Kerry Washington urges voters to cast ballots for local elections

The "Little Fires Everywhere” star talks about working in inclusive environments in Hollywood and why she’s “proud” of her film “American Son.”
5:30 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for Kerry Washington urges voters to cast ballots for local elections
Four nominations. Four Emmy nominations. You got them for acting and executive producing. Are you in your stride? Are you feeling that stride now? I don't know. You know, I think it's the bronx girl in me. Sunny, let me know if you relate. I'm just in my hustle. I'm just nonstop in my hustle, trying to just take advantage of the opportunities I have when I have them, to be able to uplift other voices and marginalized voices, voices of women, and people of color, lgbtq folks and latinx folks, and, like, how can we make room for everybody's voice at the table in this Well, Kerry, you said you had a mission to create a safe and inclusive working environment on the set of "Little fires everywhere," and the majority of directors and writers that you and Reese Witherspoon hired were women. What's been different about being able to create and work on sets like this? I think it really started for me on "Scandal" because I had such a phenomenal experience working with Shonda, Shonda rhimes obviously was my boss and shondaland, and there were nuances about working for and with women, a woman of color that were very new for me, things that I never experienced, levels of acceptance and belonging. I think what was really great is a lot of us through time's up for example are working to make sure that those aren't just standards, you know, that edon't have -- you don't have to work with somebody who looks like you to be treated with dignity and equity. Making sure that all workplaces are welcoming of all people, and we tried to do that on "Big little fires," and everything. I try to do it in all environments regardless of who is in charge making sure they are places you can be treated fairly and safely. You starred in the 2018 Broadway production of "American sun" which I saw on Broadway which was phenomenal. You produced and starred in a TV movie for Netflix. It's about a mom waiting to hear news from the police about her missing teenage son. The movie is apparently having a resurgence on Netflix right now with people who are saying they want to deepen their understanding of what black mothers experience which I'm thrilled about. When you hear that, how does it make you feel as a mom? It's, you know, I'm really proud. That's one of the nominations that we got this week. My company was nominated for best television film. I'm really proud of it because a lot of why I wanted to make that film was to help us shed light on what it means to parent black children, and not even to be a black parent, you know, but I have Sandra bullock who came to see the play on Broadway, and she's the mother of a black child. When you parent a black child, there are unique concerns, you know, because of the systematic institutionalized racism. So I'm really proud -- sorry. I was getting a call from my I'm really proud that this allows moms of black children to see themselves and also allows other people to understand a little bit of what that walk looks like and feels like. Maybe you should take that call, Kerry. I know. I was talking about black moms. I was, like, my beautiful black mom just called me. So let me ask you this, you know, we are less than 100 days from the election. 100 days, and you have been heavily involved in several voter rights campaigns. You said that you want people to remember that there aren't just two people on the ballot, and we need to be looking in our own communities about who is running. Tell us more about that. Well, I just think, you know, we tend to get really excited around presidential elections, and this is undoubtedly a really, really important election. The most important election of any of our lifetimes I would argue, but I think we need to remember that change happens on many levels. So if people are feeling, you know, like they don't -- I just worry that sometimes people worry -- let me say this right. I worry that people don't feel like who they vote for as president has an impact. Who you vote for as president has a tremendous impact, but also you have an opportunity to vote for judges and das and sheriffs, people who make -- and school board leaders. People who make real day-to-day decisions in your community. So your vote is important not just on a national level, but really the things that you care about. Decisions are made about the things you care about on a local level. So all of that voting is really important. There's a site called ballot ready which is great in terms of figuring out this stance of all of those -- all of those folks on the ticket to figure out, you know, who matches up with your values and your priorities. We're going to go and come

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"The \"Little Fires Everywhere” star talks about working in inclusive environments in Hollywood and why she’s “proud” of her film “American Son.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"72106051","title":"Kerry Washington urges voters to cast ballots for local elections","url":"/theview/video/kerry-washington-urges-voters-cast-ballots-local-elections-72106051"}