Nike debuts Colin Kaepernick ad

"The View" co-hosts discuss Nike's controversial new campaign.
7:27 | 09/06/18

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Transcript for Nike debuts Colin Kaepernick ad
Nexhing we want to let U know. People were burningir Nike gear before the Colin kaepeic ad wasreleased. You know sore wondering, whey thought when it wasnveiled yesterday. Here's a litbit of it. Believe in something. If it mes sacrifice everything. When they T a the great team in the history of the sport. Make sure it's your team. If youave onl one hand, don't just watch football. Playt. He highest level. And if you're a girl Compton, don't become a nnis player. Become the greatathlete ever. Yeah. That's more like it. So ifou dreams are azk crazy enoh. Yes! Oh, I love I yes. So -- and ts was just -- this I just a little piece of it.wee sure we put it up on "Thew" website so youan see all of it. It is an ipiring . Itoc on appearing athletes. It avoids kneecontroversy. It is evening that Nike has stood for. Mm-h. Be -- be --E best. [ Cheers and at. St do don't be afraid of it. . And know that some are sequences to what you do W, as ice do just do it. Sowhat D you think people will tf it once they actually see it? Might be a little pied off thatou stuff and you didn't have to. It's being played night, is my understanding, during game. Ink it's the falcons and the eagles, am I about tt? T's so good, iayake M be interested in football again. As if I ever was. Did youust say again? That was wr I ink that I will make peopleagain. That'sall. It just make people an the right who don't Likis. E people who burnheir sea insistthe flag must never be burn. You must NER take aee. It's not patriotic. No realizi that is one of the patriotic you can do in T count I think I impossible not E like that ad. Ou saidhi is what Nike is thees a they make these reallyng ads. They motivate you the want to B your best. They highlig stories. The seawks. The man without the hand. Shaquem griffin. Howible. You have hisstor Davies. Canadague. This is what Nike is best at. You ca love the ad and lhe inspire I stand on this, I do think kneelin for the national disrespel. Thou fall in places, both was tnking about what the nationhem means to me this morning. It mea something dif for everybody. Everyone is going to H different reaction. The reason feel Y should always stand andour hand on your heart.ut thisntry fighting against ev the M and women who have made theimate sacre. Out the coffi tt cos home with the flag over it. All the St Thiry has madend all the times wve btered ourselves. You do said, though. That it'seryatriotic thing to burn flagr take the knee. It patriot mov means I love M so much tt I'm willing to take it on. Know that mother - mot amica will foe me for what I've done. Because they knowhey'll take care of me an American even though I'msayinghis is wrong a this is and'm doing it symbolica by king a knee. Do you understand that Is there another way to do ,though? [ Applre D't have to be another way. It's you choice as an American how you wantoprotest. That is in T constitution. And when I think about the nationalthem, you know, quitefrankly, T national anthem a racist history.ook at the thirdtanza ional anthem. It talksboutslaves it talks about slaves B less than human. And when I listen the nationanthem, I think about E fact , yes, we this america flag THA is talking into a car, becausheng to srt driving this year, I'm very afraid when he driven the street that because of the color of his skin, he'll B stopped by a police officernd may not come home to me. That means to me, themerica I have been promised Mon may not get see that promise. White people needreverse roles L bit with people colorns country. And hav underand what's going the. Can just point something out? I want to point something out also. Thati think has BNT of promoted by the guy in the white house, I that F some re thes are not patriotic. Y're N -- you know, they don't fundamlly de and I want to point THA a lot the folks I the NFL, their fathers andgrandfatrs wentar because they were the firstled in Vietnam and oer places. So when -- so W we think about this,e think about how LG- we didn't get the the cntil 19 when you thinkut of the this THA have been hni and -- this of -- ck idea that it' ay for people to sayou're not American because you're not doing what -- Fasci they say either you do this you do that can -- we C a -- we can love ourntry the. We can bepatriotic. We can be heroes. We also be angry at som of the things, as I said the oth day, the flaoesn't cov ybi know, I way. Shoes or the people who a celebrating these atetes, thahese athletes have history and they have families, too. Tf their families served in -- in our pastwars. At a time when -- tyer not nsidered T be good enough to March a bith white soldiers. So -- we have a lot we're making our movement. But thank god founding fathers said listen. You have the right to canprest. D as long as you'rerotesting and not anybody,urting ant you. KYOU're pissed get . That's why I keep sayinghe us to talk about th so T be able to Sarks here'solpissed re's why they Maye angry. I understand whe'rein from. I also understand T

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