November 11, 2019: Judd Apatow talks marriage and daughter's acting career

Judd Apatow talks marriage and daughter's acting career.
5:28 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for November 11, 2019: Judd Apatow talks marriage and daughter's acting career
When new year and January yes you are all profit climbed to over and stressed out about the news yep and now sold goods Phil yeah right here. Everything worked out there's nothing going on gambling how you feeling really I like him over the strategy. For how to not be stressed don't watch shelves what way does riverbed. I'd pretend I'm a Republican for about a half an hour. I attacks 'cause. Team. Offshore oil drilling and that I honestly doesn't work. Like got in a rage. Ridley busy on what are your very vocal and very very involved. We talk. In politics here every day. Popular saying he got all the candidates on the left this summer to hold together too far left or an app former years at Donald Trump. When you make it Theres anyone that and beat him are they too old and a clean light I don't know I mean. I respect people's opinions on both sides in terms with the issues are highest award a president who lies 101000 time I feel like that's. A lot of people here have put themselves in harm's way to fight for our country into have to be bays and accurate truthful. Information that I don't like her anyone you are pushing for well he hill this onto a great I do worry about. A very old presidents. Because I don't want a president that does have the energy I'm 51. And I still can't find the fork in the draw half the time. You know I've already goofy I don't know what I'm gonna be like city be so I don't know I totally in agreement that contradict what could be the president I don't know not out. Nene Thomas say they did not like the why the Clinton can't have don't know what I'm DeWitt are under the all out. The I would trust and there are people out there who are yelling gas. The same age I don't see it as an issue and really now I do but. Do you heard like a genetic mutation I have. 308 I was kidnapped by Ilia yeah because they so loved us not to mention personal life. I got hot had they access just ran a story it's good time to ferret out. Recently claiming that you a court fight with your wife Leslie met at the lovely actress outside an LA restaurant called cuts who I guns kept silly. I hope I get a discount for mentioning. Quid pro. They called you for comment this is what you said that was justified it cut Cynthia. You should've heard the rest of the fight at pink bath at. Right here and I taking air out of the third. I've been married winning two years I mean I've bought in every restaurant to look good old. Even my dog holds in and out Burton no bullying neighbor but what do you find a balance. Well everything I mean you know we're I think what's really Biden is going to be more value. That's a few to weeding needs and I think that's why our relationship is healthy they get a call it wouldn't say we saw you guys. You that you're like debating something and restaurants like really and you've been married do you know what I. OJ yeah. Yeah well here. Oldest daughter Mott as an actress as well as. I can't watch euphoria that she was on that show it met it's a heavy show it is it's got sex drugs means some nudity all that. It's hard as a dad to do watch together. Well my daughter plays the good girl she does thank god out thank god. Lets up video showed amazing and it's a real exploration I think if you think a lot of stresses in the lead to depression and anxiety. Of teenagers and it's very creative stuff but I was happy ship that job down there my daughter went to college she left I was like. Our hope she gets a job and I realize that. For whole life and put away 101000 dollars a year to pay for college. Try it again when she quit I actually made a 130000. It's accept my. An incredible deal that you can use that many countries go to school in Italy and yes uses and money. Tax free for all that time I can learn snatched. You know about that. No I don't have any kids going to school what you have grandchildren might got to know I have great grand jury to grant it seems only by about time she's ready go to college you know I'll be live and as some other country. I don't. Call me when you come home yeah yeah there's any cat dubbed college at that point it's going to be a good million dollars a year would look at how it's ridiculous not to let restaurant about your yes they have a new book coming out about your coming meant tours Garry Shandling who passed away unexpectedly. Yeah in 2016 at the age of 66. Thing and I have to say I I've worked with him on his original show the Larry Sanders Show that Garry Shandling show right I played his dead wife. Not isn't somebody else's I was debt and I was honored. Anyway and here I also interviewed on my other HL unsure when he told you about a near death experience that he had and Hayes was such a serious guide many many ways it's also funny. Plywood that was journals and there was this amazing story that you're the only person who ever got him to tell the story which is he was hit by car and he has twining. And he said he as they were operating to save his life he left his body and he heard a voice say do you wanna continue living Garry Shandling life. And that from that point on he was never afraid of death and he always knew there was something more and thank you for getting that. I'm not inevitable because I am I had one. Back in 1979 so we discussed our mutual near death Xperia.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"Judd Apatow talks marriage and daughter's acting career.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66916966","title":"November 11, 2019: Judd Apatow talks marriage and daughter's acting career","url":"/theview/video/november-11-2019-judd-apatow-talks-marriage-daughters-66916966"}