October 10, 2019: La La Anthony, plus Paul Shaffer join the table

La La Anthony, plus Paul Shaffer join the table on "The View."
4:16 | 10/10/19

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Transcript for October 10, 2019: La La Anthony, plus Paul Shaffer join the table
Will we were at Tyler I dare I studios together oh my god I lost my mind when you got your bill right he I was screaming the this. On sat up a magical moment that that whole experience I feel like. It fell like a dream on like that really happening you're really see anything like that never never my life never in my life and it's just so hard. To describe it but you definitely walked out of there feeling. Like we all should dream bigger we all should be doing more and it was so inspiring him and why do you and now you spoke to a number of times about the situation in Puerto Rico and and how proud you are to be part of the generation that won't. Stop talking that won't stop program and protesting and why do you think that young people should be doing more to. Have their voices heard. Let me I think we sit and complain about the state of our country into the things that are happening but what are we doing about it you know we all have voices we all have platforms no matter how big or small to use. And you know use our voices to. Make change and that's what you know the people of what are eco. Did and and really made an impact there so I just they got all opener Adam brought got as governor out of office yeah this by using their voice of protesting and being unified and together and I think we all can you know take a lesson from. You know I mean you've been working hard your whole life I loved isn't BJ but they unease here around and that in the day that a before that you actually were in turn on a radio show you're pretty young. You get that job. So I was I think fifteen turning sixteen got a fake ID. And I am not I was eighteen years old because in ten ship called for you to be. Eighteen and older in I was like oh I'm not about the let age stop me from getting these jobs of I wanted it. That they got into and I don't. I. If they don't find out years later there you know why is you are at that point Dallas or Indianapolis let me to. Yeah I live in cellular. And this summer youth ladies' day Brian Austin green's wife and every bit of Beverly Hills nine yet out they aren't that the number three you're on it did you understand my adapt sensitive huge following that nine until now had I knew it was a popular show but once I booked the job and people were calling me like this is the greatest thing you've ever done in your life and I guess it all kinda new nano might look if I had I had my whole life screaming yelling I was like wow this is really. Big big deal and had sex yet. You know huge following so the reboot was really fun we had a great time doing it we shut that out in Vancouver this time. Let's look at that you son who's twelve years old mountain passes and giant I am so you posted a picture of calm and even likened her hand out yet he doesn't like what I'm bulls because of wine I don't know that apple to let the preteen now. He doesn't want to take any pitches out of and he deftly doesn't wanna be in any pictures. With me that's for sure way to get what if he gives you approval. He never give me approval like eating SA went out to pitching does don't. Posts that whatever you do yeah don't post that I get. I get that I don't have I hired I don't know what you know candidate right to privacy exam wanted to post yeah me that I can't come inside this inside the school to become opening we'll have to wait outside because it makes it look like a baby that's what he added I that your mom is Cooley is like no mom can you just wait like. Outside Kabul now have the outside yet yeah I think we're not out that I waiting I had that you like has sent to spy to watch him what his cabinet. And so as far as little group date rose like boys and girls going to like some arcade. And yes in this by the agency what was going on -- I don't like everything was okay whoever can't like another kit with my driver. I did according caught me like okay. They're Jenkins noted that doomed does they get out of like look at yeah she finds that's not about to sound like something she would do and that's bad parent and that I couldn't be that bad and I haven't gotten how poignant at. It can't I don't I'm all right you hurt yourself a lot of good. Let us not only a few years setting your older years and is to wall for that and you colleagues but it is only thirteen. Little money out of backups along let this table he's a good girl Obama is a good god if you absolutely I think employee and I guess they. We're about how to get married that worry about I keep out about to get a spot anyway.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"La La Anthony, plus Paul Shaffer join the table on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66189232","title":"October 10, 2019: La La Anthony, plus Paul Shaffer join the table","url":"/theview/video/october-10-2019-la-la-anthony-paul-shaffer-66189232"}