How Kyra Sedgwick relates to her role in 'Call Your Mother'

The actress discusses her new show with "The View" co-hosts and shares the mistake she made at Tom Cruise's house in the '90s.
9:25 | 01/27/21

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Transcript for How Kyra Sedgwick relates to her role in 'Call Your Mother'
On the new sitcom "Call your mother," emmy-winning actress Kyra Sedgwick stars as an empty nester who is trying not to play favorites with her grown-up kids, but her daughter is not buying it. Take a look. Mom, what are you doing here? I heard what you said this morning about things not being equal. I'm here to make things equal. I thought we could watch movies and paint toes. Okay, mom. I love you, but I think our problem is a little more complicated than a movie night and pedicures. That's just the beginning. I've got a whole night of girl on girl action planned. Again, that does not mean what you think it means. Sounds like joy and whoopi. Please welcome the fabulous Kyra Sedgwick. Welcome back to "The view." Thank you so much. It's so good to see you guys. Good to see you too, and like all of us, I'm sure you watched the inauguration last week, and you celebrated it with a little dance party at your house to one of the greatest songs ever "Lovely day." Yes. Yes, yes. Oh my gosh. Yes. The greatest. I did this by myself, and let me just -- let me just tell you that afterwards -- I taped it for some unknown reason just to send to my husband, and he cut it for me because he's amazing. I have to tell you that after I did that, I could barely walk. I mean, I literally was, like, I broke my hip. I think I've actually broken my hip, like, dancing around like an idiot. I loved it. Well, joy. You looked cute. Yes. Kyra, so you're many things, Kyra. You're an actress. You're a mother. You're a wife and many other things. You're also a climate change activist. Am I right? Yes. You even marched with Jane fonda during that famous fire drill Fridays in Washington, D.C. On president Biden's first day in office, and so, you know, he has canceled the keystone XL pipeline and he rejoined the Paris climate agreement. He's in the process of overturning a lot of destructive things that trump did to the environment. What -- just give me your reaction to all of that. Oh, boy. Well, I'm super hopeful about this administration, and I'm really praying and hoping that congress will open up the pursestrings for this stuff because the truth is, you know, clean energy is the way to the future not just for our planet, for the future of our, you know, for the future and for our children, but also fiscally. It's really the right policy to be following. We are going to make more money, create more jobs by going, you know, for lessening on fossil fuels. I'm hopeful. We're late to this party, you know, so we have a lot of catchup to do, but I'm hopeful. Well, Kyra, you and your husband, Kevin bacon, have been married for over 30 years, and you still post love notes and throwback photos of each other on social media. He also went viral for a tiktok video he calls accidental asmr where he's whispering his way through making breakfast because you're still asleep. Take a look. Good morning. I have to keep my voice down because you-know-who is still I just wanted to show you my morning mango routine. I'm sorry if you already know this trick. My favorite part. So people found his voice so soothing that it has 5 million views. Does that surprise you, and can you just listen to that any time? It's very soothing. It's very -- yes. He does that for me all the time. No. Yeah, it was shocking. Even to him, he had no idea what he was doing. He was just messing around. I hope you continue to just keep videoing your life because I'm enjoying. I'm here for all of it. Let's talk about your new sitcom, "Call your mother." It's great seeing former "View" co-host and Sherri shepherd play your best friend. That's a good best friend, and you play a widowed empty nester from my home state of Iowa. You pick up to be near your adult children. You have two grown kids with Kevin of your own, and you say you relate to the role as a woman and a mom. Can you explain that to us? Oh, gosh. Well, you know, I think that, you know, being an empty nester and having adult children, it's so confusing. I mean, I think you spend, you know, a lot of your time sort of wanting -- stepping into their life because they're sort of asking you, but then pulling away because then they're pushing you away. So it's vermuch of a weird, complicated dance, and you never quite know where you're supposed to be because it used to be that you would just give unsolicited advice and tell them what to do and very much be in their life and be able to fix all their problems and then suddenly, you really can't, and if you do your job right, you get fired. So, you know, and they leave. So it's very confusing, and I also -- I think it's confusing for gene. I find it confusing, but also incredibly fulfilling as well, but she's also trying to figure out, you know, she's moved to this new place to being in new York with her kids, but also trying to find out who is she? Is she still, like, a sexual creature? Is she still someone who can -- who can, you know, she's a widow, and so, you know, she's, like, what does that look like? You know, what is that, and maybe I should get a job because I should, like, not just be waiting for my kids to have free time to see me. So, you know, a lot of good fodder for great stories. Confusing, but defining a new chapter. I think in real life, though, you are way cooler than most moms because it was actually your idea for you, Kevin and the kids to all get matching tattoos? Please spill the tea on this. It was a joke. Okay. Let me just say that we went out to dinner, and as a joke I said, wouldn't it be great if we all got family tattoos? Never in a million years thought my kids would be down for that because I am uncool actually, monumentally uncool, and so is Kevin. Contrary to popular opinion, and -- but they said yes. We spent the dinner, like, making little designs, and so when my daughter graduated from high school as she just turned 18, we went and got that. So it's two "Ks," an "S," and a "T." Oh, I could never get my parents on board for that. Of course, not. Who does that? I also love, Kyra, that your family calls you la boca grande, which translates to big mouth because apparently you're always saying or doing the wrong thing, and I actually heard there was one incident in particular where you messed up pretty bad at Tom Cruise's house back in the '90s. So do tell us what happened. Yeah. Well, what happened was I was pregnant. That's a sidebar, and I don't really think it means anything except I felt like I was outside the group because I was, like, very large, and we had this dinner over at his house and we were going to watch a movie it was all very fancy, and cool, and afterwards, after dinner, like, we retired to the library to kind of, like -- I feel like the guy were smoking cigarettes and drinking whiskey, and the women were -- I don't know. It felt weirdly old-fashioned, but great. I was not part of the conversation somehow, and I just started sort of looking around and there was this button that was on the mantelpiece, actually underneath the mantelpiece, underneath the, you know, top part of the mantelpiece, and there was a button there, and I just pressed it because I just thought, that's weird. There's a button. Expecting, like, it's going to do something, like some secret door will open, and something amazing will happen. People will start talking to me. No, I'm kidding, and what happened was -- and then afterwards, nothing happened, so I turned to Tom and I said, you know, I pressed this button. What does it do? He said, you pressed that button? I said, yeah, that button. He said, that's the panic button. Well, the cops came. Oh. The cops came, and they would not leave until they saw him. It was very embarrassing. Like, lots of police cars. You should have faked labor. Oh my gosh. This baby's coming. That's funny. Yeah, no. It was really embarrassing. I didn't get invited back. I didn't get invited back. Well, you can come back to see us any time. You'll always be invited to our house no matter what button we have. "Call your mother" airs tonight at 9:30 eastern right here on ABC, and good to see you, Kyra

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{"duration":"9:25","description":"The actress discusses her new show with \"The View\" co-hosts and shares the mistake she made at Tom Cruise's house in the '90s.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75519328","title":"How Kyra Sedgwick relates to her role in 'Call Your Mother'","url":"/theview/video/kyra-sedgwick-relates-role-call-mother-75519328"}