Did Lindsey​ Graham suggest legal ballots be tossed?

"The View" co-hosts react after Georgia's secretary of state said he believed the senator suggested he discard certain absentee ballots.
9:02 | 11/17/20

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Transcript for Did Lindsey​ Graham suggest legal ballots be tossed?
So there may have been some election tampering after all, but not quite T way you know who is trying to sell it. Here's what Georgia's secretary of state Brad raffenberger claims senator Lindsey graham was up to. I got the sense that maybe we could throw those out, the counties with the frequenter error of signatures. That's just ridiculous. If he feels threatened by the conversation he's got a problem. I feel it was a good conversation. I never said that. I said do you have power as secretary of state to require bipartisan verification of the signatures. Right now they don't. Apparently, you know, Lindsey graham said no, no, the president never said anytho me. Apparently the day that Lindsey graham called the Georgia secretary of state the president tweeted Georgia's secretary of state a so-called Republican won't let us see the signatures for fraud. The whole process is very unfair and close to meaningless. Everyone knows we won the state. I'll ask you, joy, is this just theater to keep us from paying attention to what's real? What's going on here? You know, it's a very -- it's unbelievable. I don't even understand why he would be motivated to do that. It was after election day. Everyone knows that Georgia's close, but it's going to go to Biden. This number of votes he was talking about would not change what can we deduce from this? Lindsey graham, trump has something on him, some leverage. He's constantly talking about trying to help trump. I do believe that trump probably told him to do it because it serves his ego to hear he didn't get that many votes, he got this many votes. Also maybe Lindsey graham wants toe in the election of 2024. I don't know what he's up to Lindsey graham. If someone has fallen from grace harder than him, I really don't know who that person is. Do you think this is a he said/she said or a possible case against Lindsey graham? I mean, what do you think happened? Did he just misunderstand it, sunny? I don't think so. They're both Republicans. They're both supposed to be on think about it. Lindsey graham is the chair of the senate judiciary committee. He's a lawyer. He knows better. He knows better. If what is alleged is true, that's a crime. I think it has to be investigated. I think it has to be investigated by the senate ethics committee. If it's found to be true, I don't think he should be the chair of the senate judiciary committee. He would have committed a crime. Sara, what do you think about all of this? What do you think is happening Well, I did not need more reasons to not like Lindsey graham and then happened. Joking aside, I think that unlike joy who said that she thinks trump was behind this, I think what's happening here is there's so many Republicans that jumped on the false band wagon and the math isn adding up. Now they're trying to save face by saying these recounts were necessary because we found stuff. Genuinely you shouldn't want to find stuff. It's one thing to say it's fair and within our legal rights to do recounts. I can get on board with that. But you shouldn't want to find bad things because that reflects on the whole democracy. The other thing is by these Republicans going after the voting systems, think could be shooting themsel in the foot for the run-off election. That is going to happen on those same machines. By talking about this and saying there's a problem, you could kind of be betting yourself into trouble. Lastly, this man is dealing raffensberger is dealing with death threats. Fauci is running around with security guards. This is below our humanity that people would threaten people doing their jobs. These are hard jobs I wouldn't want. He said people need to elevate their speech, particularly when it comes from my side of the ne needs to elevating their speech. We need to be thoughtful and careful about what we say. I agree. Right. Well, I have to tell you, I am shocked by the fact that the Republicans would be foolish enough to basically say to all the poll workers who volunteered to be part of this process that you are liars and cheats. They are basically saying that the people who did all this work came out for nothing, didn't come for pay, are liars and cheats. The other thing I want to point out is when Stacey Abrams lost her bid for governor and she said there were shenanigans going on, I don't recall one Republican saying let's take a look. Of course not. Democrats complained that there was widespread fraud. I suspect the people in Georgia will look at the Republicans questioning their commitment to making fair elections in their state. I would say it to y'all. These are the people who say they want to represent you. The same people calling you liars and cheats are saying we want to represent your best interests. Do they really? You know -- Do they really want to do that? Bottom line -- Go ahead, joy. Bottom line, whoopi, is that the Republican party knows the only way they can win is by cheating. So they know that. Lindsey graham has admitted that himself. He said mail-in voting will be the end of the Republican party. They have to do something. They'll do whatever they have to do.they'll do whatever they have to do to win. The Democrats have to keep after also, doesn't this have something to do with Georgia in the run-offs? Yes. Somewhere there's some way he's going to -- Yes. Is that what you were going to say, sunny? Yes. To Sara's point, I think this has something to doh the run-off election. The senate hangs in the balance. My sense is try to find the alleged voting irregularities so when there's a close race or the democratic senators win, they can now do these shenanigans over and over again. I suspect this could be a dry run. When you're going to commit a crime, a lot of people have these dry runs, right? Don't you think it's really a dumb criminal who comes and says, hey, your baby is ugly to the woman who the host of the party? The criminal says your baby is ugly. Your housesmells. I don't like yourcarpets. Then they leave. Why would she ever invite you back in? Lindsey graham isn't by Georgia by the way. I don't think Lindsey graham thought the secretary of state of Georgia would say anything. I don't either. The last question before we go, Lindsey graham's not from Georgia. What does he care what's going on? Why is he involved? He's not from there. Meddlesome. It's very interesting. He wants to maintainpower. In the senate. We'll see. Georgia will decide what's going on.

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{"duration":"9:02","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react after Georgia's secretary of state said he believed the senator suggested he discard certain absentee ballots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74255750","title":"Did Lindsey​ Graham suggest legal ballots be tossed?","url":"/theview/video/lindsey-graham-suggest-legal-ballots-tossed-74255750"}