors and female. That might probably edited for retrieving bird. If you're tired old who sings together throughout history. Then you come to present day America Mitch a terrible thing is there's still that type of hate mentality. That exists. Just five minutes listening to him talk I had way more respect and understanding for the situation. Demi took it and honestly the only reason why you were never asked them before. As we never really wanted to touch the subject and make you won't come for. Yeah. Yeah. Now some bifurcated and polarized and we are all living and our own Silas an echo chambers getting affirmation instead of information from hand I think sometimes just a simple conversation over cold pizza. Among dear colleagues to really kind of a tres he's tough questions can actually go along way to moving things forward you really can't. What I worry I worry because you know people made shifts and made they have great conversations and then everybody goes back home. And they may be your. You watch a specific network. It then takes everything you just had conversations about it and you suddenly feel like our lack. I I I think I understand a little more are you forget that you mean this casts. And now you've back into the thing and I think I wonder how badly I'm outraged yes you know they suffer from outrage and anger and having her own views reflected backing you. And it just really does paralyze us from making conversations. And gain less reactive and judgmental and actually step backing consider important issues and that's really. What I tried to do in this series and we talk about confederate monument Yang you wallet in Los about it here is didn't theories I've watched it and I can promise you I wish it everyone needs to watch especially to that particular I guess that's tonight that's added but I talk about what it's like to be a Muslim in America and I talk about. You know political correctness has it gotten out of control. The 'cause I think people don't get a chance to step back consider and think they're also busy reacting yeah on winner right and we need to start listening to each other we're never gonna get anywhere. We are missing. Sound you know you you can always come back to hack nobility that McCain speak. The airlift yeah I. This is America inside out premieres tonight on that GL this used to be her spots yeah there will be yeah.

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{"duration":"9:10","description":"Couric joined \"The View\" to discuss how we can bridge the political divide in our country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54394449","title":"Katie Couric talks Mark Zuckerberg's hearing, bridging divide in America","url":"/theview/video/katie-couric-talks-mark-zuckerbergs-hearing-bridging-divide-54394449"}