October 21, 2019: Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon join the table

Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon join the table.
4:32 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for October 21, 2019: Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon join the table
I got a going up podcast interview where she gave this ominous forecast about 20/20 presidential election take a listen. I'm not making any predictions. But I think they've got their eye on somebody is currently in the democratic primary. And they're grooming her to beat a third party candidate she's a favorite of the Russians they have a bunches. You know sites and Dotson. Other. And ways of supporting her so far. And and that that's assuming Jill Stein will give it up which she might not to she's also a Russian. Asset. Oh so most people say this is clearly talking about candidate Tulsa Gabbert and some of the candidates at the signing tossing getting called out like this. So what did you think when you heard that. I mean for me honestly you know I mean Hillary's been dead on with so many things she told us about rush she told us about the probable interference during the debate she was secretary of state. She has deep knowledge about world issues I I thought where's the lives. You know I've often said that told C. Is sort of the Trojan horse in the semi she's polling only at one point 2%. Yet she still in the race you have her. Being touted by people like fox. But Fox News personality like Tucker Carlson cheesy and let us. She is endorsed by you know by sort of the Russian David duke David what David did she has that she has basically written renounce that she's never renounced could be. Russian support they've been about twenty Russian web sites that have supported her since she's announced her her run for the presidency. She tweeted back and called Hillary a warm hot back then OK so. That does not do anything for me she hasn't denied that she hasn't said anything in her tweets how dare you watch outrageous of course I'm not just say that. She's just going after killer. And like you said Hillary was right about almost everything has been exonerated with that nonsense that they pulled about her herb server already. So you know and this idea that she she's doing this to get back in the race that she said that also atrocity. I don't buy that either I don't think Hillary wants to wants to go through it again. Sot I think that there's something I don't tend to tell C is an agent. I just think that she could be useful idiot the weight trump is a useful idiots of the I'll bet they see they see something they say I'll look at useful idiot let's play a desk and another points. Then the Republican Party knows that they cannot win without interference from Russia. And maybe a voter suppression they cannot win him people in this country are against him now. And so they have to have it and she's a perfect person to throw right in the oil love that she's a perfect for. I don't think that she wants to be maybe out of that she's coming here a couple weeks so what can I. This completely differently than I think for Hillary Clinton what she satellites yet still an ax to grind and 2016 but it's kind of played the political game for so many years. How can you be this clueless because she in those comments saying that shall seek Evers being groomed by the Russians it makes her sound complicit with the Russians it does. But it gives the Russians exactly what they want they want the Democratic Party to be divided right if they like to see Gabbert they want more people to know Tulsa Gabbert and so she was only promoted. Because this it really surprise me that Hillary Clinton was at smarter more taxable in the way she talked about it prickly if you're Democrat. I think LC has a lot to like I think if anything you've no doubt want brat really likes about her she's pulling a one point 2%. I think she adds something in another part of what the Democrats. In my opinion what I think they're missing is where a lot of handle this country as I think she's an isolationist some people like that she doesn't like worst. She's attracting people I think you need that might go for sure don't attract another went super is what gets into a good until she finally do I find it did it and she's claiming that Jill Stein was a Russian asset the last election we didn't know it until after the election. Now we're looking at this with open eyes maybe we know it before so that's a good we'll see you want to know why the sufficient Tulsa Gabbert may now go straight to the convention that. With the sinking this could happen again she's I did singular Clinton appealed a Smart if you if you are gonna throw stones from the sidelines which I hate. Politician it cannot in the race than be little more tactful about it when you speaking I'd only heard here on part about it as well. I'm primary I don't think I didn't really really have been an American being able to say would you have to say and have loved people so they have to say and then. Everybody has to prove they're standing ground down that's the beauty of America he's put it out there somebody is not make you prove that.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon join the table.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66425446","title":"October 21, 2019: Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon join the table","url":"/theview/video/october-21-2019-benedict-cumberbatch-michael-shannon-join-66425446"}