The Met Gala's campiest looks of the night

"The View" co-hosts discuss one of the biggest nights in fashion based on the 1964 essay "Notes on Camp" by Susan Sontag.
5:03 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for The Met Gala's campiest looks of the night
York yesterday at the met gala. This year's theme was based on Susan sontag's notes on camp. She defines camp as the art of exaggeration. So what does camp mean to you I never went to camp. I never went to camp. You at least knew what it meant. This morning in the meeting I had no idea what camp was. I always thought it meant Cher, that that meant camp. I was trying to explain it to Paloma yesterday because we were watching it. For me it's exuberance and exaggeration, like everything that you are but big, bigger, and very irreverent. And I think of Cher, I think. I think of rocky horror picture show, right? I think of -- John Ritter. John Ritter. But last night -- Deon waters. I think of drag queens too, drag culture. Yeah. None of us went to the met ball. How come? You got to get invited. It's also a lot of work. Oh, my god. Lady gaga had so many outfits. It takes me a half-hour just to get out of my brassiere and this one is changing her outfits five This woman was camp last night. If you want to define the word, she had four outfits. She looked beautiful. She's also one of the co-chairs as Harry styles. They helped define the theme and they're also one of the first to show up. So she came pretty early in the night. Imagine having to follow lady Showed a 15-minute performance. You know who looked gorgeous, I must say, Kim Kardashian. Do we have her picture? That dress was so tight you could see her fallopian tubes. She really looked beautiful. Look at her. Yeah, yeah. She must be wearing a corset. She was, spanx? A corset. The designer that made hers and correct me if I'm saying it wrong, Terry mugler who came back from retirement to make her dress. Because she's a California girl he wanted it to look like she was coming out of the ocean so she was very wet looking. Who, Celine? No. Celine was like, my hat will go on. Celine wore an Oscar De La ren Ta dress and it weighed over 22 pounds. I love her though and I think Meghan loves her even more than I do if that's possible, but we didn't see much of her for a while, especially after her husband passed away. In the last two years it has been full-on Celine Dion. She has owned every moment that we see her. Christian Siriano created two dresses last night I'm told. Janelle monae. That was campy. I love the eyelashes. Look at that. See? She got that one right. You know, I feel like so many of them went with the theme. They really went with the theme. Did he create another one? I thought the same with mine. So my choices were rupaul obviously because he's incredible. He was wearing valde which is his stylist. This is the first time any drag queens have gone to the met gala. They all nailed it. My other choice was Natasha Leone wearing jean-paul gotye. I love this theme so much. It's my personal favorite aesthetic across the board and there were so many good people. I missed one. I missed one and I can't remember what it was. Was it cardi B's? No, it wasn't. Katy? That is the one. Is that Siriano as well? Yes. It's gender fluid. It's really fantastic. The idea is to have fun with Exaggeration. It's -- when you think of -- go ahead. I just wanted to mention too as well, Sierra and Lupita, I just thought they were -- Lupita had this sort of game of -- sort of "Hunger games" meets wakanda and I really enjoyed her with the afro picks in her hair. And Sierra wins for best hair. She really embodied that '60s camp I thought, and I enjoyed her. Who wore the chandelier? That was Katy Perry. I've worn that. At the oscars. You wore that? Similar. Can I also say Billy porter, I think he really showed up. Yes. Brilliant. Look at that entrance. That's what I'm talking about. And cardi B also looked amazing. And cardi B. It's artistry and exaggeration. And it's fun. It can't be taken too seriously. It's about the fun. And so, because we are also fun, we're going to be right back

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss one of the biggest nights in fashion based on the 1964 essay \"Notes on Camp\" by Susan Sontag.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62881506","title":"The Met Gala's campiest looks of the night","url":"/theview/video/met-galas-campiest-night-62881506"}