Meghan McCain talks about helping girl with glioblastoma meet Taylor Swift

McCain shares with "The View" how she helped make a girl's dream come true.
3:08 | 07/16/18

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Transcript for Meghan McCain talks about helping girl with glioblastoma meet Taylor Swift
Drags its U meant something kind of amazing happen. Well tell every bat I did and the showed today that but I wanna tell released its story have all but nasty things that are going on all of this is really nice. We'll more than July I was home on my computer on what are gunning for a little pets and I got this tweet reads treat head. And it said my best friend Mike C was diagnosed with brain cancer glee a blast stomach in December. We're going to the reputation stadium to RI July 14 in Philly it's her dream to meet at Taylor Swift thirteenth so this was. Treated by Alexi for her 21 year old best friend Alexi captain is from Pennsylvania it's just the same brain cancer my dad doesn't -- last jump up and her dream is to meet Taylor slept so I treated vaccine that felt like we got a maker retailers left. They tell us what could never met but anyway can you mean like theater concert Billy she's fighting the same little black stomach cancer my father has. This would make both of our days at cellmate and so it started getting pick up online as things do sometimes it got some local media attention and I have masses the shell and as a you know armed break please could make it happen it would make my day it's come until she. Yeah. Yeah. Hi this is may unity Cain can I please speak live like Steve. Hi like see I'm happy day talk to you on the phone. And I just wanted to call you today we finally got a little magic to learn and you are going to meet Taylor's left tomorrow now. We're yeah. Toys and fell in. I didn't fit make that happen we're gonna send a car to pick you up you have to worry about driving. And to take you there and I just hope you have an amazing time and obviously falling on social media I just think you're so brain. And they just I'm so happy we can make this happen. How much. Let's let our. It's huge. Half which is something that people with we have left and I have to Wear Saturday morning like the it got readying an often meet Taylor swept her favorite artist of all time. It's an act on Saturday night she finally met heard I am so happy we were able to help like oh. Taylor Swift and her entire team. Class action incredible artist obviously. Act. You know it's just to bring in a little light in a while then it's totally ABC and Taylor has been a friend of the show for a long time and we are deeply grateful I had my family and the grateful Alexia you've Matt doing Matt Hagan. I. Didn't. Could see this picture on an angry are Saturday night it was like really late and I welcome my husband up and I started crying and ugly. Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"McCain shares with \"The View\" how she helped make a girl's dream come true.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56626028","title":"Meghan McCain talks about helping girl with glioblastoma meet Taylor Swift","url":"/theview/video/meghan-mccain-talks-helping-girl-glioblastoma-meet-taylor-56626028"}