Manhunt for Tennessee Waffle House shooter

"The View" co-hosts discuss how the alleged shooter had access to the guns and applaud the hero that wrestled the rifle away from him.
3:17 | 04/23/18

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Transcript for Manhunt for Tennessee Waffle House shooter
as I did because there's a manhunt right now happening ter four peoplere shot and killedne house. Our has go out to everyone impa bythis, the suspect is called Travis re if you have any informat th is his picture, call Nashville's emergency commune kiegs center at 615-8 -- 862. 8600. Say it 615-862-8600. He is still on T run, S pleaseeep your eyes ndif you see anything, do not try to because you don't want to --'T W to get in just call somebody. And W wan T applaud James Shaw whoisarmed the suspect before he fled. Reinking had his --now, the question is, you know, Thi guy had been dealt with with co befe because he had his firearmsaken away last year after incidts riding breaching a security bt th white house. Now, the guns were give his faer but thehead gave them bto his son. And was told not to. And was tol not is this something people need to look at, you , when you go to served, you get in your car and haven accidentthe bar is libesometimes in some states. If you have a party in your home and you serve alcohol something happens to someone, you can sometimes be held onsible fothat, especially if therere minors in your home. I just don't K WHA the answer is at this point. You know,e talk Abo sensible gun control one federal level and then sometimes I think the sw is state by state. But in iois- he was in Tennessee this time. Illinois revoked H guns. His fathers givesthen he's tennesseehich had them [Sub see. I think any time you've had a run-inthities and they've asked -- your pa license and asked your own to give these weapons back, there's got to be place youan document that. I know the law is state but that should trump T fact that he's already run in with them, they've sd this cleay has mental should not be armed The father, the Yo that eve if you take the guns away from mentally ill people, theirents may or may not be mentally ill, parents can give them to them. Innewtown, the mother had ang??n permiso P cache of guns GE it to them. There's a lot of about licopter parents and what the gera before M think about raising their if your child has men earthissue, the's no Sha in it but they shouldn't beround a weapon. What's good about this conversati is this something we cllon. This is something we can all agree on you ow. If your child has you need to be responsible. Youeed to be responsible becausen part this a couple wksago. I said kids feel like they're valuable becauhelts are ofhe business and they should be, and this is a clear example.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss how the alleged shooter had access to the guns and applaud the hero that wrestled the rifle away from him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"54667918","title":"Manhunt for Tennessee Waffle House shooter","url":"/theview/video/manhunt-tennessee-waffle-house-shooter-54667918"}