Men uncomfortable with women in power?

“The View” co-hosts question who America’s dream candidate is in the crowded field of 2020 candidates.
4:52 | 11/22/19

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Transcript for Men uncomfortable with women in power?
So more bad news for Democrats. The ratings tanked for their last debate. No one was watching it the other night, and even though female candidates like Amy klobuchar and kamala Harris really stood out, the latest polls showed that almost half of American men, and you know who you are, will not vote for a female very backward. Very backward. Every country has it. My god. So who is going to be the candidate? I mean, we're looking at big problems here. Big problems. You know, I'm curious, joy. Who would be your dream -- not just your dream candidate, but your dream candidate that you believe could beat trump? Who is that person? Oprah Winfrey. Do you think that could do it? Yeah. Second sell funds. They want a celebrity. No one wants a statesman. We want a celebrity. We're going to get a billionaire, can we change Steyer and Bloomberg for Oprah? The queen is a figure head. She doesn't make any decisions. She has a prime minister who does it. Maybe in this country what we want is a figure head like trump, just somebody dumb and then everybody around him is smart. That's how it goes. The people around him, a lot of them are not smart. They're just complicit. That's why. I frankly think -- this question, it gets asked over and over again. Can a black person be elected? We elected one already, twice. Can a woman get elected? One won 3 million more votes already. A woman has already been elected. She didn't win the electoral college. She's the most powerful woman in Washington. Who is that? Nancy Pelosi. Amy klobuchar nailed that question. You're telling me that women can't win. Nancy Pelosi does it every day. If they impeach trump and impeach pence, then Nancy Pelosi I think maybe it's just about educating voters about -- about the efficiency of female legislators. They pass more laws and send more districts more money. They bring better funding back to their home districts. So bluntly they just get the job done. They just do more. So perhaps if that's some of the messaging backed by facts and numbers -- There are issues because I'll read this. A lot of women related to testimony that former national security member Fiona hill made yesterday when she talked about her relationship with trump-appointed ambassador Gordon sondland. I had a bis bit of asondland. I hate to say it, but often when women show anger, it's not fully appreciated. It's often, you know, pushed onto emotional issues perhaps or deflected onto other people. What I was angry about was he wasn't coordinating with us. So, you know, why is it a man's allowed to get angry, but a woman is brushed off as getting too emotional? In this impeachment hearing we have been watching, it seems the men are angrier than any woman I have seen come up. Marie yovanovitch is calm as a cucumber, and Fiona hill, is amazing, with the British Mary Poppins, made the medicine go down. It's an interesting point you made Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. She got 66 million votes. It shows a lot of women in America were comfortable with a woman being president. I will say for me, where I always find myself, like, different than most polls like this, just because you're a woman, you don't automatically get my vote. Of course, not. I wouldn't vote for Sarah Palin for example. I think there's a lot of women out there that especially when Hillary was running that thought, but you have to be pay art of history, and she's a woman, and we want to see a woman president. I want to see the right woman president, but when you see how Elise Stefanik has been treated, the difference between a conservative woman in power -- I think AOC has gotten plenty of blowback. Plenty. The question on the table -- Stefanik got her fair share as well. Are you comfortable with a conservative woman being president? With a Republican woman, because probably not. You're probably going to vote for the democratic man over a woman, so I think we should stop playing gender politics across the board. Elook at Hillary, and she succumbed to the -- You wouldn't have voted for Haley. She says, he doesn't lie. Are you kidding me?

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"“The View” co-hosts question who America’s dream candidate is in the crowded field of 2020 candidates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67237310","title":"Men uncomfortable with women in power?","url":"/theview/video/men-uncomfortable-women-power-67237310"}