Omarosa reveals new tape of Trump alleging violations by Clinton campaign

The former Trump aide joins "The View" to share a recording she made of the president in 2017.
3:19 | 09/10/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Omarosa reveals new tape of Trump alleging violations by Clinton campaign
We are back wit E boo"unhinged" is freakiverybody O a ite house. Wwere talking about the op-ean a claims that thereeen dssions about invong the 25th amendment that uld the prent from office. You've since O said E was a hashtaghat was going around yodirite about it in the book which I wonr why. It wash W coped and the way we would DL wh H flip-flops. In torning Hould take one position. By the afternoon itld be coly different. The way we coped would be- I'm embarrassed to saythis. We would use the O icon. When you say we, who are you referring to? There areehings I took part of that I was complici of that I am ba to tell of you all because I sat the a watched that fooness and I didn't -- I was too clo to cognize how damaging andow erous it was. I'm earrassed by half of the stuff -- wn I go through some ofhese text exchanges, some of things that we joked T, thehtag tfa, the times that th instead of hashtagi, we shod have been ringing the arm, calngur have been putting America O alert that nas completely, mentally unstablnstead W were hashtaging. I think it takes big person to admit that you were complicit. I areciate that. Good for you. Impressive. So, as we said R, you brought a tape with you. I did. Nd iort of brand new -- uh-oh, what? Octor. Et this for us because I don't want to get this wrong. Donald Trump got bored which way becauis attentn was very ort, held sometimes try to figure out whattings weraking place in the white house and he D crashhose meetings. This was a meetiith the entire commutions staff the , meetingo talk about tax reform or trio nortkorea. And he crashed the mee. He camnto T meeting. He sat down and he starts rang topic T topic,none notes sense. And then -- ts is in oer of last year, so this is T months, and he's stilalking about Hillary Clinton. Can Y I think hilla is getting killed now wit Russia. The re story isillary and collusion. Somebody told met was $9 mill T spent on the P report Yeah,eone just sse for countryhan we thought, she dt know her own campaign was spending9 million. Did you see? Nobody knows who ent. I hea I was 5.7. Now tt was. It was spentough a lawir so that W they can't trace it.

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{"id":57731400,"title":"Omarosa reveals new tape of Trump alleging violations by Clinton campaign","duration":"3:19","description":"The former Trump aide joins \"The View\" to share a recording she made of the president in 2017.","url":"/theview/video/omarosa-reveals-tape-trump-alleging-violations-clinton-campaign-57731400","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}