Lanny Davis tells his side of the CNN report controversy

Davis joins "The View" co-hosts to discuss his reversal on a CNN report in which he was an unnamed source.
7:56 | 09/06/18

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Transcript for Lanny Davis tells his side of the CNN report controversy
Lanny Davis is Y in two of the hottestt tocs" in ame. He's ex-trump fixer michcohen's later. D Harvey wnstein's former legal adviser. Pl welcome, Thor of "Tmaking of E presiden2016," Lanny S. So I want to start. With a controversy you really are involvein right now. CNN repoed monthgoha Michael Cohen, your client,as willing toell special counsel Robert Muell tt Donald Trump knew aboutun 2016 meeting inmp Towe the one where Russians offered dirt on hillclre it ourred. You've now admdt Y were one of CNN's sources. MM. However, you hav now backtracked complety on they. Soy question to you did ld about the trump tower meet O So the answer have given publicly, I woul say backtrack. I , iuld haven more clear to CNN and to other reporters. That I wasn't certain oft answer and to this day, I'm not certain. And - I took rnsibility after E prosecution P wa overnd M co pled guilty. And I id, I am and just wish our president has the ability to say,e reonsibility and I'm sorry. Becauses not easy. But that what did. You're not Su. Is mhael Cohen Su No. He was not sure with. When I spoke to the reporters, I it. Was not clear. Andsoon as the investigation process Waser, I was allowedai myself. As I said, too sibility. Cnnlso ted cohenn the room with several others WHE Donald Trump jr.old trump about the offer informion. D trump gave approval to take ace. Some of thosereports, sc a friend of mine, and Carl Bernstein. Rt in clear on what knew. And was not they needed to check it out. To theine one more time. If jus on donal tld say, I'm I W wrong, I wod beood for the count When pigs fly. Whens fly. So -- Carl bestein reports this you know him. Why do you were muddled? Instead of just saying I'm not sure aboutthis. Can you Chet O well I tried to say that. I didn't do tough. To it right at the me L on what I said to Carl, and to Jim, I should have beeore clear. And I had the opportuty to make thatnt after the crinal invesgation wasover. And Mr. That en able T explain. Thethtst took about a month. S the - why did it take a month? K month until Mr. N stood up in let' that he did. Leuito a crime. And withprosecutn, cooperating, his use of words, that he said wasirected and coordinated by the man who now thesident of the united States. In other W, hs the first person under O to a federal judge to say thatonald tmp committed lony. And once that happened, then I able to speak. Did youour sry on whether president trump knew abouthe meeting because you wererotect thing Michael Cohen from perjung himself? No, I said I wasn't I shouldave beee clear to the rters. It had nothing to do with miael Cohen. It hadrything to do W M beunclear. I took the hit. I don't know how many times'my. But I did. I hate to pile on this, rely F like, you made mistake we know that Cohen already lacked crebility allver T place. We have tape O himcting like a thug. He was trump. -T fixer. He threatened ers. Least anittedfen. Now we'r questioning your ity, to this is a reckless T that happened. W are weoi to F it? Let's tal AUT erin a mistake and Alie. Making an honest ake and intentionally miing thtruth. Which at over 3,000 cordto"the washingtonst" fact checker WHE it comes to sident of the united States. E is a fference. Michael cohene to M and ked me to represent him. Indefensible in rresenting Donald Trump for years. Heted to tel the truth about Mr. Trump T same way the anonymous writer "The N yorktimes" yesterd cameo a decision to write the truth aboutress,us man in thehite house. And th'st I'm doing -- Isn't michaelend Abt going to jail? Let's tell the truhere. He'sctually aeady pled .he's going il. The thing lt for H -- He didn't have anepiphany. Let's get real.s Ady pled guilty. He stillano tel the truthld trump. Has --Imes said to me that once he became pridt, he recognized after all T yea of working for him, Thate wasot only a danger to T country awe read in "The New York Times." Buen him in he quened whether S loyal T T country. Was that the "A ha moment "? What caused him to? I think a knock on the door by the FBI. That's right. Amen, sist I it's because tru started -- the truth S comiout. D he couldn't justify it anymore. Once you no, he knew nothing about it then he says,no,ah, I knew 'S like -- Just toe F to Mr. Cohen. He I doing his time. Yeah, . Will do his time.he has family in gre stress. And he is now going to able to tell the truth. Out what he es, the danger to this entry. D what H knows aboutd trump. Give him time. And that will Happ. L me you about a Y aboutat. Mejsed he admitd in federal crt that president, or he alleging, committed a E. An WOU think that would B of interest to special counsel,obert Mueller. Thereagreement, or is the an agreement with ial unsehas mhael Cohen sat down with epecial counsel? Ianiscuss mr.cohen when he's S the middle of a criminalprocess. Coent. Ansformed of the M he worked Ian't disss Mueller. Ian'tny other investigation. Entitled toir due proce. We have to mr.cohen go through it et him do the way he has to do it now. Even thoug ion't agr an epiphany occurred. Okay, with that rg we'll

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{"duration":"7:56","description":"Davis joins \"The View\" co-hosts to discuss his reversal on a CNN report in which he was an unnamed source.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57648418","title":"Lanny Davis tells his side of the CNN report controversy","url":"/theview/video/lanny-davis-tells-side-cnn-report-controversy-57648418"}