Larry Kudlow named Trump's next chief economic adviser

"The View" co-hosts discuss whether the conservative economic commentator and former Reagan official is qualified for the job.
5:11 | 03/15/18

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Transcript for Larry Kudlow named Trump's next chief economic adviser
So the white house casting call continues. The latest staff member was once again picked right off the television, so the new top economic adviser at the white house is Lisa kudrow. No. You're confusing people. Hold on, wait a minute, what? My bad. It's actually Lawrence kudlow. Isn Larry. Isn't Larry and laurps the same name? His name is Lawrence but they call him Larry. He's the host of CNBC's the "Kudlow report." Is this the Mo of the new administration? Could it explain why so many people don't last as long? He just picks people from TV. Everyone at this table is qualified to work in the trump administration. Call me. What job would you like? They can't afford you, joy. I think one of the problems is, you know, it comes from the top. He didn't have experience for this particular position, so he doesn't think anyone has to have experience or training or education for the role that they're playing. I mean, if you think about appointing him as someone that's supposed to lead the country on economics, he doesn't have an economics degree, he doesn't have -- from college. He doesn't have a phd in economics. He didn't get his masters degrees in economics. He just plays on one TV. He plays one on TV. He was the director under Ronald Reagan so he has worked in a white house before. That's more experience than most. It is. But for some reason our society is devaluing experience and education in a way that I've never seen before. One thing I laughed at which isn't surprising but for some reason every single person he talks about, their looks come up. Oh yeah. Which just makes me laugh. But he said, you're on the air, I'm looking at a picture of you, very handsome. So when we think it's just women he's saying this about, he's an equal opportunity offender. He just talks about everyone. He likes to say he's handsome also. He goes I'm better looking than him, aren't he? The candidates in Pennsylvania thing, one of the first qualities he looks for is he's a good looking guy and I'm like, oh, my god, I really do work for you. About Larry kudlow, most economists get a lot wrong and very few saw the 2008 crash coming. Paul Krugman said that the markets will plunge and never recover. He predicted a global recession with no end in sight following Hillary Clinton's loss. David K. Johnson said trump economics would be a disaster for workers and that only Hillary could be the economic savior. I don't trust economists as a generalalty, and I think that Larry kudlow is on television but when I did more research into him, he did work for rolgd Reagan. My understanding was he was going to have a political career but he had a very serious cocaine habit that derailed where he was going and he went into media instead. There are much worse options. He's much more conservative than Gary Cohn who he's replacing. It's interesting that trump seems to want people who agree with him, right? This guy in 2002 argued for the war in Iraq. Trump did not like the war in Iraq at all. He said it's a disaster. He said bush is a disaster. I heard him say that to me actually. Kudlow says the shock therapy of decisive war will elevate the establish stock market by a couple of thousand points. That didn't happen. One has to say at least this one has some experience. A little bit. Well but -- it's more -- I mean, to me that's more than just about anybody else has had. He's also a Wall Street figure that's beloved by wall Street. His show is very popular on CNBC and he does have a lot of relationships with Wall Street. He's at least in the ballpark of the field whereas Ben Carson who's a surgeon had nothing to do with housing. Meghan, what you were saying, I didn't know he served under Reagan. That does kind of instill a little bit of faith but one thing I've noticed is he brings in people to fix the swamp or to drain it, but if you don't know a place, you can't fix it. By that I mean anyone that's ever gotten a new job, there's a learning curve. You can't tweak it, cut budgets, you can't do anything until you know who's who, what they do, what's necessary, what's not. We're noticing that they come in and like Rex tillerson who's already out and maybe I'm a day behind here but he was trying to cut budgets before he even knew what all these people did in the state department. So I think that is reassuring that he has a little administrative -- It's a little tick. You know, look, that's all I got for him. I can say thank you for that because, you know, now we can at least argue with economics with someone who can actually explain what they're doing or you can question them and they won't look at you like they don't know.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss whether the conservative economic commentator and former Reagan official is qualified for the job.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53775751","title":"Larry Kudlow named Trump's next chief economic adviser","url":"/theview/video/larry-kudlow-named-trumps-chief-economic-adviser-53775751"}