McCarthy slams Cheney on hot mic

After House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was caught on a hot mic slamming Rep. Liz Cheney, "The View" co-hosts react and question if the GOP will vote to take away Cheney’s leadership post.
11:28 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for McCarthy slams Cheney on hot mic
Happy saint called MIL. Congresswoman. Cat next today it's today it is so I just wanted to. Make sure we knew that this was like a big deal from a lot of folks in our audience and so will recognize. And act I didn't show you all are aware of this but congresswoman Liz Cheney is quickly becoming. The opposition party within the GOP. Calling for an election fraud claims the big lie. And telling Republicans to face the reality that Joseph Biden is they're press. There are calls us to remove her from her paused. As conference chair and top ranking GOP congressman Kevin McCarthy was just kinda hot Mike complaining about pact take a look. She's been a problem. You know I have lost confidence. So. What is this really army made him. When it what is he losing what she losing confidence in here. Well let's cut the crap he wasn't caught on a hot Mike I think anyone in politics knows that that was done intentionally. And what's going on is Liz Cheney was already by the way voted in January to stay in her position an overwhelmingly hot support to stay when they tried to oust her before and what's happening is it's very clear. And I'm going to be a little crass they're shedding her for her going on television multiple times in saying that the election wasn't stolen and for refusing to debase herself. To cheat oh geez ask. I don't understand what's going on nah I have spent the past eight weeks five years of my life. Trying to accept understand and include. The mag a base of this party and the message that's being sent by the highest member of Republicans in congress is that women like me and Liz Cheney who refused to Ben and me. To president trumpet but still remain loyal Republicans. We don't have a place in this party we are worthless we are not worth fighting for Tiki and I think. It is cost to ask to try and Spanish in a way that this is about anything else but her not supporting president trump. And the leadership of the party is doubling down that trump is the future now what happened only doubled down the track is the future we lost four accountable our senate seat in the last election in red states including in my home state of Arizona we lost. A giant election spectacularly. Mid terms are coming up and president Biden is expo. Banding the government in a way that is the largest cents LBJ and that's what we should be focusing on but instead they're going to blood let the party. From winning UT. College educated women get lost you the election in the first place. I don't understand it its bid. Most asinine politics I have seen any really really long time in a cacophony of asinine politics at the very defensive of Liz Cheney and if you do that's. Which it looks like they're going to deal. I promise you there'll be consequences one way or another there's going to be consequences so glad he got ahead in this sausage fest of Mac back up on Capitol Hill. Pull her out and put another woman in who will do Wednesday. Anything you want for president trump election was installing and he's dees says it's only trump isn't going forward C where's this land that's in mid terms and I'm absolutely furious. I'm act and you should be adding days. You know the thing to me and say you know Liz Cheney and I out politics will probably never meet but the one thing that we are about as our country. We know you know and that's why it's so hard when you look over our. At the other side and you see so many of them willing to lot. Then add to me it just I don't understand that I don't understand enjoy their questioning of her ability Liz Cheney's I was I diabetic I had. You suggest women Liz Gmail all of deal. What did you anymore I was so emotional last night I'm emotional now I have stuck this out as practiced out inspectors I'm not becoming a Democrat I'm not a leftist. What you do if you weren't a situation where women specifically like UN Liz Cheney are being told. You are irrelevant what you believe is garbage and by the way you have to believe in a lied to be accepted in this party. What do you dale. Well I would happening Marty it's what I suggested before that I would I would created no part. I'd Macon middle part of women like me. And people like me because it's grades would join a questioning her ability to to do. The party's job to get the parties work out there do you think that's the real issue or is it that they just can't handle a woman's and listen real ally. I don't think it's about a woman at all I think that this is evidence that the current Republican potty has given up on a functioning democracy. It's bigger than Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy I mean she floated fits with triumphs 90%. Of the time there's nobody more conservative in the party than Liz Cheney. And look at the latest say have father. I mean come not. Now what he's doing Matt is is just perpetuating the lie. In order for them to continue to say in the next election that they lose that's a lie because they know they can't win legitimately these people have taken a look at the demographics and they have concluded. They will not win legitimately ever again so they're gonna have to you don't lie or steal or duke the voter suppression lawyers are. Our aren't are all over the country now all over the place on people need to take a look at this. You know as as Mickens said one of the interesting things I find is that you know in order for a democracy to function. You've got to have the two parties at least some countries have more than two parties would only have these tell. They need to work together to some extent in common the metal it US so upset on the right. That Joseph Biden is more progressive than Lyndon Johnson FDR put together what are you doing about that. Why are you doing about that just my art Graham saying that he won the election. But my Aston free you is that when Kristen cinema and Joseph mansion like this isn't a problem that's just on the right that the problem on the left to where they don't like people that don't and they need. It just is particularly egregious in the moment with my. Read a minute hold on hold on I listen you look hard he's the only one that's lying OK let's just to get that straight. Okay. That's the point it will not about a dozen house and her current visit is now. They lie they are lying this is now the Republican Party vs democracy that's why you're upset today that because you know all the extra. I do know that's trail and by the way to wait this is a good mornings for you because you should feel very good about the mid terms going forward. Because we're gonna lose this thing if this is the direction are going. I don't know that strap I don't someone who has studied the voter suppression gerrymandering is going on they still want that they still want to women's grand weird way. But I want to pass Sunday because I want to know what what you think's what this says about the state of the GL -- the GOP at the moment. You know that the GOP is no longer the Republican Party that we knew it's no longer the party. Mr. touted itself as the party of family values in. And small government those aren't the things that they seemed to be carrying about. You know people like C it's the least people like Kevin McCarthy people like Ted Cruz who is just pictured. You know at Mara Largo having dinner with Donald Trump after Donald Trump talked about his wife said his wife is ugly talked about his father. Talked about him quite frankly so this that this is not about party anymore this is the party of insurrection as this is the party but the big tent party habits. Embracing Q and on the two bracing Marjorie Taylor Green and Loren Bober. This isn't that party I think if you're Republicans you have to come to grips with that Steve's goalies. A lease. Stuff the neck. I'm mispronouncing her last name. She's from New York. Kevin McCarthy they are willing to lie to. Maintain power and to gain power because I don't really think that they be leave. That the election was still limit. I don't really believe that they think of that the election was somehow fraudulent but I think that they are willing to continue to perpetuate that lie. Because they know that there are a group of voters large large group of voters that are still beholden to trump. And an end and they want those voters to vote for them right because at this point in congress humans. I'm an up minority rule you have people that don't really and I represent the majority of Americans and I agree with joy the Republican Party instead. Of trying to change his platform. Two. They'd rather just try to lie and also change the rules. Voter suppression. That kind sitting in right at a just trying to sales for the American people. Pretzels Sarah is that GE is a UN agreement with what you're hearing do you think you know and and do you think there is cent chance bad. There are making. A ridiculous. Mistake within about a great patriot really. In her they're here now they're absolutely. Making and bacon I IE I know joy touched on this a little bit that we live in a very limited two party system. And with that said I don't think I would say I'm in need majority of people probably in this country that don't fall in line with the full party platform. And that's why I've always had more faith in people that are willing to break with their own parties in cross the dial because it proves they have some internal constitution. And integrity I'm not voting for Sheikh. To fall in line and that's why lake Susan Collins Joseph Manchin mark Kelly. Murkowski those are the people at a boys drawn my attention because they were willing to stand up for something. Now if the official. Argument is that the reason their ousting Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy said this on fact are on fox gives me was that he didn't he wasn't sure she could carry out the message. Will what's the message then because as Joyce said she voted in line with trump Liz Cheney voted in lime truck 93%. Of the time. So we're not talking about conservative values or a party platform we're talking about a purse and Donald Trump. And right now the higher -- that the GOP rails against cancel culture and I don't believing canceling I believe I believe in consequences this is full blown canceling and they have weaponized it against the people. In their own party. You don't fall in line you're out and that's what we're watching happening here. Exactly right Sara while. GAAP it's crazy unite and makes me want to sing that song if you line and you know it clap your hands. You know you don't get a lot of what we know you're lying she knows you alliant and she is not willing to compromise. Herself. To live for somebody else because ultimately the lack comes and bites you right in the key staff. Might not be today might not be tomorrow by get ready cause the big bite is calming.

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{"duration":"11:28","description":"After House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was caught on a hot mic slamming Rep. Liz Cheney, \"The View\" co-hosts react and question if the GOP will vote to take away Cheney’s leadership post. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77509806","title":"McCarthy slams Cheney on hot mic","url":"/theview/video/mccarthy-slams-cheney-hot-mic-77509806"}