Should mask guidelines be eased?

After a new report claims the CDC is pushing misleading numbers on the risk of COVID-19 transmission outdoors, "The View" co-hosts discuss.
8:37 | 05/11/21

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Transcript for Should mask guidelines be eased?
You know, there is hope that we're inching closer and getting closer to the other side of this crazy pandemic, but an article in "The New York Times" claims the CDC is holding up the works by pushing the numbers of the current transmission, especially center for disease control and prevention. Sunny, you said it's an individual's choice how to wear the mask, when to wear the mask, get vaccinated. So should people be able to ease up on the restrictions at their own pace? You know, I think so. I mean, bottom line is I don't know that this guidance is that much different in the sense that we've always known that the risk of transmission is less outdoors, and that's why, you know, many people like myself are much more comfortable eating outdoors than eating indoors. I don't know when I'm going to be comfortable eating indoors because there are -- there is so much vaccine hesitancy, because there are so many people that don't want to get the vaccine, and if you think about it, what he is saying applies to those people that have been vaccinated, right? But there are still 50% of people that don't want to get vaccinated. There are, you know, just look at the stats. There are going to be -- continue to be a lot of people that don't get vaccinated. So these guidelines apply to those of us that are vaccinated, and I think, again, it's a personal choice, but with those choices come consequences, and that's something that unfortunately we're going to be dealing I think with covid for a much longer time because of these choices that people are making. Right. Meghan, are you comfortable easing up on some of the safety measures as we -- as time goes by? Like outside are you more comfortable without a mask or with a mask? What's your thoughts on it? I mean, I said this already. I'm double vaccinated and life is normal for me at this point, and "The New York Times" this morning in their newsletter, which by the way, when you lose "The New York Times" on an issue like this, you may be off the mark. They said, less than 10% is akin to saying that shark attacks, fewer than 20,000 swimmers a year. The worldwide number is 150 shark attacks. It's both true and deceiving. The outdoor transmission rates seem to be below 1%, and maybe 0.1%. So I think what's confusing for me and many people that are on the other side of this, is if we're all vaccinated and the vaccine works, I don't understand the purpose of still wearing masks everywhere outside like you see our president doing and our vice president doing. I understand that there's different, you know, levels of comfort for different people, and if you want to wear a mask everywhere you go for forever, that's up to you. If you want to stay in your house for forever, that's also up to you, but I think the thing we can't underscore is the amount of trauma our public has gone through. I have friends, and aim vaccinated and they are vaccinated and they are not comfortable being around me and being around anyone inside a restaurant, and I think the messaging has been really bad, and I think you see vaccine hesitancy for a lot of different reasons, but it doesn't look like anything in life is going to change, and that's a real problem for the American public. It's a real problem for this country, and I have felt in the past month -- few months as we have been easing up and since I got vaccinated that the way I was raised and the way I view life is completely different and juxtaposed to the way a lot of people on the left view life. I don't think the way to view life is simply to avoid left. In trigger warning, I'm going to talk about my dad. I had a dad who avoided death many, many times and he said, life is about rolling the dice and taking the risks and really living. I'm double vaccinated and I'm told by science I have less than a 2% of chance of getting covid, and if I do it will feel like the flu. I'm okay going out and living my life in flu season. Okay. Sara, what's in your mind? Are you understanding why they're saying this? Do you think it's overkill? I prefer they tread lightly. There's no one size fits all for this virus. It doesn't equally affect pele. Some people die. Some people don't feel it. It's affecting communities of color differently, access to health care. A thousand things right now. CDC has to err on the side of conservative because it's speaking to all age groups, people that are immunocompromised, et cetera, and it's on that side of things. We're seeing what's going on in India. They had their first wave and things were looking good and now look at what they're dealing with, and it is tragic to watch. So I think that although I'm very eager -- I'm one shot in. I'm eager to be fully vaccinated. These are the CDC saying, this is what we know. This is what we think. Now find your place on that spectrum. So I prefer they always go conservative. God forbid you're one of the lottery-winning statistics that they got it wrong on. Yeah. Joy, what about you? Are you feeling good about relaxing restrictions? Should we be relaxing with caution? What's your thoughts? Well, you know, I keep reading about all these things. They're now saying -- there was some data out of Ireland that 0.1% chance of getting covid outside. That's very, very minuscule. So I watch the numbers. That's what they say, so now I go outside without a mask. When I'm inside I wear a mask when I go into a store because I don't want to give anything to anybody else, or get anything from anybody else. It's not that big of a deal to put it in a supermarket or anything. When I'm in a restaurant, I have to take it off when I'm eating. I like the mask idea in a certain way because people have been noticing that nobody's getting the flu. Nobody's getting infections. The kids are not getting colds. I'm going to, you know, my plan is to keep a mask in my purse with my lipstick. It's a very small item. It doesn't take up a lot of room. Keep it with you. Now you're on the bus. Put the mask on. You're off the bus, not a lot of people around you. Take the mask. Use your brain. Use your brain. I don't need to have the CDC tell me every little thing about what I'm supposed to do every day. If they say to me, don't hit your head with a hammer because you're going to get a concussion, okay, I won't do that because I know that's true. If you are getting good information, and not listening to tucker Carlson and people who are not giving you information that's correct, use your head and do what you have to do. That's all. Right. Well, I would caution -- I would remind everyone that we spent months talking about superspreaders. So I don't know that everyone actually knows how this is spread, and I feel like since we are out and about because everyone is not inoculated -- everyone has not had the shot. If they had, it would be a lot easier conversation to have, but they haven't, and you don't know who has and who hasn't. So I just feel like, you know, I'm not sure how this is spread. I may err on the side of caution, and you know what? My masks get better looking every day, and there will come a day when I won't have to wear them, and hallelujah for that, but more now while people are not getting the shot, I think I'm going to err on the side of caution because after all, the CDC is the center for disease control and prevention.

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{"duration":"8:37","description":"After a new report claims the CDC is pushing misleading numbers on the risk of COVID-19 transmission outdoors, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77626124","title":"Should mask guidelines be eased?","url":"/theview/video/mask-guidelines-eased-77626124"}