October 11, 2019: Sen. Rand Paul joins the table

Sen. Rand Paul joins the table on "The View."
5:07 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for October 11, 2019: Sen. Rand Paul joins the table
One of the things I've always support about president trump is actually one of the things I liked about President Obama. That we said we were overextended that the Iraq War was a mistake and it's what reasons pres Obama beat Hillary Clinton. Because north and had supported the Iraq War I still think the Iraq War regime change in the Middle East in these wars are senseless so does president trump. He doesn't want to get us involved another Iraq war in Syria. If anything Syria's more complicated. The other is a practical concern. You have fifty soldiers who trouble moving fifty soldiers who goes to war with fifty soldiers give fifty soldiers and tens of thousands of Turkish troops amassing. The Turks are also allies the Free Syrian Army or our allies for seven years there are allied with the Turks. The Kurds have been our allies the Kurds and all life that are now going to be allies and Asad to try to carve out a place and hear for themselves. To really complicated question I guess from my perspective I say. Any of these people out here their kids have to go to war worst not a chess game. People lose their limbs and people die and I think it's the least we go to have kids that we're gonna send this world why are we going to ward who we fighting. But isn't so go ahead I'm Zack so. If you have at lives. And they are working with Diaw and fighting with you and 24 hours somebody wakes up and says not wore out. Is that the right way to do this I think the way we look at wars we don't look at I don't know at least that's right lady Hillary question OPEC. When we decide whether or not we're sending our young people into harm's way and we should abate a constitution which says we should declare war. And put them in worth here but let me finish up and here's here's the thing about it. Is if you ask these people Lindsey Graham the Cheney war and all these war mongers that want to stay or forever. Who had to declare war on. They don't know who into their war on Turkey our ally we have Free Syrian Army ally in the middle it's like walking out it never be there in the first place that's not a question. That's all good the last might agree what was where Clinton and her when so many years the left agreed with me I am 9/11 all right I'm just American I want to know shouldn't we be ten. Here's the thing is left and right have agreed in the past the regime change doesn't work. When we got rid of Hussein we got chaos and more terrorism we've not heard of Qaddafi. Chaos and George air. But incredibly now offensive as well we're here we're all really here we got fifty beat all we're unanimity that frankly illegal or not symbolic and that is why any and half tell their parents from and you may need to tell their parents is that true you tell the parents of those fifty kids. How great the symbolism was when a suicide bomber. Blows a ball to make it any beauty hardy I'm getting better all around them and train future Alberto there green light you to other isn't as well there netted a natural you tell their parents why isn't it true that certain. You met her I had an eight mile we have I didn't have a very violent night of the finds it he's lauded I find the position of pulling out these warts that's a popular one it kind there there's a difference in having a strategy and leaving the Kurds there to die. Which is where they are. And now things are completely Rollins and went wrong I think has fighters as being reported thousands arc an escape from these prisons because the currents can't provide no that is not better than any doubt that the annual NATO official. Well lots of people don't like the policy the world would I the city all around that's the people who wanna stay forever these same people state rhetoric and anti I have question okay how it could argue that he talked. These are the same people these are the same people that would still have us in Vietnam these the same people always say stay at worst air war stay at war. It has not helped us we've been in Afghanistan for nineteen years the same people complain about this. The cheneys Lindsey Graham you know it they say about Afghanistan. It would be precipitous to leave we've been there nineteen years there's no mission and Hamas and out of one world mayors who are. So I let us we'll let it out yet renting are worried as Americans of breaking outlets to analyze and having people who. Nationally two other allies if we abandon them I think. The only duty we oh in the only knows I take is to the constitution. I didn't promise to take the country to war I promised not to takes country we're so the president trumped by. Content and says protecting you from enemies foreign and domestic them. He has and there's many of us who feel that this puts using greater danger because of what it means as of the crisis. Anybody who tries to make the argument is somewhere in Syria is a danger to our country. He's really not paying attention. I think that's not as instead of elevated what I cannot oral well actually if you look at the war the war is very complicated she had sought out one side on the other side could soon he extracts to al-Qaeda and Al news struck. These are the people there been allied with the Saudi version of Islam that has been promoting Islam ism and Islamist strategy around the world NG autism. That was a side of the where we were fighting so that's out of the war actually won I think we actually might be in more danger I don't like facade. But the other view and the other side are so I am extremely don't like either.

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