Obama endorses 81 midterm candidates

"The View" co-hosts discuss the former president's selections and why he conspicuously left off Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
6:14 | 08/02/18

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Transcript for Obama endorses 81 midterm candidates
Let's get to former prede Obama gotack in the game a bit thisweek he had launch with hisormer vp, Joe Biden, on day. Sterday,e relead his dorsements of 81 candidates in the midtermections. Cratic socialist who has the list. He says there will be Mo come. Even happy that he sai mething? Everybody is like, why isn't he king? Isn't H talking? This will pro pro range to ce out and bring out theirther sdrome again Agent Orange. 'Tive ideas. O Every time Obama speakss the -- trumpjealous. Helstart. It's tr. Yeahly quick. Biden and president Obama re at tagog baa place R emplod by veterans. So happy that's where they decided toting. Ias an intentional photo op, GHT? If look ate, Joe Biden is I the front. And inhe ck circling is aost a senouncementor de the other I thought interein president endorsements. Think hisndorsementmatt. Theemocrats nee 2 sts get control of the theouse and twoo gain the my inhe senate. I'm curious aet ocasio-cortez Isn H victory a landslide?in herdistri You think hat he dn't need endorse it a lot ways. Maybe he's not ready toe support to the sialist wg yet. I don't kno if it' uncement. Person tt people are talking aboutning R president. He's not a socialist. Notnhaeint all. Iebhell of a lot more elect THA any who spp it would be an interesting conundr for the obamaso B I H were to run against upand cpi socialist. O point, you'll select a nomi B tried this. Yes. The democrac socialism. I come back. They're awesome. It is real. The throw Backes are It's real. I miss them. They Loveh ot lot opeople say Bernie would have won. I don't think he WOU had. Pe -- he had populist appe whatmp ha The reality of socialism I this count in that we don' Rea discu muchof. And as people are now srting to emerge, I M about W you're running against. I don't WOU coming and running on a platform you don't believe in. I want you to be who rare. Because I'moingo vote for ou are. What you say you wan to see done. The problem when you know someone says, WRE Y a Democrat, no, not I'm a democratic socialist. But I a socialist. Be who you theing, when shehere, am also -- crned about this, what does socialismok like here in the united States. T her plaorm sounded -- ofstream medicare for all. Iversal js guarantee. Fullyunded publols. Paid and sick leav housing a a human right. Stice systemreform. That doesn't seem so out there. She completely biffing. She can'texplain H WRE going pay for it. That als Bernie sandeproblem. Everybody care. Everyone, if we had the means it. Discussing socialism show trrs every in the world that I'm against it. Get people are for it. I'm 100% against it. Rn sandersays medical F cost $36rillion over the next -- years.I bie at a certain point, expln how we're pay it.if everyone is fort, you have p70% or 80%n taxes at they're proposing the. I don't knowoue everyt right there, Meghan. The St ot of countries have Milar taxes that we and they're able to do it the. Malluropean countries. Th's one oer platform. Medicarst people dgree with. Iversal Jo. Do believe health care Isa privilege of sort or is it a I believehere's aeason that people in Canada come Tory T G better care. In ar well them snow byrds.because the better. No one explains how the quality would suffer th do iant pe to have heal car when they'resick? Or god forbid whenhey he brain cancer? I' admit my position shifted. No one can explain how we'll pay for Tnkealthe is human right. 'S a human right. We're having a debate. Righnow.and I think a problem with this on this ow. M just trying to talk about the realiti of W it's going tot heart doesn my perspec changed after my father got sick. Don't say I believe in all these things. Compassion. It's me em noompassionate. I'm not. Did you throw P clip? Yes, because you saidot ring the bell. I like the bell. It's your last day. Ring the bell.at you saying meghan.I believe healtharhould be for all. T when tdon'tpell out the how, that'shaternieasg to.eryone can get on board with thatideals. How are you going pay for th

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the former president's selections and why he conspicuously left off Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"56990258","title":"Obama endorses 81 midterm candidates","url":"/theview/video/obama-endorses-81-midterm-candidates-56990258"}