Mueller's office says Paul Manafort breached plea deal

"The View" co-hosts discuss a new court filing showing President Trump's former campaign chairman lied to the FBI -- breaking his agreement with the special counsel.
6:44 | 11/27/18

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Transcript for Mueller's office says Paul Manafort breached plea deal
Hello. You look great today. Yes, this is my sweater. I, you know, I told you I would bust them out after Thanksgiving. Yes. It is after Thanksgiving and now my sweaters are busting out and now, you know, sometimes you put things in your bra. Sometimes you put them -- you put them in your sock. You can put a little dog in there actually. I could put a little birdy in there. Or a hamster. People do that. Put hamsters in their bras? When you live in New York City, you see everything on the streets. Wow. Well, I bet this was nothing people thought they were going to see, that the deal is now off the table for Paul manafort. Robert Mueller says that manafort repeatedly lied to prosecutors. This morning you know who attacked Mueller on Twitter saying that he and his gang of angry DEMs are ruining people's lives. Refused to lie and calls him a conflicted prosecutor gone rogue. Wow. That's what he said. He said he was a conflicted prosecutor gone rogue. So what's going on here? What's happening? Well, let's hear from a lawyer. We were talking about this this morning. For me, when someone enters into a plea agreement with the federal government, the first thing you tell them is if you lie to me, that's a separate chargeable offense,perjury, up to five years in prison. He knew if he lied, he would be charged and the plea agreement would be yanked. I think one of three things is happening here, either he thought he was going to outsmart prosecutors. Which stupid criminals often think they will, or two, he knows something so important that could really harm either the president or someone else in the administration that he is willing to go to prison for it because he can't talk about it. Or he is expecting a presidential pardon and so he is keeping that secret and willing to go to prison for it. I think he is scared of Putin. Well, that's the something he is so important because it's either prison or death. His family is at risk also. It's that anger when you are talking about Putin. I'm not a lawyer. I don't know anything about this, but what we do know is one of the things that got him in jail was he was an unregistered foreign agent and he was a conduit between Russian oligarchs between Putin's inner circle. Whatever we don't know -- And Ukraine. And Ukraine. As far as I'm concerned, people who do blood money dealings, he should rot in jail and rot in hell as far as I'm concerned with Paul manafort. She mean that is in a nice way. You take from foreign adversaries the way he did. The idea he could be pardoned, you saw my reaction in our meeting earlier this morning. It is -- I don't even -- it would enter us into a new level of insanity in this country which I don't think I could stand. Did he answer those questions for Mueller and then a few days later, we hear this information? He can't talk directly to manafort, so there could be some back door conversation. What about the mole? The little snitch now? I don't know what this means for the Mueller investigation. Everyone is waiting for these results. Does it set it back? Does he have to interview other people? It highlights to me a struggle I have had for awhile with presidential pardons. I'm not an expert on pardons, but I struggle with the idea that any president has so much power they could free someone with getting away with criminal activity. It started in England with the kings, and George mason pushed back on this, and Alexander Hamilton put it in place, and the power has grown exponentially. It was meant to be symbolic my understanding. Clinton did it with Preston king, civil rights activism, and it happened with the famous boxer. He pardoned mark rich if you remember. And it gets used for situations like that that are nebulous, but it's symbolic for a civil rights activist and that's different than someone who is a Russian conduit for oligarchs with Putin. What is happening with the Mueller investigation? People are saying probably in maybe January after the holidays, we're going to hear what's going on, but Donald Trump and his recent tweets appear to be frightened to me. He is talking about this person going rogue. He said something else and I don't have it in front of me, and it was, like, this is ridiculous. This is crazy and I'm reading it thinking, wow. He is scared. He has a 60% disapproval rating right now which is very high. I don't know who these 40% are who still like him. I see polls that are all over the place. I saw one where he was doing much better than that. It depends on where you look. This is new. So do you want to -- We have a legal note. Defense lawyers deny that manafort violated the deal and say manafort met repeatedly with the special counsel's office and believes he has provided truthful information. Lock him up. Lock him up. It came out that his daughter actually came out saying that there was -- I don't believe -- I think it was a text message or Facebook message saying her father had accepted blood money and my compassion goes out to her. Who? Paul manafort's daughter. I think this aside, he was a bad dude to begin with. He never should have been on a presidential campaign. There was a reason he hadn't worked on presidential campaigns at least in the recent past. Why was he on that one? On the campaign? The trump campaign. A lot of them are in jail. Meghan knows this too. When you run for president or your family does, you get a lot of political rats that come in there, people that you don't know well. So I actually don't think trump knew him as, like, a really good friend. What I find though the most disturbing is manafort has been still so loyal to trump where you look at Michael Cohen, his lawyer and other people that have been circled. I don't think we understand the relationship between manafort and trump. He was trying to get out of this. Something is going on here. He had a reputation for being in politics, manafort had a reputation for being -- he broke up his consulting firm because of it. Because he was doing deals like this. We don't know the relationship between trump and manafort. I will never try to understand that. You will always find that the story continues to grow. Yeah. And so as it grows, so will we. We will continue to bring you

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss a new court filing showing President Trump's former campaign chairman lied to the FBI -- breaking his agreement with the special counsel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"59448212","title":"Mueller's office says Paul Manafort breached plea deal","url":"/theview/video/muellers-office-paul-manafort-breached-plea-deal-59448212"}